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War Council

by benzedrine_barbie 8 Reviews

Fruit comas, black eyes, and Gee's militaristic side.

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst,Drama,Humor - Characters: Frank Iero,Gerard Way - Published: 2011/01/22 - Updated: 2011/01/23 - 3619 words


  • Sing It Like the Kids That Are Mean to You

    (#) TheSoundNA 2011-01-22 08:41:20 PM

    giggles You gots us confuzzled! :D I was da one who suggested Sweet Disposition last chapter.

    Anyways! This chapter.... 1 sec.... (Well obviously it was amazing, it always is. I'm looking for the song that fits it...) AHA! When You Were Young, The Killers.

    shrugs I think it fits.

    Update soon, ok?


    Author's response

    Ah jeez, I'm so sorry. I haven't slept in like four days, and I keep typing the wrong words. Sorrysorrysorrysorrysorry I hate myself for doing that! And I love the Killers! Oh, that's such a great song. I'm gonna go sleep for a while, but I'll have a new update for you soon. Thanks for sticking with me, darling! xo b_b
  • Sing It Like the Kids That Are Mean to You

    (#) microwavedhamster202 2011-01-22 10:56:47 PM

    OMG this is exciting, haha. Longer updates? faints Love the story, and (as always) keep writing!

    Author's response

    Thanks sweetheart! I've been measuring by how many pages each chapter is in microsoft word, so I think I'll aim for like 16 pages and get through some of this whole Jason debacle in my mind...It might be a day or two, but it'll be fun! Thanks for reading! xo b_b
  • Sing It Like the Kids That Are Mean to You

    (#) vanessagxx 2011-01-23 07:31:17 AM

    Can i just say that i love you for creating this story!? It's so original and i love everything about it!

    Author's response

    That's soooo kind of you. I sort of got bullied a lot when I was little, and MCR were really the first people who told me that it was okay to be weird. I feel like that's something everyone gets past, and I've been wanting to write about it for a long time. xD thanks a billion for actually reading it, when I started I thought no one would! love ya! xo b_b
  • Sing It Like the Kids That Are Mean to You

    (#) DangerDays_ 2011-01-23 09:22:41 AM

    hehe, i can see a croccet mallet vs hockey sticks im not okat style battle coming, either that or some scary ass shit :D so amazing as usual :D nice twist with mikey dating jasons sister ;] keep writting because this is so good.

    I was thinking about songs, and i kinda found one that fits the whole story.

    My Hero by Foo fighters originally and paramore have covered it :P

    thanks and update soon!!! xxxxx

    Author's response

    Ohh! There will be such an epic battle :D and we'll get to know Casey better, because we don't now and it's awkward. And YOU ARE SO RIGHT about that song (but I love the original version more than the cover)! I was also considering "Boys Don't Cry" by The Cure and "Girls and Boys in School" by Neon Trees, but that's just perfect ;) I'm gonna start on the super-long update tonight, it ought be out in the next couple of days. Thank you so much, m'dear! xo b_b
  • Sing It Like the Kids That Are Mean to You

    (#) AstroSkull 2011-01-23 10:12:41 AM

    And oh my god, longer chapters?! As if these arent long already, I love you even more now! xD
    And well, I dont really think what I listen to goes well with settings, I listen to random shit while reading fanfics x)
    But I was listening to Panic Switch by Silversun Pickups, its a REALLY good song c:
    But yeah, keep on writing, this is going fabulously well! :) xx

    Author's response

    I actually LOVE that song, that whole album is awesome for long car trips, it's so atmospheric and his voice is great! "Draining" is on my fanfiction-writing playlist. And aww, thank you so much! I worry sometimes about character choices and things like that, so it's awesome that you think it doesn't suck :) xo b_b
  • Sing It Like the Kids That Are Mean to You

    (#) Sazzie 2011-01-23 01:47:48 PM

    d'awwh, I love updates! ;D
    My favourite lines was "Here lies Frank Iero, victim of a fruit-induced coma; He was a grape kid, may he rest in peach."
    it made me giggle :')
    Keep it up, love! :D
    I wasn't listening to anythign while reading, but next time I am I'll tell you(:

    Author's response

    Super! Yeah, Ray's funny xD Thanks darling, it means a whole lot. I'll update as soon as I've got something worth reading! xo b_b
  • Sing It Like the Kids That Are Mean to You

    (#) CyanideSunlight 2011-01-24 02:03:03 AM

    Dude you're awesome!
    Update soon please!?
    I'll give you cookies!

    Author's response

    LOL I just laughed at my computer again and my mom is staring at me awkwardly. Thank you so much! So so so much! The next chapter should be done by tomorrow...I think I'm gonna go have a cookie now xD xo, b_b
  • Sing It Like the Kids That Are Mean to You

    (#) GreenDaySavedMyLife 2011-01-24 07:30:22 PM

    Sorry I didnt review the other chapters, but I read things through and review at the end(: That was so amazing! I */love/* this story!! Update soon! PLEASE??!

    Author's response

    Oh, that's totally okay, no worries ;) Thank you soooo much, you're awesome! I'm working on an update that should be out late tonight or tomorrow, so we'll see...I hope you keep liking it! xo b_b

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