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Fer Sure it's my suitcase, Can't hit me!

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blood puke

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Dead Eyes, Black Skyes
Chapter 3: Fer Sure it's my suitcase, Can't hit me!

Sam's POV

The both of us, him and I, looked for my luggage for 20 minutes until we found it with some preppy looking chick. I should know it's my luggage because it's white with all my favorite bands' name on it. " Hey chick! What you doing with my stuff?!" She, let's call her luggage-chick, looked startled when I yelled at her. Well duh I yelled at you if I said it you wouldn't be able to hear me. Luggage-chick looked confused when we approached her and said" This isn't your luggage it's mine it has all my stuff in it. See?" Then she had the nerve to open the little compartment where I put my Cds and saw a We Stitch These Wounds Cd from the Black Veil Brides. And she took it out right where Andy's face is! Only I'm allowed to touch that part! A mixture of emotions went through her face first confusion, embarrassment, humiliation, shame, then sheepishness. "Sorry but I would've sworn that was mine, I have a bunch of these names on my suitcase as well. So... you like Black Veil Brides?" I just stood there glaring at her, then deciding she wasn't preppy and deeming her worthy of my name Sam Sixx/Way/Allman/Vengeance/Ingle/Burns/Moore/Urie. Shaking her hand I said" Sam Sixx/Way/Allman/Vengeance/Ingle/Burns/Moore/Urie, what's your name?"

Winny's POV

Wowzer she has a long name! I wish I had her name. In return I said" Winny Jemstone. Is that your real name?" maybe if I pretend to be normal she'll be my friend. I need more of those anyway. She laughed" no it's really Samantha Jones but I'm gonna change my last name next month." the guy next to her grabbed her arm rather roughly and said " No she is not. I'm her father, and we have to go. Goodbye." Giving me a tight lipped smile they left. Well him dragging her and the luggage. Oh! They forgot the Cd. Maybe I could keep it for... nah it wouldn't be right, I need more friends. " Wait! You forgot something!" Running up to them once they stopped I gave Sam her Cd."hey can I get your number?... so I can ask you if I can borrow some of your Cds in the near future."

"Huh? Oh yea sure of course! Here, give me your phone I'll put mine in and you put yours in mine" After that they left and I just stood there, staring in the distance until I realized I had to get my luggage and wait for my mom to get back from the restroom.

Sam's POV

I couldn't take it anymore I want to know why he had to drag me away from Winny like that. Well we are in the car and no one would stare."What the FUCK was that?! You can't just drag me from my first friend like that what if-" Before I could finish my sentence he slapped me. That motherfudger slapped me! What the hell? Child abuse much?" You don't talk to me that way young miss or we will have problems." More problems than we have now? I highly doubt it. " I can talk the way I want, you have no control over me!" Oh shit he's stopping the car, and at a abandoned warehouse. How cliché. But what was across the street to that warehouse was something I didn't expect. A bunch of houses, well the more appropriate word would be mansions."Get out of the car," he said, more like commanded" We're going for a walk."

"erm...OK.?" Once I got out of the car he dragged me to the warehouse. What's with all the dragging? Well of course we wouldn't get an awesome house he's a hobo. When we got inside he pushed me towards the wall where a huge bay window was. He moved closer and I pushed myself closer to the wall. This repeated until I was practically out the window. Repeatedly he was punching and kicking me in the stomach until I threw up blood. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a small group of teenagers probably coming from a concert since they were talking rather loudly about how the songs they played were awesome. When I had the chance and when they were close enough I ironically started screaming bloody murder since well his shoes were bloody from my blood puke. Even when I'm suffering I'm witty... amazing. One of them, probably a boy, turned their head towards to were we were. " Shut up! Someone's going to hear you and then daddy will be in big trouble!" ignoring him I kept screaming. Mom always told me I had a great pair of lungs. The teenagers were slowly walking towards the warehouse until one of them, the shortest one, saw the keys to the car, and silently asking me if it was to the car I said yes and gestured toward the trunk. The first one that saw me was on the phone with most likely the cops, the other 3 were getting all my stuff out of the trunk and put everything in, I'm guessing the car that they parked. As if I'm forgetting to breathe my air supply gets cut short and I'm left gasping. I wasn't even able to catch my breath after I stopped screaming. Bile kept rising up in my throat as he kept punching me in my stomach. I have to swallow the disgusting breakfast/blood mixture that rises in my throat which is hard since I have no permission for my throat to be free. Oh God please let the popo come here already. I thought and as if God had enough of my father manhandling with me like this. I hear the wonderful sound of the police sirens. That sound has never sounded so wonderful in my life. All I saw right before I blacked out and slumped against the wall was him being taken away and someone shouting" Hey are you okay? Can you hear me? The ambulance is on it's way! Okay? Stay with me.!" the only way I could respond to those words were offering a weak smile and letting rest overtake me. ?I think I at least deserve that.
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