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teehee im evil

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Month after month passed. It went from the dampness of North Carolina January's to The heat wave know as April. I have gotten closer yet frather away from Roman. As of late, he has been pushing the title of "friend". Ever since we started getting closer, the feeling has een closer, watching me closer. I've been pushing him away a little, which has been helping. I wish I knew what to do, but I have no idea.

Bored, bored, bored, did I mention I was bored? First block sucks! I mean, I love history to death but I mean, when you've done all your work, it's kinda boring. I pull out my book and my glasses, theres nothing wrong with reading, it's another thing I love, but I'm just not in the mood to do anything today!

"I didn't know you ad glasses!" Roman says looking at my nerd glasses.

"All good neeks do." I say in a-matter-of-fact tone.

"Neek?" He looks at me, yeah, I know. I get that at 'neek' all the time.

"Nerd plus geek equels neek." I smile widly.

"Your not a.....Neek." He says not knowing if hes lying or not.

"Please, I am." I laugh. I only let people say I am because I've already settled with my self that I'm nothing more than a geeky out cast who is just there.

"Prove it." Okay he's pissing me off again.

"Watch me for a day and not bother me. Startting tomarrow, I just sit there. Only talking for answers, the smart one of the group, That's all my classes. Well, not so much any more in 3rd block, but still." I say, which, I have no idea why i'm even telling him all this!

"But that's no fun for me. Where will my entertainment go? Your fun to annoy." He smiles

"Shut up." I plead since I alreay lost that bet two months ago. "I hate it here."

"Why?" He asks.

"Inside joke." I say


"Yeah." I say in a moody tone.


That's the bell! I sweep up my stuff and leave the boring class room. I'm going to art since the semester end. Thank god, Hannah's in that class. Even though Roman is still in that class.

"Wait up, friend!" I hear him say. Well, I guess you can say that that was the last straw.

"Shut up will you?!" I scream. "Why are you trying to push this?! Why do you want to be my friend so badly?! I'm nothing around here! I'm just a loser! I'm fat, my face full of zits, i'm so stupid it's not even funny some times! People are already saying stuff about you because your hanging out with me! Tell me! Please! What is so god damn important that you must be my 'bestest friend'!" I'm on the brink of tears. I just yelled my inner feelings to the world. I know I'm about to get 5 billion "That's not true"'s and 6 billion "I don't think your anything you just said!"'s.

"Come to my house after school." His expression was cold and very serious. He looked a bit mad at himself.

That just made it worse. "Why the hell would I go to your house?! Theres no point, you got something to say, say it right here!" I know that was out of like hundreds of movies but it just fit the moment.

He looks at me with hard eyes. "Just, come." He walks off. OF COURSE! He just fucken walks away when I'm mad at him. Why wouldn't he.


I knock on the door and wait on the porch. Another second and the door opens Roman has the same look on his face as before, I'm still just as pissed.

"Well?" I ask. He waves me in without saying a word. But I do hear Kate. She comes over to Roman and tells him something.

"Roman, not now, please, you don't have to tell her now." She tells him, looking back at me between words. She was shaking and her voice was pleading.

"Mother, this is more than you know. I know what I have to do. I think she'll be much better if she knew." He glances past his mom to me, then sighs. "Definitely."

He left his mother at the bottom of the stairs. I look to the sofa and Geogre had his chin in his finger, shaking his head.

My mind raced unil one idea came to mind. I thought nothing of it when these things happend, but now, they seem all to clear.

"Sure. And I mean to getting it over with. Not to forgetting all about you part. I can't do that."

"And why not?"

"All in good time. All in good time.


"No! We're not friends! And I don't want to be!"

"Ow. That hurt. I thought we'd be the bestest of friends."


"Your right. Anyway, you had A near death exprience. Your angel looking out for you. Closer than ever. That's why you feel them.

A-And Adams rection to where they lived before.... He was scared and didn't know what to say.

We walk pass Chris in his rooms doors way, shaking his own head with his arms crossed. "Your an idiot."

He opens the door to his room for me. I walk in wondering what he'll say and why.

He sits on his bed. "Well? You've figured it out, why don't you just freak out?" He asks softly. He looks sad now.

"I want to hear it from you to make sure." I say defensively.

"I'm your guardain angel."

Haha, cliff hangerrr, what else will he tell her? What the hell is going on in her mind? Oh how I love cliff hangers. Only to write them not to read them ;)
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