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Oh baby let me in

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That night, Frank took me home with him, and i stayed the night.
It was so nice not being alone, and it was even better waking up next to Frank.

Franks P.O.V
I rolled over and rubbed my eyes until i felt more awake, Amy was lying there staring at me.
'Hello beautiful' i said.
She smiled, 'morning'
'How'd you sleep?' I asked her.
'Better than ever' she replied.
'I'm really sorry about last night, i was out of line, he just made me angry, so i hit him'
'No Frank, don't apologize, you've got nothing to be sorry about, hes a prick, and deserved it'
I cuddled her and kissed her head.
'Pancakes?' She asked looking upto me.
We both got out of bed and made our way downstairs, I made pancakes and put them on the table and Amy quickly tucked in.
When we were done I got ready, and then we headed over to Amys as she hadn't brought any clean clothes with her.
She tooka shower and I waited for her on the couch.

Amys P.O.V
I've realised, Frank isn't like the rest, there couldn't be a bad bone in his body. Its soon to say this, but i think i love him.
I liked taking showers, they gave me time to think, and right now all i was thinking about was Frank.
I got out of the shower, and headed out the bathroom in just a towel.
'Come here ame' Frank said.
I walked over to him and he put his arms around my waist, and kissed me gently.
'Frank can we?' He looked at me.
'I want to, this is the first time i've ever wanted to rather than being forced'.
I took his hand and guided him to my room. I lay on the bed as his body began to come closer to mine, he removed his top and jeans, and then removed my towel.
He was gentle, and didn't let himself drop onto my fragile body. He kissed me pationately. I began to dig my fingers into his back, which made him groan, he kissed my mouth, then neck, then my stomach.
This was heaven
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