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In need of characters for my new story(:

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  • Auditions(:

    (#) Tomgirl567 2011-01-30 05:19:55 PM

    Name: Amelia
    Nickname: Emmy
    Role: new girl
    Age: 17
    Height: 5'6
    Appearance: Dark brown hair, cut short on the side, hazel eyes, but more green in the light, skinnys, band t's, you know :P.
    Favorite Food: Cheese toast!
    Favorite color:Blood red
    Favorite car: Mustang
    Crush on one of the guys?: not really, can pick whatever one, i don't mind...
    Other: I'm spunky, kind and i love to play rugby :D OH!!! i love watching old 1950 movies...:P
  • Auditions(:

    (#) XxBrokenSoulxX 2011-01-30 05:20:30 PM

    Role:cousin/new girl
    Appearance: (Hair, eyes, clothes, etc.) Long red hair. I wear it either down or in a bun. I have ocean blue eyes that change to grey when I'm upset. I usually wear skinnies and band tees but sometimes I wear bright colors like neon. I got my ears pierced twice. [two holes in both ears. and the first holes are gaged to fourteens] I have my bellybutton pierced also.
    Favorite Food: Chicken! =D
    Favorite color:Hot pink
    Favorite car:Eclipse
    Crush on one of the guys?: Frankie!!!
    Other:[Does this mean any other stuff I wanna put?] haha Im a pretty hyper chick at times. I've very helpful to my friends. I'm super fun! >.< I sbsoululy hate people who think they're all that. Im a tough chick that can take a beating and come back to fuck some chicks day up. =D I dont know what else to say! hehe
  • Auditions(:

    (#) KJLucidLove666 2011-01-30 05:30:18 PM

    Name: Carissa Hatler
    Nickname: Cari
    Role: Maybe cousin/new girl or Friend, or sidekick, on the other hand you can pick. . .
    Age:16 or older, younger. . .
    Height: 5'8"
    Appearence: Short hair, black with red stripes running through, green/blue eyes, nose is medium size and sorta Romanish, small ears that are tucked behind the hair. Wearing hoodies, band tees, skinny jeans or really baggy gray jeans with a studded belt, black boots or black converses. Lip ring that's really low, practically on the chin. Black nail polish also :)
    Fav food: But there's so many! Arg, but my fav would have to be lobster or crab.
    Fav color: Purple and black, or a dark red, sorry about three, but I couldn't choose.
    Fav Car: Pontiac G3, it's big, but I love space :), along with a big back seat ;)
    Crush on one of the guys: Gerard possibly, or Frank, one of the two please, please with coffee tasting sprinkles on top. . .
    Other: My friends tend to think I'm ADD approved, plus I tend to switch emotions like a whore does with men. Oh, pun, lol. I am the toughest person to wake up, you need many airhorns and car-horns. And that's pretty much it. . .have fun writing, I'll be keeping an eye out
  • Auditions(:

    (#) fobprincess179 2011-01-30 05:31:20 PM

    The plot line sounds really cool!

    Name: Ruth
    Nickname: Ruthie
    Role: Friend 1
    Age: Well, I'm 16 but change it if you want
    Height: 5'6
    Appearance: (Hair, eyes, clothes, etc.) Short brown hair that is up to my chin. Brown Skin. (Hispanic) Brown eyes that are behind glasses. I'm almost always in a Hoodie,T-shirt, jeans and sneakers unless an occasion calls for dresses, skirts and shorts.
    Favorite Food: HONEY BUNS/Marshmallows or McDonalds
    Favorite color: Red ^_^
    Favorite car:.....Jaguar
    Crush on one of the guys?:Mikey :)
    Other: Ummm.... nothing much but even if I'm not in it can you send me a message when you put the first chapter up because this looks like it's gonna be a good story. :)
  • Auditions(:

    (#) vampiresdontglitter 2011-01-30 05:40:57 PM

    Name: Gianna
    Nickname: Gia
    Role: Queen Bee!
    Age: 17
    Height: 5'5

    Appearance: (Hair, eyes, clothes, etc.) : * Black hair down to my chin, straight and layered. Always parted to the left. Dark brown eyes, tan skin, slender. In this case, I wear skirts, colorful tops, ballet flats.
    Favorite Food: Japanese
    Favorite color: Neon Blue
    Favorite car: Cadillac CTS
    Crush on one of the guys?: Umm Ray, but it's really your choice :P

    Other: I chew gum too much. I also curse a lot. Sarcastic as hell...

    Thanks :P
  • Auditions(:

    (#) Jetblackheartattack 2011-01-30 05:57:59 PM

    Name: The name's Mily, darlin'.

    Nickname: Well, I guess Mily is a bit of a nickname, but other than that some people call me M.

    Role: I'll be whoever you need me to be, but I would really love a lead role.

    Age: I'm 18 years old, but obviously you can change that at your discretion.

    Height: I've been 5'3 since I was 13. Doesn't seem likely to change. And I like it that way.

    Weight: (I added this after I typed up my favorite food because I wanted you to know that I'm not eight thousand pounds) I'm 115 pounds. I do yoga everyday, but I'm naturally very thin. But still somewhat shapely. Thin with curves if you can imagine.

    Appearance: (Hair, eyes, clothes, etc.) I have long, long, dark brown/black hair. I usually style it wavy or loose curls. My eyes are dark brown too. They usually take on the color of my hair, which has been literally every color. I wear whatever really. I love sweaters. I have a favorite leather jacket that I love to wear with really girly stuff. I have millions of boots and I like old vintage band t-shirts and ironic t-shirts with stuff like Britney Spears on it. Very eclectic and random.

    Favorite Food: I love cheese fries. Cheese fries are like heaven to me. It's a mix of everything good ever. And after that, definitely comes pizza. Or English Muffins! I love food.

    Favorite color: My favorite color which is really weird of me, is grey. It's really more of a hue than a color but I love it. I own so many grey sweaters and shirts that I don't know what to do.

    Favorite car: Rather ride a bus! I know the lead character is supposed to be rich, but I really would ride a bus. Even if my parents had money. Cars scare me kind of.

    Crush on one of the guys?: I'll take anyone of them. They're all so pretty and....mwahhhh. :)

    Other: I love to dance. I stay up all night long and drink coffee all day. I love to read. I get really into everything I do. I'm very passionate. I don't really believe in love, but I'm looking for someone to change that. I'm smart, but I would rather live in a box and be happy than have money and be miserable. I want desperately to create something beautiful. I'm very self-conscious. I write movies and stories in my head constantly. The thought of animal abuse makes me instantly cry. I'm really good at accents. And I think ghetto people are hilarious.

    I'm aware that I just basically spilled my guts to you. But I have vowed to be more honest and open with people. If they don't like me, then who cares.

    Anywayyyy, I love your other fic and even if I don't get chosen for this one I'll definitely be an avid reader.

  • Auditions(:

    (#) thatgirlkarla 2011-01-30 06:06:37 PM

    Name: Karla Hernandez
    Nickname: karly warly
    Role: cousin or a friend.
    Age: 15
    Height: 5 feet, 6 inches
    Appearance: my hair is naturally dark (almost black) brown. It's really long, it reaches the top of my butt(lol), and I've never dyed it and I hardly heat style it. My eyes are the same color as my hair. They're really big, too. My style is girly/ simple. You will almost never catch me wearing pants, because I only wear skirts and dresses. Haha I also love to wear flats, tights, and cardigans. I am in love with lace. Oh! Sometimes I wear old band tees with skirts (the beatles, pink floyd, etc)
    Favorite Food: Lasagna!
    Favorite color: lavender and gray
    Favorite car: vintage beetle, in light blue(:
    Crush on one of the guys?: omg! Mikey! And Ray.
  • Auditions(:

    (#) DeathCookie 2011-01-30 06:37:04 PM

    Name:Montgomery Scott(yep, a girl named Montgomery. Strange, eh?)
    Nickname: Monty, Scottie
    Role:Cousin, or friend is ideal, really, because I could never be a queen bee.
    Age: What every ya' like! :)
    Height: 5'8
    Appearance: (Hair, eyes, clothes, etc.) Dirty blonde hair, brown eyes, and I typically like to mix the kinds of clothes I wear. I especially wear band t-shirts, floral print skirts, tights, boots, sneakers, doc martens, and things of that nature! I really, really love fashion! Which surprises some people, because I have what I like to call and "edge" to me. I'm not too confident, so my clothes typically tend to be baggier to hide any god-forsaken "curves" that might show..I have broad hips, and broad shoulders, so that's one of my insecurities. I'm pale-ish for being a Floridian, but I personally think it makes me look bad-ass. Ahah, I'm soo lame. Lemme know if you need anything else! I don't want to feel as if I'm going on, and on about nothing.
    Favorite Food:Italian!
    Favorite color: Any shade of purple :P
    Favorite car: Guess ya' gotta make me older, so I can drive. LOL! Maybe I could be her super awesome older cousin? Ahaha, I'm getting way ahead of myself here. Anyway, my dream car's 1991 Isuzu here's a picture for reference:
    Crush on one of the guys?: Um, Ray. It's a pretty bad school-girl crush, believe me, I'm ashamed.
    Other: I'm not really too great at introductions. Like, I have a "comfort zone", you know? I only really talk to people I've known from the past, so I'm not one to strike up a conversation with someone random. Yeah, I guess that makes me a bit socially awkward, but I'm okay with it. Who says you need a million fake friends, when you can a small group of peeps who love, care, and understand you, right? Sorry for my rant there, but I felt that was important thing to add :) I've never auditioned for a story, but the little synopsis you gave us here sounds really interesting! Thanks for letting us audition.

    xoxo, MS
  • Auditions(:

    (#) DeathCookie 2011-01-30 06:39:46 PM

    Oh gosh! Now I know where I remember you from! You're the girl who wrote the peppermint mocha story where Mikey works at a Barnes and Nobles/Starbucks and meets a girl! I love that story! Sorry if I haven't reviewed it, I just sorta added it to my faves.
  • Auditions(:

    (#) elsa1794 2011-01-30 07:46:33 PM

    Name: Elsarina
    Nickname: Elsa or L
    Role: You decide! :D
    Age: 16
    Height: 5"8
    Appearance: Black and brown hair, hazel eyes, pale skin, oval shapped face, wear a lot of black t-shirt, skinny jeans, converse shoes, etc.
    Favorite Food: Seafood and Italian food :9
    Favorite color: Black, grey, and blue
    Favorite car: Nah, I rather walk or take a cab or bus. Or ride a motorcycle :D
    Crush on one of the guys?: Gerard Way :D

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