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Chapter 9- Sweet Kisses

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Chapter 9- Sweet Kisses
Gerard: "Frankie wake up." I was crying the hardest, i'd ever been in my life. I wanted him to just open up his eyes, say everything was okay. I was waiting on the ambulance, I called them around 5 minutes ago.
"Frankie I love you so much, I think your amazing. Without you in my world i'd still be a jerk. Your amazing and I wish your 16th birthday didn't have, to be like this. It will get better though, i'll look after you and sing you to sleep. I read some of your songs they're amazing." Tears rolled down my cheeks. I needed to hug him he was my escape.

The faint rise of Frankie's chest stopped. My heart stopped no I wouldn't lose him.
"Baby fucking breathe." I gave him mouth to mouth, hoping for a faint sight of life. I done it for about 5 minutes before his body reacted.

That was the best moment of my life hearing him take in, a sharp breath. I gave him a kiss, I made sure it was full of passion. I'd been so close to losing him.

"Baby can you hear me?" I just heard a little groan, I hoped he'd open up his eyes soon. I had to see, his fabulous brown eyes. The ones that I succumbed to, the ones that had held me at the heart. He was gorgeous he was mine, but fairytales don't last forever. I just prayed this one did.
"Do you know when he's going to wake up?" I was asking the nurse this every couple of hours. It had been two days though and he was still in a coma.
"No i'm sorry, but it shoule be within the next 2 weeks." Weeks still.
"Thank you." I was weak I was, only staying awake because of coffee. I couldn't sleep not with my baby like this. My mom was nearly in the hospital 24/7 because of Mikey. He was okay, doing a lot better then Frank, but still in bad shape.

Thinking about Mikey, I would go and see him. I needed someone to talk to. Even though we hadn't been close in the past few months, I wanted him to tell me everything would be okay. There would hopefull, be a slither of light in this dark time.

"Excuse me your with Frank Iero right?" It was a nurse one i'd never seen before. A million thoughts ran through my mind. He wasn't dead was he? I was breaking at the thought.
"Yeah I am. Is he dead?" I felt like everything had shattered, and I was trying to pick it up but cutting myself everytime.
"No he's awake." I ran to Frankies room to see his eyes, semi open. A wash of relief went over me, maybe I could sleep tonight.
"Gee?" I smiled and walked over to the bed side.
"Yeah baby it's me." I was crying, I din't know I was until a tear rolled down my cheek. Frankie tried to wipe away my tears.
"No don't Frankie, just rest."
"But what if you go, your the only thing i've got." he cried I had to comfort him. I didn't care if the nurse was here or not, I went over to Frankie and started to give him a kiss.

Frank: I was awake, I could hear everything but aia somehow couldn't open my eyes. But through willpower of wanting to see Gee I did.

Right now he was kissing me, making every movement against my lips tender and full of passion. I closed my eyes and make the kiss deeper, by rubbing my tongue against his bottom lip. Gee's mouth parted slightly and granted me entrance. His hand wrapped itself in my hair.

He was everything that I wanted, it's like we were made for eachother. I melted into him and he melted into me. We kissed for about 5 minutes before some one coughed behind us. It was his mom. Gee turned around, his mom just smiled.
"It's nice to see you happy dear." Wow his mom never gave a fuck about, him but now she did.
"Thanks mom." and something happened that I though would never, he went over and hugged her. Tears rolling down his face.
"Frank dear, do you want to move in with us?" was Donna really asking me this. God I didn't know what day it was, maybe November 2nd.
"Yes please if you don't mind."
"Of course I don't now you just concentrate on getting better." she kissed Gee's cheek and waked out.

Wow I was shocked, Gee had never bonded with his mom before.
"Gee what's gone on between your mom and you?" he smiled and came over and held my hand.
"You, you brought us close, she saw how much I cared and guessed something, was going on so I told her." he smiled. I could be with Gee and not care what any one thought. I was in love with this boy.

"Kiss me babe." I wanted his sweet lips against mine, they were like sweet candy to a child. As his lips touched mine, I went in a completely different world. One that was just me and Gerard.
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