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Memories Part 1

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Aria's past comes back to haunt her.

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Late June 2005

I woke up in my bus-bed, though I didn't remember falling asleep there. I hopped down, all most tumbling over from being so dizzy. I walked into the 'kitchen' and met Gee.
"Good morning," he smiled.
"'Morning...How did get in my bed?" I laughed.
"Well, you were practically knocked out in the car, so I just carried you to your bed."
"Oh," I blushed ",thanks." Gee just stood there looking at me while smiling. "Uhh...what time is it?" I asked, trying to stay natural.
"About nine--it's good you're up; we were asked to visit this place today..."
"What place?" I asked, starting to make some breakfast.
"Uh...I forgot the name of the place but it's this place for depressed teens."
My stomach automatically started to get queezy. But...there were plenty of places like that. "How many have bands to come in every month as an attempt to cheer everyone up?" A tiny voice in my head said to me. We were in Wisconsin... so it was possible... All I could only hope...
"Oh...," I couldn't ask any more questions. And as I said before, I could only hope.
"We'll be there by eleven,"he said, walking away.
"sure," I said, tossing my uneaten breakfast in the trash.

I was shaking all over when I stepped out of the bus.
"You okay, Aria? You look a bite...pale.." Frankie said, concerned.
I got that queezy feeling again,"oh, um...yeah. I'm fine."
"If you don't feel well Aria, you can stay in the bus." Gee said to me.
"No, I'm okay."I said for some stupid reason. I just figured that i should face it. ...I finally lifted my head to look at the building. Yep, that's the one... All the feelings and memories rushed back into me; forcing me to feel just like i had four years ago.

We began walking in towards the building; my insides were screaming at me to run back, to just get away from this place.
Frankie opened the door for me. I walked in and looked around. It was just how I remembered it: boring, white, and bright. Even the smell was the same: Pills, crayons, and well...tears.
Gerard and Frankie were watching me like hawks with worried expressions on their faces; but I couldn't really pay attention to them, not with all the memories flowing back into my head.
A woman walked up to us, "Hi," she smiled "You must be My Chemical Romance, our special guests for this month. Thank you so much for coming in. Could you have a seat over there, please? I'll get Miss Anderson." I gasped when she said Miss Anderson--would she remember?
I followed the guys to the waiting side of the room. The guys sat down but I decided to stay standing and look around. They still had the uncomfortable white chairs, the huge open windows, and the same subscriptions to the same boring magazines.
"Hi!" I heard a familiar voice say. "My name is Miss Anderson. Thank you so much for coming." The kindness in her voice shocked me; so that was how she acted to the guests and our parents? I was sure that she would go back to normal when we left.
I hid behind Bob, hoping she wouldn't see me. But Bob suddenly moved, and I couldn't help but make eye contact with Miss Anderson.
"Aria Maretti?" she said, recognizing me.
"You know each other?" Ray said, fascinated.
"Aria," she exclaimed, ignoring Ray "you look great!" She moved closer to me but I couldn't look at her... I couldn't do anything, I couldn't even think straight. The next thing I knew, Miss Anderson was hugging me "Oh Aria, it's so great to see you like this!" I didn't know what to say-- I didn't want the guys to find out...ever. But I didn't know how to stop her without them getting suspicious that I was
"You use to be so sad...who were two guys you were so depressed over? Jackson and Ger-" "-Miss Anderson, please!!" I pleaded for her to stop.
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