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New story, I need a few characters :D CLOSING DATE SATURDAY 5th FEB 2011 :D

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    (#) mcr_killjoy 2011-02-02 09:30:20 AM

    Name: Amy

    Nickname: Aimz

    Hair (colour, style ect): Long Wavy brown hair, to about my mid waist, wear alot of bandanas/bows etc.

    Height: 5ft 3

    Appearance: Hazel eyes, wear black eyeliner and smokey eyeshadow, and a lot of foundation to cover my freckles! slim but have curves here and there, Nose ring, 3 tattoos, forward helix, belly button & cartlidge

    Dress style: skinnies, vans, checkered shirts, hoodys, band tees, military boots.

    Random Quirks/manorisms/sayings: hmmmm, i make strange noises a lot of the time tbf without realising!

    Personality: Fun, outgoing, up for a laugh, talk to anyone, chatty, loud, caring, don't like to say things that might upset people, things play on my mind easiy.

    Music: Rock, mainly bands such as MCR, ATL, YM@S, paramore etc.

    Defining feature (E.g something that you ALWAYS wear): i ALWAYS wear a bandana in my hair, different colours, but i always wear one


    Anything you wanna add: Would loveeeee to be in your story! Also change anything if you need too!

    Part you'd like to play: Any! i dont mind!


    (#) shortygirl 2011-02-02 09:40:18 AM


    Nickname:shorty, emmy
    Hair (colour, style ect):brown wavy hair, shoulder length, brown eyes


    Appearance: what do you mean???

    Dress style:jeans and band tee's

    Random Quirks/manorisms/sayings:fuck me running, i cuss alot...

    Personality:quiet, shy at first but most of my friends would say that i never shut up. im kinda loud and i have a perverted mind. im kinda of random and a bit of a tom boy.
    Defining feature (E.g something that you ALWAYS wear) wont ever see me in a skirt or a dress or my hoodie i always have it on


    Anything you wanna add:my middle name is Rose. when that movie The excerisiom of Emily Rose came out everyone would run up to me and scream..idk why...oh and i love animals

    Part you'd like to play:what parts are there? one of the friends i guess or Frank's girlfriend


    (#) Luckystarz812 2011-02-02 10:03:15 AM

    Hey guys :D 

    Name: Julia Alice Chase
    Nickname: JJ 
    Hair (colour, style ect): light blonde, just past my shoulder. Usually straightened, and I wear it down. It's parted on the right, with a left sidebang. Strawberry blonde and red highlights, too. 
    Height: 5'3
    Appearance: Black rimmed glasses, green eyes, ear pierings(one on way lobe, and one of the right cartilage) A lip ring in the left corner, that I play with often. A black rose tattoo on my left inner arm
    Dress style: Jeans (skinny, straight, just plain old jeans) solid colored tee shirts, band t's, a black or grey hoodies. Beat up black Converse
    Random Quirks/manorisms/sayings: "Nerd? I prefer intellectual badass!" or "I was meant to be a nerd!!"
    Personality: Really hyper at times. And spunky. Not afraid to speak the truth. My friends believe I have ADD at times. Im one of this people that dot care what other people think of me. I will also defend my friends and my music. >.> I can be pretty down to earth when I need to be.  
    Music: Rock Alternative [MCR, Green Day, Nirvana, Linkin Park, blink-182 etc] and Hardcore/Screamo [Escape the Fate]
    Defining feature: handcuff necklace
    Talent: Photographic memory. I can remember anyone's birthday, and stuff like that. I sing a little bit, but not much
    Anything you wanna add: I'm a writer. Whenever i can, I write. I absolutely adore Mikey
    Part you'd like to play: a friend, or whatever you need. 

    (#) thatjerokid 2011-02-02 12:53:44 PM

    Name: Jeremy
    Nickname: Jero
    Hair (colour, style etc): long straight brown coming down below my collarbone
    Height: 6'0
    Appearance: 2 left ear cartilage piercings, 2 10mm spacers, anti helix piercing and industrial piercings, hazel eyes
    Dress Sryle: usually in skinny jeans and band shirts
    Random Quirks/mannerisms/sayings: "do you think if I wore a feathered hat and wrangled her an alligator she'd like me more?"
    Personality: at first I come across as quite shy and reserved but I'm actually pretty loud when I want to be. I'm incredibly proud and loyal to all my friends.
    Music: mostly metal (Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Lamb of God), punk, some hardcore and black metal.
    Defining feature: the pentagram necklace I'm constantly wearing.
    Talent: I play guitar alot?
    Anthony you wanna add: I tend to get very very 'excited' when I'm playing on stage. So much so I make Frankie look calm =p
    Part you'd like to play: anything at all =D

    (#) fabulouskilljoy8_8 2011-02-03 09:17:07 AM

    Hey waves :D

    Name: Steph Beatrice Hartland

    Nickname: Bea or Beetroot

    Hair: Long, Straight, Vair dark brown, big ass side fringe.

    Height: 5"2'

    Appearance: Slim, green eyes, kinda pale.

    Dress sense: Always wear skinnies, most of the time converses, hoodies and vest or band tee's.

    Quirks: umm, I curse, I say jeez a lot, I smile most of the time :)

    Personality: Happy, confident, hyper, sometimes a little too much so, ummm...that's all I can think of, if you wanna know anything else email me at :D

    Music: black veil brides, murderdolls, leathermouth Pencey prep, all time low, framing hanley, the xcerts, smashing pumpkins, iron maiden, misfits :D

    Defining feature: I always wear an L.O.V.E necklace, like the JFK statue, and I always wear a drop dead hooey.

    Talent: singing and playing guitar :D

    Anything you wanna add: I love skittles, my iPod, my blackberry, chocolate and I'm a vegetarian :)

    Part: umm, I kinda love Frank sooooooooooo much, so Franks girlfriend? If at all possible :D if not I honestly don't mind, I'll still read you story ;D can't wait for it, good luck writing, S xo

    (#) HeartbreakhOtel 2011-02-03 04:00:45 PM

    Name: Liliana

    Nickname: Lila, I would say Lily, but I know like 5 Lily's, so I
    prefer Lila :P

    Hair (colour, style ect): Black hair down to my shoulders, parted to the right, straight and layered to the extreme.

    Height: 5'5

    Appearance: Tan skin, brown eyes, slender, but a little curvy.

    Dress style: I'm pretty neutral, so I love wearing dresses with leggings. Skinny jeans, cardigans, ballet flats. I'm a little too girly when it comes to style, but I love color so.

    Random Quirks/manorisms/sayings: I roll my eyes a lot. I curse alot. I'm pretty polite and quiet, a little of a push over. Kind of defiant when I need to be. I always say 'What the fun?' when I'm frustrated. 'You blew your chance for friendship.' when I'm joking, or someone makes me mad. I also laugh alot when I'm nervous.

    Personality: Shy, reserved, but friendly. I kind of prefer to be alone sometimes. I'm perverted, sacarstic, humorous. Open minded, optimistic.

    Music: Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Flyleaf, Weezer, Nirvana, Veruca Salt, Fall Out Boy, The White Stripes, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Avenged Sevenfold, The Runaways, Gym Class Heroes, Panic! At The Disco, Good Charlotte, Paramore, The Academy Is, Kings Of Leon, Animals As Leaders, Benny Benassi, Garbage, Hole, Casacada, Cobra Starship, Stevie Nicks, Fleetwood Mac. I like music before 2008, when everything just started sucking, and Justin Bieber didn't exist :P mostly rock and techno music.

    Defining feature (E.g something that you ALWAYS wear): Heart shaped locket with a keyhole in the middle, with a key attached I can't honestly tell you why I adore it so much, I just do. Black, white, and neon blue jelly bracelets. I always wear blue stuff, it's just my color ya know?

    Talent: I'm flexible :P I can bend my thumbs all the way back, I can do a backbend, and I can roll my arms all the way back and then to the front without dislocating them. I also dance.

    Anything you wanna add: I chew gum. A lot. I hate slow drivers and walkers, I adore anything Panda Bear related. I prolly should cut down on the sugar, but Wonka candy is so good! I also don't like it when people call me Lily, it just doesn't fit right with me :P I hate spiders, even though they follow me everywhere I go, like really. They tend to drop right in front of my face while hanging from their web, it's creepy...

    Part you'd like to play: Well, I'd say any part, but if you want, I'll play the bitchy character :P

    Thanks xo


    (#) PapaRoachGirlRayanna 2011-02-04 03:10:08 PM

    Name: Rayanna Peck

    Nickname: Quinnith/ Ray-Ray/ Woodpecker

    Hair: Jet black, slightly curly hair, with bright blue and red highlights/streaks dotted around the place. A small fringe goes across the left eye, which has bright blue tips. I also have bangs.

    Height: Just short of 5ft 8 (My real height)

    Appearance: Bright blue eyes which is lined with loads of black eyeliner, to look evil and long eyelashes. Tight black skinny jeans, with bright red converses and blue laces. Around the waist there is a pacman belt and a rainbow coloured belt. Loves to wear either my: My Chemical Romance tour t-shirt, Donnington Download Festival t-shirt or a black t-shirt with an evil teddy bear design on the front. I also love to wear my emo-looking black teddy bear hoodie, with ears attached to the hood, with loads of random coloured badges dotted around. My wrists are covered in different friendship bracelets and coloured-gummy-bracelets; also there are 3 or 4 festival bracelets, from previous festivals. Around the neck there’s a Grey, black and white coloured checkered scarf, and a sliver heart-shaped locket that my boyfriend gave me. My favourite item is my red and black fingerless gloves that are riddled with holes, but I love them to pieces.
    Dress style: Emo/Gothic style, and love to show what my favourite bands are.

    Random Quirks/mannerisms/sayings: “Hell, saint, fire and matches, fuck a duck and see what hatches” “Seriously? Were you born annoying, or did you have your whole life to work at it?” and “Your Fucking Mental…”

    Personality: quite a comical girl, likes it when people laugh at my jokes, or when I do something funny. Has a passion for drumming, and taps a rhythm out using fingers/pens on anything I can. If I think something isn’t right, or I have a sense that something’s wrong, I’ll keep quiet about it, until I know for defiant. Has a caring heart, and will automatically go to see what the problem is, if someone looks upset, no matter what the consequences are. I’m quite loud and don’t usually think about the consequences of doing something. I would also say I have no self-confidence, from bullying in high school, and am VERY self-conscious since I was an outcast in the early years of high school. Also I have an annoying blush, which will appear whenever I like someone or get embarrassed. I usually go on first-glances at people, and if I don’t like them at first, chances are, I will never like them anyway. I’ll try to cheer people up with my jokes, and will keep peoples secrets very well.

    Music: Good old hard-rock/metal, punk, post-hardcore and rock. Bands I love are: My Chemical Romance, The Blackout, The Used, 30 Seconds To Mars, Papa Roach, Short Stack, Black Veil Brides, Bullet For My Valentine, Iron Maiden, A Day To Remember and Bring Me The Horizon
    Defining Feature: A large, pinned-on piece of fabric, which has an x-ray ribcage design on it, with a broken heart that is pinned to the back of my jacket OR as I said before, my red and black striped fingerless gloves.

    Talent: Drumming! Spent 5 years of my life drumming, and I have developed a passion. I cannot go a day without drumming a song out either on my drum kit, or pens/fingers on the table/seats.

    Anything I would like to add: Loves to doodle cartoons and anime. I also have a fascination with Pacman. I could NOT live without my iPod, and have a complete addiction to coffee, sour skittles, energy drinks and HARIBO'S :)

    Part I’d like to play: I would LOVE to be part of the 3/5 group of friends :) But if it’s easier, I could also be the Bitchy/evil person ;)

    Thank you,
    Rayanna :)

    (#) xxKilljoysxx 2011-02-05 12:14:19 AM

    Name: Romy
    Nickname: Romez, Rome,
    Hair: Long(goes to about the end of my ribcage), dark Brown(almost blaack), straightened.
    Height: 6ft. (very true, and i hate it..)
    Appearance: Deep green eyes with heavy black eyeliner, tight skinnyjeans, greenday tshirt(essintial), black converse, i always wear a necklace with a heart with an ivy tangled design on it that my mom gave me before she left, i usually wear all black and red, sometimes orange hot pink and yellow. I always wear mt fingerless gloves ( theyre similair to Frank's ones).
    Dress style: I wear tight skinny jeans (black, red or blue), usually heavy metal/rock/punk band tshirts, my favourite ones to wear is my green day one and my mcr one, i wear hoddies( black mcr one, plain navy blue one), red doc martens, black or red converse, heart necklace, fingerless gloves, mini shorts and sleveless button down top, leather jacket.
    Random sayings, quirks etc: I often come across with a lot of attitude and roll my eyes, answer bak etc,
    Personality: usually a very bubbly, happy person, protective, no one really messes with my considering i tower over people my age, helpfull, trustworthy, always a shoulder to cry on, talkitive and friendly.
    Music: Iron maiden, bullet for my valentine, green day, mcr (duhh;)), black flag, misfits, punk rock bands
    Defining features: I'm never seen without eyeliner :), im usually wearing an oversized hoddie and skinny jeans.
    Talent: Writing poems, songs, stories. And Bass.
    Anything you wanna add: Music, Love and friends makes up most of my life theyre what is most important in my eyes,
    Part I want to play: Just a friend of band members, though I wouldn't object to being a girlfriend maybe ray because if our height match???? hehehe;)

    Thanks heaps(:

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