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A Quickie

by fabulouskilljoy8_8 6 Reviews

Just a quick audition for Bobert and Mikey's girlfriends :D

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    (#) mcrluver 2011-02-06 11:06:57 AM

    Hey :D Okay so this is for Mikey's girlfriend apart from the fact I'm totally in love with the man, I'm loving your story. This is the first time I've ever done one of these so bare with me! :P

    Name:Maria Martain
    Nickname:M&M or MarsBar
    Age:Whatever age you need her to be
    Appearance:She has brown choppy hair (the colour resembles the colour of a marsbar.... hense the nickname)and a choppy sidefringe/bangs Big green eyes with lots of eyeliner and mascarra, Small lips and mostly wears red lipstick, small nose with a small stud, quite small and thin and she also sometimes wears glasses.
    Musical taste: Mostly Rock/Indie or basically whatever Mikey is into
    Personality: Quite bubbly and pretty flirty when it comes to Mikey. Shy around new people but once you get to know her shes like an out of control firework. Sweet and friendly to most people but if anyone hurts Mikey she can turn into quite a bitch. And lastly shes head over heels inlove with Mikey :D
    Anything else:Okay kind of a request but if it suits fine.... maybe just maybe she could be Irish. Thing is I'm Irish and I think it would be dead cool. But if it doesn't suit no worries :)

    Thanks and great story update soon I've actually had to result to reading the whole story again! xxx

    Author's response

    Thank you for auditioning! Woo!! Im irish too!! But i dont live there :/ which kinda sucks, but anyway, THANKS! S xo
  • Dreamland

    (#) xDinoRawrx 2011-02-06 01:32:12 PM

    Name: Jasmine Rose

    Nickname: Jazz

    Age: 15

    Appearance: I have brown or green (they change colour sometimes) eyes, my hair is dyed a dark reddish colour, shoulder length with a side fringe, and I’m a bit on the small side. I also wear glasses.

    Musical taste: Alternative, rock and some metal stuff.

    Personality: Shy around strangers, loud around people close to me. I suck at being around people so I tend to stay by myself. I’m rubbish at being helpful and giving advice. I can also be quite sarcastic at times.

    Anything else: I’m from London, I can't live without my iPod, I’m a vegetarian and I love cats ^_^

    Author's response

    Thank you, i'm going to update very soon, like, tonight xD xo
  • Dreamland

    (#) bloodless_souls 2011-02-06 04:00:35 PM

    Appearance:brown eyes, brown skin, black hair, ear taper
    Musical taste:alternative rock, nu-metal, screamo,speed metal,rock, indie
    Personality:energetic, fluent in profanity and sarcasm
    Anything else: green is the best colour ever. :D and also UPDATE SOON!!
  • Dreamland

    (#) Mcrroxursox45 2011-02-06 04:41:14 PM

    Name: Tiara (Tea-air-uhhh)
    Nickname: None
    Age: Whatever age u need
    Appearance:Always skinny jeans and tight tops, im 5'9", so tall, my hair is shoulder lenghth and brown, dyed blonde underneith, straight hair, and an 'Emo' haircut. two ear hole piercings. always wearing a jacket, cuz im never in dress code (But im not a slut)
    Musical taste:Rock, i guess. i like Mcr mostly and a little Escape the Fate (Ronnie)
    Personality:Wowz, ok. So im a bitch, but in a funny way. i call everyone 'kid', when your being bitchy get ready, because i hate that. i like fights because i always win. but, im really fun and mostly nice-ish.
    Anything else:Im a fabulous killjoy, bitch!

  • Dreamland

    (#) Mcrroxursox45 2011-02-06 04:43:35 PM

    Oh, i forgot! Im also very flirtatious, and make alot of sex jokes.
  • Dreamland

    (#) One_33 2011-02-07 09:08:15 PM

    Name: Scarlett
    Nickname: Scarr occasionally
    Age: 21 But let's just say I should be 16
    Appearance: 5' 6'' brown eyes, dark brown hair with a pink steak, side swept bangs and chin length hair. Skinny with a very dynamic wardrobe (white fitted tee, black vest, black shorts with studded belt, ripped fishnet tights, black and white striped ankle socks, black military style boots. Lots of black bracelets and silver and black rings). Her signature make up is black eyeliner and redish purple lipstick. Almost forgot the black framed glasses ;)

    Music: All sorts of rock genres
    Personality: Quiet but can still be outgoing with the right people. Laughs easily and weird shit is always happening to her. Subtly sarcastic for sure. Flirtatious when drunk but nervous about sex and the related. Everyone gets along with her. I prefer mikey if you pick me which I hope you do!

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