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Still Gerards P.O.V
It was the end of the day- which had gone surprisingly fast- and it was a Friday, which was unusual, for people to start school on a Friday I mean. The fact that it was a Friday was perfectly normal.We walked out of school all linking arms and Jackie suddenley stopped and screamed "WEEKENDOVER!!!" We all looked at her when she explained. "Look, Mom and Dad are gonna be out all weekend and so we've only just met, you guys should stay over all weekend so we can get to know each other. Phone's out, text your parent's. Ready, set...go!" Surprisingly everyone followed the order and soon me, Mikey, Frank, Bob and Ray were all walking towards Jackie, Cheyenne's and Hollie's house.
"Wait" Frank pouted "What about our stuff?" He asked. God he's so frickin cute.
"Already sorted, don't worry." Jackie said and smirked when we all gave her a confuddled expression. "Look, I've still got loads of some of my ex's clothes, they vary in size and I figured you guys wouldn't mind your wardrobe expanding a little." She chuckled as we all grinned and she unlocked the door.
We all walked in and dumped our bags on the floor, kicking our shoes off and finding our way into the living room. I heard the click of the coffee machine as she walked in, and handed coffee to me and Mikey, pepsi to Bob, Ray, Mikey and Cheyenne and a Orange squash for Hollie. She then walked back in with a six pack of beer and started in herself.
"Dude, these are our favourites, how did you know?" Asked Bob, sipping happily at the sacred tin of thy holy cola.
"I can tell what you like by the way you smell. Gerard like's coffee and Marlabo Red cigarettes, Frank likes pepsi, is a vegitarian and likes skittles, Mikey also has a coffee fetish and loves sushi, Ray loves poptarts and coke and Bob loves coke and bacon butties." She stated, earning wide eyed looks from the lot of us.
"Jackie, you really gotta stop sniffing people!" Hollie said before cracking up with Cheyenne and the rest of us.
"Hmmmm, but it's good. I can also tell a lot about people. Like Mikey and Gerard are really close and like to looke after each other. Bob plays drums, Mikey plays bass and Ray and Frank play guitar. Gerard can sing and likes to draw. Also Frankie is crushing on Gerard and Gerard is all hot for Frankie, which is why I'm making them share a bed." She flashed us a wicked smile and I could feel that my face was flushed. I looked over at Frank and he wasn't a hell of a lot better.
" OH MY GOD GEE! I'm so happy for you!" Mikey screamed as he grabbed me into a bear hug, Jackie had gotten everything right and by the look on her face she wasn't going to tell us why.
"Right, less of the incest you Waycest creatures!!" Hollie said before shoving nightmare before christmas into the DVD player and snuggling up with Mikey...weird.
Frank's P.O.V
Awwwww everyone's loved up! Hollie and Mikey have obviously hit it off, Cheyenne and Bob are cuddling in the corner and Jackie has Ray's head in her lap and is playing with his fro! Now it's just me and Gerard that appear to be the singles, oh well.
Gerard moved closer to me and leaned on my shoulder. Tired, he's just tired Frank it don't mean anything! Get a grip! Without thinking I moved a strand of jet black hair from his face. He looked up at me and smiled a smile that melted my heart. "Thank's man." He whispered before moving closer, I took the hint and wrapped my arm around him. What was he doing? What was I doing?
The film finished and people talked and laughed for another few hours before Mikey started yawning. "Bed. Now." he growled. No one argued with Mikey when he was tired, not even Jackie, surprisingly.
"Right, Mikey and Hollie; Hollie's room, Cheyenne and Bob; Cheyenne's room, Frank, Gerard and Ray; my room... Well go on then you silly pieces of loveable fluff!" She said surprisingly clearly after polishing off a whole slab of beer. Hollie and Cheyenne went upstairs followed by their new boyfriends. Well, I assumed they were, I was too caught up thinking of Gerard to actually pay atenttion to whatever else was going on. "My room's in the basement." Jackie said, pointing to a black door just outside the living room. My first day had gone really well, new friends and if everything goes my way, by tommorrow Gerard will be all miney miney mine! YAY. Now off to the dark pit called Jackie's room... this could get interesting...

A/N: It will get better, thanks for reading so far. Hang in there! Frerard goodieness coming your way soon.
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