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Wishful Thinking

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A killjoy story

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Liliana P.O.V

My name is Liliana. I'm 17 years of age.
I was born on the 24th of October.
Not that it matters anymore. Nothing about anyone matters in this day and age.
Not since BL/ind took over.

Ive lived on my own for a couple years now, in an old abandoned caravan.
I'll admit, its not a glamorous life.
But its better then no life at all. Or the mindless life of a Draculoid.

Ive recently tuned into Dr.Death Defying's transmissions on the radio.
When he talks, its about taking down BL/ind.
Though lately hes been speaking a lot about these 4 Killjoys.
4 Killjoys who are on the run from BL/ind.
Who are wanted "criminals".

To be honest, I don't think their criminals.
I think BL/ind is just saying they are because they want us to help them track down the people who are causing them havoc. People they can't control.


The patter of Gabriel's paws on the carpet woke me up.
"Hey boy, you hungry?" I yawned, patting the grey Husky on the head.
Gabriel whined and I took that as a 'yes'.

I found the dog wandering about, just outside of Battery City.
He was thin and weak, so I took him back with me and named him after the Archangel Gabriel.
Now hes pretty much my best friend. Well my only friend.

Speaking of Battery City. I really need to go get some more supplies.
I'm running low on canned food. For both Gabriel and myself.

"Sorry Gabriel but its sloppy dog chow again" I informed the whining dog at my feet as I scooped the dog food into a plastic bowl.
"Yum yum" I laughed as I set the bowl on the floor.

As for feeding myself, I heated up some frozen vegetables, well half heated it up.
The oven ran out of gas before the vegetables could be fully cooked.
Just my luck.

My day went by slowly, as it always does.
I cleaned up the caravan as a distraction while I waited for a transmission from Dr. Death Defying. I'm anxious to hear about the Killjoys.

During the last transmission, Dr.D said that a young girl who was traveling with the Killjoys had been taken by some Draculoids and that the Killjoys planned to storm the BL/ind headquarters.

That transmission was 3 days ago.
And that worried me.

"I give up" I sighed after about 2 hours of waiting. I had run out of ways to distract myself from losing my patience. "Not to worry Gabriel, I bet they are all okey" I smiled down at him.
He barked in possible agreement.

I went into the tiny bathroom and checked my appearance.
I had recently cut my hair so it retched my chin. I had planned to grow it out but figured that long hair just is not practical.

I was still wearing what I wore yesterday.
Baby blue skinny jeans and a plain black long-sleeved shirt.
Even my eyeliner was still coated around my eyes.

"Jeepers, talk about good eyeliner" I said to my reflection as I brushed the knots out of my hair.

Sudden banging on the caravan door made me jump "Holy crap!"
Gabriel started barking like mad.
That cant be good.

"Quite Gabriel" I hissed, but he kept barking.
I traded the hair brush for a knife from the kitchen counter and stepped towards the door.
"Who is it? What do you want?" I spoke sternly, hoping that it wasn't a Draculoid.

"I need help!" A frightened female voice responded.
I went over to the window and peeked through the blinds.

At my door stood a girl of about 16 with long, dark brown hair and a big side fringe. She wore grey skinny jeans and a bright green t-shirt.

At her side was a little girl with lighter brown hair with a pink bow in it and wearing purple jeans and a pink shirt.

Both were caked in dirt and dried blood.

The older girl banged on the door again.
"Please we need to hide"

Taking a wild guess I would say that Draculoids were after them.
That alone was good enough for me.

I pulled open the door and pulled them in.
Slamming and locking the door behind me.
I know better then to let strangers in but these two looked utterly terrified. And that is something that is not very easy to act.

"Thank you so much" The older girl said as I led the two over to the sofa.
"No problem, you will be safe here" I replied. "So whats your names?"

"I'm Steph and this is my little sister Carly"
"Nice to meet you. I'm Liliana"
Gabriel growled."And that is Gabriel" I laughed.

Okey that is the first chapter, not my best work or anything but not to worry it WILL get better. Oh and dont worry MCR will be in this story lol. Anywho hope you liked!! And please do review!!!
xx CaseyKilljoy
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