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Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst,Drama,Romance - Characters: Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2011/02/12 - Updated: 2011/02/12 - 213 words


  • Story Idea....

    (#) missfunghoul57 2011-02-12 04:07:59 PM

    ~ Name ~ Eva

    ~ Nickname ~ E, Eveybug, (feel free to make one up!)

    ~ Apperance ~ On the pale side, dark brown hair that comes down to my shoulders, pretty skinny, brown eyes, pierced ears, I'm near-sighted so I have these black and white glasses that I wear every once and a while (they look like Mikey's), always have on my converse and a pair of hole-y jeans, usually have on a band tee, like to wear my hair up in a bun, darker-ish eye makeup!

    ~ Personality ~ Self concious, outgoing yet shy, I tend to blush a lot, I'm like a sister to people, I can't stand people who are full of themselves and liars get under my skin, don't like to fight but I will if someone or something I love is involved, I try to be as supportive to people as I can, pretty good at comforting people, professional chatter box, worry wart, and last but not least, I LIVE to make people laugh, I LOVE music!

    ~ Where are they from? (It's the world tour so make it interesting)~ Hmmm....I've always been a huge fan of Italy, so how bout there!

    ~ Favorite Bands ~ MCR!, Good Charlotte, 30 Seconds to Mars, Green Day, David Bowie, The Beatles

    ~ What character you want to be ~ Mikey's girlfriend.....or who ever you think I'd be good as!

    ~ Short Bio (what their family is like, do they have siblings, do they have a job, how did they find MCR, stuff like that...) ~ Vegetarian, lives with her aunt and uncle (parents died in a car crash), only child, works in a comic book store (I really do!), loves music, first heard of My Chem when I was stocking shelves and I found the Umbrella Academy, plays piano.

    Hope this helped! Can't wait to read your fic!


    p.s. Keep posting 'Under the Full Moon'! I'm addicted!!
    ~ Other
  • Story Idea....

    (#) QueenOfNewYork 2011-02-12 04:08:55 PM

    Audition Form:
    ~ Maxwell Rose
    ~ Maxie, Max
    ~ Short, Black hair with neon green streaks (Like Chris Drew's hair style), snakebites, nose ring, lip ring
    ~ Loud, fun, energetic, rowdy
    ~ London, England
    ~ MCR, NSN, BVB, BMTH, and a bunch of other bands
    ~ Best friend, band manager, or franks bf
    ~ He is from a very high class family and his parents are very religious. He cant tell them about his sexuality. He plays the guitar and sings. He can also play the piano.
    ~ He loves Tim Burton and Music
  • Story Idea....

    (#) QueenOfNewYork 2011-02-12 04:14:29 PM

    Oh I forgot some stuff:
    - He works as secretary for a fashion designer
    - He wears nerd glasses all the time
    - He wants his own fashion line
  • Story Idea....

    (#) TheForgottenMCRmy 2011-02-12 04:26:46 PM

    yes, im well aware i already got a part in your other story, so ABSOULTUELY no hard feelings if i dont get a part here. :)

    (I actually thought up a character for this) :)

    Name: Lily

    Nickname: hm.... idk again sorry :/

    Appearance: 5"5 or 5"6, blue eyes, shoulderlength black hair, wears mostly black clothing

    Personality: tries to stay positive, friendly, shy at first, and very talkative around friends

    Location: Paris, France

    Favorite Bands: MCR, 30 Seconds To Mars, Evanescence, Fall Out Boy

    Character: Mikey's girlfriend... or a best friend... or watever works. :)

    Short Bio: works (thinks of location) Starbucks. :) 1 little brother (with all due respect, they are very annoying), found out about mcr while reading somthing about 30 Seconds To Mars (true story with me) XD

    so...... thanks for reading i guess :)

  • Story Idea....

    (#) shehadtheworld12 2011-02-12 05:09:09 PM

    ~ Name : Lynai (pronounced Lyn-A)

    ~ Nickname : Lenny.

    ~ Apperance: black hair down to shoulders with a few dark blonde streaks, naturally curly, parted to the left. Brown eyes. Tan skin. 5'5, slender. Lip ring. I tend to dress in blue, gray, or black. I wear skinny jeans, band tees. I like bright colors, but nothing too flashy. I always wear a bracelet I made out of starburts wrappers.

    ~ Personality: Quiet and reserved. Often mistaken for being bitchy, but that's not the case. I just don't warm up to people super easily, but I am outgoing. I'm imaginative, it helps me get through the day. I'm pretty chill and go with the flow though. I'm the 'venter' so people come to me with their problems, I have. no. idea. why. I really don't, but I don't mind helping out people.

    ~ Where are they from? (It's the world tour so make it interesting)
    : Adelaide, Australia.

    ~ Favorite Bands : Flyleaf, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Weezer, Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, White Stripes, Veruca Salt, Kings Of Leon, Trapt, Avenged Sevenfold, Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco.

    ~ What character you want to be: Band Manager or drummer.

    ~ Short Bio (what their family is
    like, do they have siblings, do they have a job, how did they find MCR, stuff like that...): 'character' lived with mom, didn't see her dad much. She close to her mom. Loves her dad, but holds grudges against him because of what he did to her mom. She has no siblings. Job was a manager for small bands, but decided to climb up a little to big bands. Loves to travel. Heard of MCR through mutual bands.

    ~ Other : Just a girl trying to find her place in the world, nothing too special. She curses alot, doesn't do drugs or smokes, but drinks.

    Looking forward to reading it.
  • Story Idea....

    (#) KJLucidLove666 2011-02-12 06:53:29 PM

    Name: Everette Chancler


    Appearence: Short red hair, blood colored, with the fringe bangs. Tall, skinny. Pale skin, I've been asked by little kids if I was a vampire, yeah aren't kids just the cutest things? Lip stud, nearly on my chin(home piercings should be out-lawed). I wear dark clothing, hoodies, dark blue jeans, band tees, skinny jeans, converses, black sandals, basically depending on the weather, but I absoulutely hate the color yellow! Always have a few bracelets on and my class ring- black onyx 2013
    Personality: Loud and energetic. Though I'm quiet like a mouse around new people, and a little anxious, basically because I have nothing to do and I wish I knew what the people are talking about. Then once I get to know them, I constantly make perverted jokes, tease them, and sometimes make things awkward. I love giving out hugs, and I love sugary foods and/or beverages (coffee!)
    Where are they from? New York, New York, though I think they'd be from New Jersey? Don't fully understand the question, whether or not you mean me or MCR, but I gave an answer.
    Favorite Bands: Iron Maiden, Tried to Reason, Misfits, Avenged Sevenfold, Breaking Benjamin, Sex Pistols, Queen, Fall Out Boy, The Fray, The Killers
    What character do you want to be: Gerard's GF, or/and the drummer
    Short Bio:Ahh, that explains the question from before! Um, character's lived with Mom and Stepfather (bio-dad died), Stepfather starts abuse and leaves, mother recovers, but the character has to go through her alcohol and antidepressant problems. Two little brothers. Job was a writer/ artist for a manga magazine, or comic book if you don't know what a manga is(some people don't). Traveling is an exciting things, loves the feeling of being free from her family, who are clingy since she's the oldest child.
    Other: Grew a hard shell during high school, never had a boyfriend (age is whatever you want it to be), still a virgin. Perverted, swears like a sailor, doesn't smoke or do drugs. Might drink, though I believe in a get high on life sort of philosophy.
    Can't wait to see who's who!
    Lucid Love
  • Story Idea....

    (#) CyanideSunlight 2011-02-12 10:09:21 PM

    ~ Name ~ Jasmine/Jalyssa

    ~ Nickname ~ Jassie

    ~ Apperance ~ Medium-long brownish hair with blonde undernethe and black just an inch around the hairline with long side bangs, very pale, LOVES my eyeliner and I like it kinda thick around my eyes, dull blue eyes with hazel and they look innocent yet mischievous and curious, thin ish lips,I have a punky/emo/scene/layed back style. I'm skiny, I LOVE black tighttt skinny jeans, and bell bottom jeans, funny teeshirts like with owls and toasters and stuff XD, I have a black sweater with a rose and jewels and chains and there's rhinestones on it and everything and I loovveesss it, I almost always wear a sweater except when I'm at home then I just wear a tee, uhhmmm I love colorful socks!! Skater shoes that are black and purple, long fingers used to play guitar.., err I dunno what else there is... D:

    ~ Personality ~ shy but random and weird, bad temper but I never hit anyone, I'm very scared of pain so whenever it's likeeee I'm gonna get hurt, I flinch.. uhm Aries personality like seriously it's weird, obsessive, hyper but also depressed, tough, cold when angry, annoying :3 Aaannnd I flirt with guys a lot..

    ~ Where are they from? ~ Uhh like what? I guess I'm from Canada. o.o I can't be interesting.. Just change it however you want XD

    ~ Favorite Bands ~ MyChem, Bullet For Mu Valentine, Black Veil Brides, Escape The Fate, Avril Lavigne, Err I can't think o.o

    ~ What character you want to be ~ MIKEY'S GIRL PWEASE!!

    ~ Short Bio ~ My family.. Irritating. XD Frustrating, like a family. Got four brothers and one sister though I only live with the two youngest brothers. I'm the baby of the family. Uhm I only live with my mum, no daddy here. I'm a very artist person, and I wanna be a singer. I play guitar and sing awesomely, I'm even gonna start a band REALLY soon so maybe I meet MyChem by opening for them? Uhh what else.. I have sleep problems, I love music, I love drawing, I want tattoos and piercings, I'm addicted to Facebook, I don't write much except on here, Uhh yeah I can't think of anything else. :3

    ~ Other ~ I'm bi! lol Err yeah I dunno I basically said the random shit up there ^

    Kay thanks~ Baaaiii

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