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Characters! I Must Have Some!

by KJLucidLove666 6 Reviews

I need some people. I have an imagination, but why not give some people a thrill?

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Angst,Drama - Characters: Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2011/02/12 - Updated: 2011/02/13 - 73 words


  • Characters! I Must Have Some!

    (#) Tomgirl567 2011-02-12 07:32:43 PM

    Name: Amelia
    Personality:I'm shy to people i don't know, but to people who have known me awhile i'm dirty mined and wont shut up sometimes :D i hope that helps :P
    Looks: I have short brown hair and green eyes. I'm not fat but not skinny and i wear skinnys, and random tops, like i'm the monster under your bed. I'm wearing it now!! XD
    Age: w/e you want :P
    Height/Weight:...130. okay not really, but that's my goal!
    Fav MCR guy:Bob! no one pick him, but me! :P
    Fav Sugary something: Cotton candy!
    Other: I'm tough, i take no crap...most days, when i feel like crap i get treated like yeah. I play rugby and i love my doggy lucky!! :D
    I hope that helps, anything else email me please!

  • Characters! I Must Have Some!

    (#) missfunghoul57 2011-02-12 07:56:31 PM

    Name: Eva

    Personality: When you first meet me, I'm very quite. But after a while, you'll realize that I am a professional chatter box. My friends say that I am a good listener, and that I'm extremely modest. I can't stand people who are full of themselves, and liars get under my skin. My feelings can get hurt easily although I try to hide it. I have a few fantastic friends, but a lot classify me as an outcast. I'm not always the best student but my grades are high. One of my worst qualities, it that I'm not afraid to speak my mind even if it can get me in trouble. When it feels like the world is against me, I shut it out with music. Music is my life. I love to sing and play the piano. Lastly, I have a really hard time letting go of the past and forgiving myself. I have to trust you before I'll cry into your shoulder.

    Looks: I'm quite pale and have hair that comes down to my shoulders. It's light brown with some dark brown streaks and natural curl. I do wear make-up. You can usually find me in a band tee and a pair of converse. (I have about 33 pairs!) Along with that, I'll wear a pair of distressed jeans or skinnies. I also have a pair of black and white glasses that I wear! (They look like Mikey's)

    Age: 17-18 (Feel free to change!)

    Height/Weight: 5'6ish 100lbs

    Fav MCR guy: Hmmmm....a favorite? That's really hard, but if I had to choose I'd say......Mikey!

    Fav Sugary something: Lolly-pops are me weakness!

    Other: I am a vegetarian and I LOVE to sing and play the piano. I also enjoy reading comics and horror movies!

    Hope this helps! Lemme know if you need anything else! My e-mail is

    Gook luck with the fic! Post soon!

  • Characters! I Must Have Some!

    (#) CyanideSunlight 2011-02-12 08:10:29 PM

    Name : Jalyssa or Jasmine

    Nickname : Jassie

    Gender : Female

    Height : 5'4''

    Appearance : Medium-long brownish hair with blonde undernethe and black just an inch around the hairline with long side bangs, very pale, LOVES my eyeliner and I like it kinda thick around my eyes, dull blue eyes with hazel and they look innocent yet mischievous and curious, thin ish lips,I have a punky/emo/scene/layed back stlye. I'm skiny, I LOVE black tighttt skinny jeans, and bell bottom jeans, funny teeshirts like with owls and toasters and stuff XD, I have a black sweater with a rose and jewels and chains and there's rhinestones on it and everything and I loovveesss it, I almost alwasy wear a sweater except when I'm at home then I just wear a tee, uhhmmm I love colorful socks!! Skater shoes that are black and purple, long fingers used to play guitar.., err I dunno what else there is... D:

    Personality : shy but random and weird, bad temper but I never hit anyone, I'm very scared of pain so whenever it's likeeee I'm gonna get hurt, I flinch.. uhm Aries personality like seriously it's weird, obsessive, hyper but also depressed, tough, cold when angry, annoying :3 Aaannnd I flirt with guys a lot..

    Other : Uhm I'm bi. Oh and I REALLY don't care what you do to me, lol. I love to sing, dance, write, play guitar, and draw. I just looovvee music though. I'm kinda controlling.. >.> ...Sorry if I'm bad at describing myself, I'm uncreative with explaining and stuff. :3 But I hope you pick me. You can do whatever with my character. Except make Mikey hate me. Then I'd kill you with my unicorn, Rainbow. >.>

    Biggest Fear : death, mirrors, clowns that'll kill me in the night.

    Favorite MCR Guy: MIKEY!! No challenge, I freaking love him!!

    Favorite sugary thing: uh what? uhmm maybe... Pixie sticks!

    Feel free to change anything. :3
    Good luck with the fic. :3 Thanks~
  • Characters! I Must Have Some!

    (#) DeathCookie 2011-02-12 08:27:18 PM

    Name: Montgomery Scott (Monty, Scottie)
    Personality: Tough around the egdes, but a total sweetheart when you get to know me. < 3 : ). Sort of a smart ass. Willing to take a bullet for my friends.
    Looks: Dirty blonde hair until the small of my back. Brown, expressive eyes, and a light olive skin tone. "Large" framed w/ curves. -.-
    Age: Whatever works!
    Height: 5'8.
    Fav MCR guy: RAY.
    Fav Sugary something: Swedish Fish.
    Other: I've been playing music for six years and my main instrument's bass.
  • Characters! I Must Have Some!

    (#) Kill_the_mainstream 2011-02-12 09:39:07 PM

    Name: Maria Blake

    Personality: Always very mature for my age. The "mothering" one. Always keeps everyone else on track. Non judgemental and accepting of people (because I'm bisexual). Before they get to know me, most people think that I'm quiet and kind of scary looking. After you get to know me though, I'm random (but not hyper), and intelligent. I never tolerate anyone that bothers or picks on my friends. I love post-hardcore music.

    Looks: Black shoulder length hair with the tips died white. Pale skin and round face. Brown eyes and long eye lashes. Not exactly skinny, but not too fat. Kind of a mix of goth and punk. Like, a kajillion piercings on my ears. Snake bite piercing on my lip and stud on my nose. Several tattoos, including "xXx" on my upper left arm and "sXe" on my upper right back near my shoulder.

    Age: You can pick

    Height/Weight: 5' 11" and 160… (you can change these if you need to)

    Fav MCR guy: Frankie!

    Fav Sugary something: gummy bears, gummy worms, gummy anything!!

    Other: I'm Straight Edge (look it up). Basically, I don't drink, I don't smoke, and I don't do drugs. I also sing, play the cello, play the bass guitar, play the guitar, and I love to draw.
  • Characters! I Must Have Some!

    (#) mcr_killjoy 2011-02-13 03:14:22 AM

    Name: Amyy

    Personality: Laid back, like to have a laugh, act childish at times, like playing jokes, don't like to upset people, try to please everyone, friendly.

    Looks: long brown wavy hair, wear alot of bandanas/bows, hazel eyes, wear alot of smokey make up and eyeliner, lot of ear piercings, nose ring and tattoos incl. roses up my back, stars behind my ear and flowers on my foor, slender.

    Age: 17, but change if you need to!

    Height/Weight: 5ft4 and 105lb, change if needed

    Fav MCR guy: Frankieeeeeeeeee!

    Fav Sugary something: Skittles!

    Other: Love tattoos and piercings, play guitar, don't smoke or do drugs, drink occasionally, love going to gigs and parties

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