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Chapter Three

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I slept all the way back in the car. Ray decided he was sober enough to drive, so Gerard got some sleep in the back with me and Mikey. I fell asleep on Mikey's shoulder again and the last thing I remember was waking up in my bed with Frank sleeping next to me and Ray, Gerard and Mikey were all asleep on the floor. They took the spare blankets and pillows from my closet so they wouldn't be uncomfortable. I looked at the digital clock on my night stand and saw that it was 3PM. It was time we were all up. I shook Frank to wake him up and he slowly woke up.

"What is it?" He asked.
"Its 3 in the afternoon. Time to get up." I told him. I threw the covers off my body and went to wake up everyone else. "Ray, its time to get up!"
"Why?!" He asked.
"Because its after noon in a major way." I opened the curtains and that woke everyone up. The sun was splitting the trees.

"I'm hungry" Mikey mumbled.
"Me too." Frank said while stretching his limbs. "Can't believe we have school tomorrow. This had been such a great weekend." He sat down on the bed and sulked for a minute.
"We can have another good weekend next week!" I bounced on the bed and wrapped my arms around his frame. "The weekend never has to end."
"We can't do anything next weekend, Gerard is looking for apartments in New York." Frank mumbled. "Damn you Way!"
"You say that now, but you'll be following me to New York come Friday night." Gerard replied.
"True." Frank concurred. Frank sprang up, nearly taking me with him "Breakfast time!"
"I'm just gonna head home now." Ray said. "Mom gets worried when I stay out all night then all day the next day, plus I need clean clothes and shower."
"Same." Mikey said. "Gerard, you coming home?"
"Nah, I'm gonna hang out here for a while." Gerard replied.
"Great! Three for breakfast!" Frank exclaimed.
"Well, I'm gonna have a shower first." I said. "You guys are welcome to use my shower, I'll use Aunt Jess'" I told Frank and Gerard.
"Great." Frank said. "Me first!" He bounded over to my little bathroom, while taking off his shirt.

"I'll see you guys out." I said to Ray and Mikey.
"See you later Gerard." Mikey said.
"Bye dude." Ray said while yawning. Gerard waved and sat on my bed. I left him to his own devices as I led Mikey and Ray down stairs.

I heard Aunt Jess rummaging about in the kitchen as I gave then both a hug.
"Are we really going to New York with Gerard?" Ray asked.
"God, I hope not." I replied. Mikey laughed and opened the door.
"See you tomorrow at school." He said before walking out. Ray followed him and I shut the door behind them.

I went into the kitchen to say hi to Aunt Jess

"So there is life upstairs." She said when she saw me. I nodded. "Who left?"
"Ray and Mikey." I replied. "Frank and Gerard are gonna use my shower, is it ok if I use yours?"
"Sure." She replied. "Do you guys want something to eat?"
"The boys will, but I'm not really hungry." I told her. "I'm gonna check on them then have a shower." I left the kitchen and hurried back upstairs again. When I got to my room, Frank was out of the shower and Gerard was in. Frank was drying his hair with a towel and had already found the clean ones for Gerard.

"God, I'm a bad hostess." I said. "I'm supposed to give people towels."
"Pfft, we wouldn't do it for you. We're guys. We don't care." Frank replied. I opened my closet and got myself a towel and some clean clothes.
"I'll be really quick, I think Aunt Jess is making you guys some food, just go down when you're ready." I told him.

I hurried to the main bathroom of the house, where I shower had been fitted over the bath. My mum hated taking baths so dad fitted a shower in there. I turned on the shower and let the water run for a moment. I undressed quickly and stepped over the wall of the bath. It was strange taking a shower here. I hadn't had one in here since I was quite young. The hot water felt great against my skin. I found some soap and scrubbed my body. Then I tackled my long hair. I always had to use extra shampoo and the bubbles always got in my eyes. I sometimes found myself weeping for about ten minutes before I decided that washing it out helped. Luckily for me, I didn't get any in my eyes today. That's not to say that tomorrow won't be different.

It felt nice to be in some clean clothes. I stepped out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around my head so my hair wouldn't drop water everywhere. When I was in my room again I let the towel fall, my dirty clothes fell to the floor, and I dried my hair with the towel. I didn't realise Gerard was still in the room until he started talking.

"Jesus!" I shrieked and jumped back. I tripped over my clothes and fell to the floor. Gerard started laughing. "You fucker." I said.
"What did I do?" He asked.
"You gave me a fright! I didn't know you were still in here!" I replied. I made an 'urghh' sound. "Men! Can't live with them! And even when you can live without them, they are still finding ways to annoy you!"
"I'm sorry, ok." He came over to me and picked me up by my arms. "There, all better."
"Well actually, my ass hurts now."
"Want me to kiss that better too?"
"No! I didn't even want you to kiss my finger better!" I tried to not to yell at him. I didn't want Frank and Jess hearing this. "What's wrong with you!?"
"Sorry, I just thought you liked me." Gerard said sheepishly.
"Well, you know, to be completely honest with you, I do like you but its just physical! And relationships like that never work, something always ends up going wro-"

Gerard kissed me. He was kissing me and I wasn't stopping him. In fact I was kissing him back. My arms wrapped around his waist and his hands were on my cheeks, pulling my face closer to him.

I heard footsteps coming up the stairs. I pushed Gerard away and he looked completely stunned. I put a finger over my lips and opened the door.

"Hey Frank!" I said.
"Hey, is everything ok?" He asked. "We heard a thud and then some yelling."
"Yeah, Nancy tripped and fell." Gerard replied. "I smell food."
"What was the yelling about?"
"I was yelling at Gerard because he laughed at me instead of helping me." I elbowed Gerard hard in the stomach.
"Ow!" He said.
"Serves you right." I said. I walked past Frank and went downstairs.

It was the first of March today, the anniversary of my brother's death. It wasn't exactly a depressing day for me anymore but it wasn't a happy one. I suppose since my parents were gone now, I would be more depressed than usual. I woke up the same way I did every day. Flat on my back, my hair messed up and the pillows thrown about the bed. My alarm went off a second after I opened my eyes. I turned over to turn it off and glanced at my little calendar. It was Tuesday. I wouldn't be able to do my usual first of March thing. Every year I stayed in my pyjamas all day and listened to old music. It just reminded me of a simpler time. But since it was a school day, Aunt Jess would force me to go to school, despite how was feeling and what was best for me. I finally found myself out of bed and in my school uniform with washed and dried hair. I usually let my hair down but today I tied it up so tight it started to hurt. But I didn't care about the pain. In fact, I welcomed it.

"Are you ready Nancy?!" Aunt Jess said outside my bedroom door. I went over and opened the door. I nodded and grabbed my school bag. "Breakfast?" She asked. I shook my head.
"I'm gonna walk to school today." I told her.
"Ok, honey." Aunt Jess let me by to close my bedroom door. I meandered downstairs and out the front door.

It was spring, but it was still chilly. There was a light wind and the sun shone in the sky. My legs were bare and covered with goose bumps. My school blazer was light and kept me warm to an extent. By time I got to school, I was late and freezing.

I got into homeroom five minutes late, apologised and went to sit next Frank in my usual spot. Frank smiled at me but I didn't smile back. His smile disappeared but he didn't say anything to me. I think he figured out why I wasn't happy. Or maybe he just thought I was in one of those moods.

The bell rang a moment later. Frank and I walked to our English class side by side. We saw Mikey in the halls. He also gave me a big smile but it disappeared when I didn't smile back.

"What's up Nancy?" Frank asked me when we sat in English. I wasn't really paying attention. I was thinking about how cold I still was . "Nancy?"
"Hm. Oh sorry." I mumbled. "I'm fine."
"You're not you're usual smiling self." Frank said. "What's wrong?"
"I'll tell you, just promise you won't start feeling sorry for me. Just let me get on with it." I said. He nodded. "it's the anniversary of my brother's death. And I'd rather be doing my usual thing at home but instead, I have to be here. Because of society. Bastards."
"Right." Frank said. The teacher called for attention before Frank could say anything else about the subject.

Lunch time rolled around, usually Frank and I went to meet Gerard and Ray together and we met Mikey on the way, but today we had different classes before lunch so I just made my own way to the back of the school. When I got there, Frank and Mikey were already there and Gerard was sitting against his usual tree.

"No Ray?" I asked. I sat next to Gerard and stole his warmth. Nothing had happened between us since that day in February.
"No, he had to work." Gerard replied. "Stealing my warmth today?" He asked. I just nodded and snuggled my face into his arm.
"I'm so tired." I mumbled. I forgot to pack a lunch today. I didn't even have any spare change with me, so I couldn't get anything from the lunch hall. Damn it.
"No lunch today Nancy?" Mikey asked me. I shook my head. "Want half of my sandwich?"
"I'm not really hungry." I replied. I just sat snuggled against Gerard and listened to the conversation.

Before I knew it the lunch bell had rang and I had been staring into space for past half an hour. Frank and Mikey stood up and brushed themselves off and packed up there bags. Gerard stood up first and then helped me up.

"I'll see you later Gerard." I started to walk away to catch up with Frank and Mikey.
"Hold on Nancy." Gerard said, I turned around. "Come with me."
"I'm gonna give you what you want." He took my hand and pulled me through the trees of the little wood.
"I can't skip school Gerard!" I said.
"Frank will come up with an excuse for you." Gerard replied. "Or, we can forge you a note explaining about a family emergency." We stopped running for a minute. "You're miserable Nancy. I hate seeing you like that. Frank told us you didn't want to be at school and I figure, taking you away for the afternoon will put a smile on your face."
"Oh Gerard" I said. "You could get into trouble. This is technically kidnapping."
"Well, we just won't tell." Gerard smirked and we started walking again.
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