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Who's he?

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Another fanfic fantasy of Gee and my Alter ego X3

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Passing out, I'm in class. Mr. DeQueen is giving another boring Tech lesson. Technology was never my best subject. I'm trying to keep my head up, trying to avoid my eyes closing. Though I'm failing, I'm making an effort.
I am startled to see a teenage boy with neon red hair that was just past his chin appear from behind the door. His skin's a neutral white colour, no sign of a tan maybe.
"Uh, sir," He speaks. His voice is just as hot as his red hair.
The new kid startles Mr. DeQueen. "Oh, you must be the new student I've been expecting you to show up for the past ten minutes."
"Yeah, I'm Gerard Arthur Way."
That's a nice name... Can't think of a better one. I think, examining him.
"Please take a seat then." Mr. DeQueen then redirects his attention back to the class.
Gerard scopes the room until he meets my eyes. He stares at me for a few seconds before looking at the chair beside me and heading to sit down. All through out the class, I occasionally peak at the kid beside me because I always got this notion I'm being watched. I notice he's got a sketchbook with him, a nice medium sized one. He's drawing something in it, something cute. I believe it's a chibi drawing. I try to get a better look, and I notice the hair looks something like mine. The eyes are my colour, green. And the shirt? A blank white shirt with a denim vest overtop.
He catches me watching, and he blushes, and elevates his gaze to my shoes, and the examines me from the waist up.
I look away, rubbing my eyes. Is he drawing me? Did he check me out? I'm not that appealing am I?

Time Lapse

I'm at my locker, I have a spare. I'm trying to crack my combination, but the I can't get it.
"Hey, you need help?" A kid asks, I hear his footsteps as they got closer. That voice isn't familiar to me until I answer and see who has preached to me.
"Uh, yeah. My combination's not working again." I look over, and who approaches? Gerard did. I can't help but blush talking to him. It feels like I can't breathe. Why is this happening? I'm not claustrophobic or anything.
"Maybe I can help?" He offers, putting his arm over my shoulder and placed his hand on mine, which was on the dial. "What's your three-letter combination? If you don't mind me asking."
I'm staring into those capturing hazel eyes of his. "Er," I tell him the combo, and he manages to crack it. I see what he does. I was turning the dial all around the combination, as he just moves back and forth, playing with creativity. His hand was still touching mine, and we have an akward staring contest. I can tell my cheeks were turning pink, they were heating up. He says goodbye, and so do I. I watch as he leaves, and by accident, I flung my locker door open forgetting out light they were, hitting my nose.
I continue to watch as he leaves, hoping my nose isn't bleeding. What happened back there? I think, noticing how strangly I was acting. Snap out of it, and focus.
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