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Two Minutes To Midnight

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Liliana P.O.V

Steph and her little sister Carly sat across from me in the small caravan.
Its been 2 days since they appeared at my door, fear set in their eyes.

"So has it always been, just you two?" I asked Steph.
"No we were traveling with a couple other people but we lost them when we left Battery City" She sighed. Running a hand through her black hair, trying to brush out the knots. "What about you?" she asked me.

"I had traveled with a good friend of mine, his name was Seance" I smiled sadly, remembering Seance's ridiculous purple fringe and puppy dog eyes. A pang of loss hit me suddenly. "But the Draculoids took him about 3 months ago. Haven't seen him since" I said, trying to hold back my tears.

Steph looked like she wanted to say something but kept quite.
A Few Hours Later

We had gotten bored of just sitting about, so we decided to go for a walk.
In the desert.
While its hot as hell.

"This was not the smartest move" I stated and Steph nodded in agreement.
"Why must the desert be so hot?" Carly asked, kicking at bits of dead plants.
"Because the earth hates us" Steph replied.

It sure did hate us.
I could feel myself getting sunburnt.
And that was the last thing I wanted.

"How long have we been walking?" Carly asked after a few minutes of silence.
"No idea, maybe 4 hours" Steph said.
I looked behind us "Crap!!" I shouted.
"What?" Steph asked, spinning around, checking the surroundings for a threat.

"I had no idea which way the caravan is! We are lost!!!"

Steph just stared at me.
"Your kidding right??"
I shook my head.

We were so screwed.
We didn't have any supplies with us.
No food and no water.
And we were out, lost in the desert.
Just fucking great.
A While Later

"Is that a Diner???" Steph asked, pointing up ahead.
"Can't be" I said, she must be seeing things.
But when I looked, I saw an old rundown Diner.

I didn't know whether or not if that was a good thing or a bad thing.

"Do you think there is people there?" I asked, my voice held a bit of hope.
"Not sure but we should check it out. It might have water and canned food"

We decided we would more of less scope out the Diner.
On the roof there the Diner sign was missing the letters 'R' and 'N', spelling 'DIE'.
That made me laugh.
"How ironic"

The three of us peered through the broken windows.
There were brightly coloured blankets covering old tattered camping mattresses.

"People have been here recently" I said and Steph pushed open the door, and we followed her in.
We walked into the diner and looked around.
It looked like a war had taken place in here.

Suddenly I felt something against my head and I froze.

"Don't move" A stern male voice said.
I raised my hands above my head and slowly turned around.

A man with ridiculous red hair stood with a gun at my head.
To my right a man with an amazing fro held a gun to Stephs head and a shorter man with black hair held Carly in place.

"Who are you, and what are you doing here?" The red head asked.

"My name is Liliana, that is Steph and Carly, we managed to get lost and found this place" I stumbled over my words, as It made me nervous knowing that this man held my like in this hands.

"Who are you?" Carly boldly asked.
The guys looked at her then spoke "Im Gerard, this is Frank, Ray and Mikey" He said.

The guy 'Gerard' lowered his gun but didn't put it away.
"Where did you come from?"

"Er, someplace in the desert about 6 hours from here" I said, feeling like a fool for being careless and getting us lost.

"Sorry about the rather hostelness, we are just a bit on edge" Frank said.
"Understandable" Steph said.

Gerard lead us over to a table and we sat down.
"We can help you find where you came from, but that will have to wait till after dark"
"Thank you" I said, then I realized something "Shit, I left Gabriel in the caravan!"

"He'll be okey, he had food and water and a window is open" Carly reassured me.
I smiled at her "That is true"

"Who?" Ray asked.
"My dog" I said and he nodded knowingly.

"Can I come out now?" A little girls voice said.
"Yes Grace, it was just a false alarm" Mikey says and a little girl comes running in and sits on Ray's lap.

"No way." I said "Are you lot the Killjoy's???? I asked excitedly.
They nodded. "Wow" Was all I could say.

"Good to see that your still alive" Steph said "We heard a bit about what happened"
"Dr D?" Frank asked and we nodded.
"Of course" Gerard laughed.

I still could not speak. I have wanted to meet the Killjoys for a while now, and here I sat, with them inches away from me.

"Holy Crap on a cracker, this is AMAZING" I suddenly said, possibly shocking everyone.
"Sorry" I muttered, a bush appearing on my face.

"Haha all good" Mikey laughed.
I know this chapter is short but the next one WILL be longer I swear!!!! And I'll update it quicker =) xx
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