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This is not a chapter

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Thank yous to all of the people who aren’t obliged to read Operation H.O.L.L.Y. And thank yous to those that were obliged because we were friends. Are Friends. Whatever.

This is not a chapter.

And now, for the Copyright Finale!
I do not own:
Froot Loops
Disney world
E-tickets (They actually used to exist. They had them at disney world and they gave you a straight shot to the best rides. I stole the name from Going Bovine by Libba Bray)
Harry Potter or the Marauder’s Map (Although I wish I did)
The Tasmanian Devil
The song 1983 (Which belongs to Neon Trees)
Redvines (Again, I wish I owned these too)
Pocky sticks
The song Mardy Bum (Which belongs to the Arctic Monkeys, who are amazing)
The Prince of thieves line (Belongs to Mel Brooks of Men in Tights fame)
Flying/Falling in style line (Belongs to Pixar)
Batman and/or Robin
Snow White and the Seven Dwarves
Protein shakes, Falcon eggs, and ROCKS line (Credit goes 100% to Starkid Productions)
Peanut Butter M&M’s
The word 'Perhapsatrons' ( Stolen from Libbra Bray again, Although the theory is completely mine)
Lord of the Rings
The song I will follow you into the dark (Death cab for Cutie)
Codename Kids next Door

What happened in between chapters:
I had school-related issues and was banned from the site altogether. Most of the chapters were illegally uploaded. Be grateful that you got anything at all.

There could quite possibly be a sequel. I just have to figure out some minor details, like, Oh, I don’t know, PLOT, but I’ve already got a plan mostly.

Big shout-outs and thank you’s for Fangirl Numbuhs 1-5. Aka, K.L. Y.M. K.P. and S.M. Dear S, you are Fangirl numbuh 5 because you never answered my emails.

Random stuff:
Ingrid was actually from a Teen Titans Fanfic I scrapped. She was a teleporter with a mechanical arm and an immunity to enemies attacks.

Cadel Young is named after Cadel Piggot from the Evil genius series. He was going to be antisocial and obese and have really bad acne. I changed him a great deal.
Holly Beetles is a purely original idea.
Lincoln is also a purely original idea. I was planning to kill him off, but then I picked Malcolm instead. Apologies, Malcolm fans.
Malcolm is an original OC too.

The entire fanfic was inspired and loosely based on the Malice series by Chris Wooding. He’s an awesome writer. All similarities to Malice/Havoc by Chris Wooding are mostly by accident. Seatbelts save lives. I do not own Malice OR Havoc by Chris wooding. They belong to Chris Wooding.

Now, for the Ultimatum (For the record, I actually know what that is):
Write a review.
At least Just Put ‘It wuz good’. Seriously. I won’t even care about the spelling.

Thank you to those who read to the end. Kudos to y’all. I own everything in this story. If you feel like drawing my characters, YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO DO SO WITHOUT ASKING. I DON’T CARE WHAT YOU CALL IT IN THE OLD COUNTRY, BUT I CALL THAT STEALING!!!!!!!!
If you ask, and I say yes, then you are allowed. And send me a link, cuz I’d like to see it.

Are you still reading? Good.
My next fanfic is going to be an original. It will be between Operation HOLLY and Operation No Name yet, although plans are subject to change.
Y.M. should stop spamming me. It was fun, but I’m running out of material.

Props to K.L. for helping me decide whether Cadel/Fullbright was a good pairing or not. And for, y’know, everything else.

Props to those who let me bum their art classes and hang out. I am aware that I’m loud. Like the Art Teacher. Here’s to you, Mr. Wiebe. I hope I spelled your name right.

And now, I am done.


Edit: Sorry, I lied. The next Fanfic is either going to be an original OR a Hellboy Fanfic.
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