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Peacefully in your arms

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Cuuutte. Gee can't get to sleep, and the same is with Garnet. Gee sneaks her over to

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On my couch, restless in the midnight
I press the channel surfing button on the television remote, unable to sleep. I sigh and turn onto my back. Love has gotten the best of me this time, Gerard is constantly on my mind. The kisses are stuck with my memory. The constant silence in his living room, and the moment our kiss was interupted by his brother and Lucy appearing out from behind the door. What a day I had, and how fast it went...
On my legs is a English Mountain Bulldog by the name of Jack. He's huge, a big dog and very loud. He's my dog, now and forever. I've had him since I was ten. That was six years ago. He's been my loyal and playful pup from the start. He's strong, yes. He's tall, yes sir-ee. But he'll always be my puppy. He acts like one too.
A knock at the door alerts Jack, and before he starts barking, I signal him to not even think about it. I get up after Jack removes himself, and we trot our way to the entrance to my home. Opening it, I'm startled yet quite excited to see my Gerard standing there for me. We whisper quietly for fear of waking my sister.
Beside me, Jack is anticipating the moment he gets to sniff Gee's hand. He paws at the ground, his tail's wagging, and he makes a slight whimpering noise. Gee walks back for a slight second, uneasy around the big bulldog.
"Jack, on the couch, now." I demand, his ears droop like two noodles, and he trots to the sofa, and lays down. I close the door behind me, walking out in my pajamas. "Hey, Lips of an Angel, what's up?" I greet, being kissed on the neck during romantic embrace.
"I can't stop thinking about you," He tells me. "You've blocked everything out of my mind."
"Aw," I reply, looking into those earthy eyes of his. He has warmth written all over him. "Well I can't get to sleep because of you too, so you're not alone in this."
He places his forehead on mine, as we lean against the brick wall. "Please, come inside and sleep with me tonight. You'd be my little teddy bear."
"I can be your sleeping toy," I mutter, kissing his lips softly, teasing him. "But I got to get up before 6 o'clock in the morning, my sister gets up for work then. And tomorrow's a weekend."
He nods, and leads me into his apartment. "Mikey's asleep, so be sorta... quiet." I nod, and we continue to his room. It's a little disorganized, but I can see a bed and bookshelf. He has a writting book. I predict he's doing his hobbies within it.
We plop onto the mattress, and we begin to "make-out". There's no feeling each other's chests or private parts, fortunatly. We just sit there and play tonsole hockey. We are being as quiet as we can, to avoid Mikey from coming in and see me again. I think I made a terrible first impression.
We lay down onto the bed, both on our sides. We stare at each other for a while, our thoughts completed.
"Garnet," He begins. "I want you to come to the gig. If MCR becomes famous, I want you to travel with us."
I exhale, and cuddle myself into his chest. "I will."
"Promise me you will."
"Cross my heart."
He holds me there, and starts to sing Summertime to me again. Softly, in whisper form. I melt in his arms, and fall asleep finally.
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