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The Argument

by cup-full-of-blood 11 Reviews

Just another day, just another argument pleasee R&R xx :)

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst,Humor - Characters: Frank Iero,Gerard Way - Published: 2011/02/19 - Updated: 2011/02/19 - 1015 words


  • Happiness or Misery?

    (#) shortygirl 2011-02-19 09:51:43 AM

    Thats just mean Frankie
    update soon

    Author's response

    hahahha Frankie is a little cheeky thing ^_^ haha
    thanks for reviewing :D
    xx coz
  • Happiness or Misery?

    (#) microwavedhamster202 2011-02-19 10:31:50 AM

    Hmmm... I'd like to know whats going through Frankie's mind during all this.

    Update soon please? puppy dog eyes

    Author's response

    hehe lol well you will soon find out hehe
    i will very soon due to your puppy dog eyes awww lol
    thanks :)
    xx coz
  • Happiness or Misery?

    (#) RebeccaRevenge 2011-02-19 10:41:18 AM

    I love this chapter even though there is only 2 :P Lol
    Update soon :)

    Author's response

    awww thanl you, i wasn't sure about this but i wanted you guys to know what their attitude was towards eachother haha
    thank you very much :) and will do
    xx coz
  • Happiness or Misery?

    (#) TheKillerMoe 2011-02-19 10:49:24 AM

    lmao, 'How stupid, I'm wearing vans'
    I love thiss (::
    Please update soon

    Author's response

    awwww you quoted it lol
    i get so happy about reviews so thank you soo much i'm really glad you like this :D
    sure thing
  • Happiness or Misery?

    (#) CrashCatastr0phe 2011-02-19 04:07:06 PM

    damn frankie's being a bitch! Can't wait to see how they act when they're stuck in a room together!

    Author's response

    haha you got that right XD lol
    Frankies a little meany... for now
    yeah that will be soon :D thank you very much for reviewing
    xx coz
  • Happiness or Misery?

    (#) lalatherapist16 2011-02-20 11:08:41 AM is epicly evil XD

    Author's response

    haha i know does evil grin then laughs mwwwaaaahahahahahaha
    i'm glad you like it and thanks for reviewig :D
    more soon
    xx coz
  • Happiness or Misery?

    (#) reynoldssye 2011-02-20 12:58:26 PM

    Gosh it's only the second chapter and Gerard has already lost his
    trousers ;)lolz
    more soon please :)

    Author's response

    haha i know lol just can't help myself hehe ;p
    thanks for the review and more will be on it's way :D
    xx coz
  • Happiness or Misery?

    (#) CosmicZombie 2011-02-21 10:03:05 AM

    yeah, i'd like to know what Mr. Iero is thinking here too haha! loving it- keep the awesomeness up and update soon! xD
    CosmicZombie xo

    Author's response

    haha lol well i cant say much but you will know a whole lot of what has been going on in franks mind lol XD
    awww thank you soooooo sooo much gald you like this :)
    yes i am going to update real soon :D
    xx coz
  • Happiness or Misery?

    (#) AstroSkull 2011-02-21 01:36:01 PM

    ROFL, I love how you ended this chapter xD
    But ohmygawd, Frankie is like a physcotic evil little dude x)
    But its nerve-wrecking not knowing why Frankie hates Gee >_<

    Author's response

    haha tbh i do to lol thank you :D
    i know hehe he is sneeky but you will know everythink about frankie soon enough hehe
    yes i am going to update soon :)
    aww i loveee your reviews your the best :)
    xx coz
  • Happiness or Misery?

    (#) PatrickIsTheSex 2011-02-23 08:13:32 PM

    Dont Cha Mean Fuck Me With your Dickhead.
    LOL. Naughty naughty boys. I wrote a fanfiction bout you and uhmm...You kinda of was Evil. You killed Frankies Wife, RIP Jamia. Or whatever her name is lol. Love this chapter lol. But, on the plus side you and Frank got married. Beth-Anne Married Gerard. And me? Well.. Heh I married Mikey and les just say. He couldn't walk for a couple days. >:D

    Author's response

    haha yeah franki just dreams of that lol
    haha i know wow thats cool nice one :) thumbs up
    yay i killed her :( sad but hey at leaste i get frankie lol awww you and beth are just awesome man thats soo cool lol random,crazy and just slightly pervy but cool XD
    :p lol i bet he couldn't i'm not supriesd he didn't have to go in a wheelchair XD
    oh god school on monday booooooo

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