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The mortician's daughter.

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DEATH OF MAIN SECONDARY CHARACTER! What would have happened if Ty Lee had been too late and Azula killed Mai at the boiling rock. How would Zuko work through the pain? Who would Zuko turn to for co...

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A/N:I just had a little burst of inspiration, and thins is the result. I just was thinking about what would have happened if Mai had died on the boiling rock. How would everyone (Mainly Zuko, Sokka, The Wardon, Ty Lee, Azula and Tom-Tom) cope with her loss. If any Zutarians are reading this Zuko won't end up with Katara because Mai is dead. So this is just the first part I have another few chapters somewhere on my computer and I WILL upload them if I get enough reviews and ratings. Title comes frome the song 'The Mortician's Daughter' by Black Veil Brides0_o

Zuko saw, from the gondola, Azula shoot lightning at Mai. He saw the beautiful woman he loved collapse. He saw Ty Lee rush over to Mai and she in turn, betrayed Azula.
Zuko couldn't think. He just froze. A strange guttural noise came out of his throat when Mai went down. He dared hope that Azula had been merciful, but as Ty Lee ran up the wire to the gondola he knew the only person he had ever loved was dead.
"No, no, no!"
Zuko mumbled as he sunk onto the floor his head in his hands.
When Ty Lee burst through the window of the gondola, her cheeks damp with tears she ran straight to Zuko and just held him, both of them not quite comprehending that Mai was gone.
"Zuko, Ty Lee, we have to leave, we'll take your sister's airship."
Sokka was the first person to speak. Zuko nodded and went straight to the airship. Ty Lee walked with Sokka.
"Are you okay?"
Sokka asked the contortionist.
"I just can't believe she is gone. She did it out of love you know. Mai would rather have died then to see Zuko dead."
Ty Lee brok off there sobbing earnestly.
Sokka wasn't sure how to handle the predicament he found himself in. Suki however knew how to handle Ty Lee just fine.
Sokka left his father and Suki to comfort Ty Lee and Chit Sang to steer the airship, Sokka however went off to find Zuko.
Zuko was in the boiler room practicing firebending. Sokka just watched for a few minutes. Suddenly Zuko stopped a sob raked through his body.
"Why do the spirits torment me! First I lost my cousin! Then my mother! Then I lost everything I had left! I had to leave home! Then I betrayed uncle! Now I've lost Mai! Agni just kill me and get it over with!"
Zuko shouted fire exploding around the room.
"If you die who will train Aang?"
Sokka asked.
"Do you think I care? What's the point in saving the world if Mai isn't there to share it with me? Leaving her behind was supposed to save her, protect her."
Again fire flared.
"Zuko, I know how you feel more then anyone."
"No you don't."
"I lost a girl I loved, she sacrificed herself to save her people, that's what Mai did, she sacrificed herself to save us so we could save the world."
Sokka said gently.
"Ha! Mai didn't sacrifice herself to save the world! She wanted to save me. It makes it more awful because it means if I was dead she could be alive."
Zuko shouted and then slumped to the ground, he looked broken.
"Please leave me alone."
Zuko mumbled.
"This is what friends do, they stay even when they aren't wanted."
Sokka sat down next to Zuko, they said no more. Sokka was thinking about a beautiful, white haired, selfless, woman, he loved for a brief time before she died to save her people. Zuko was thinking about a beautiful, raven haired, dangerous, young woman who used to blush whenever he walked by, who he loved for what seemed like forever, who died to save him.


They all arrived at the temple the next day. Everyone was exited and happy until Katara saw Ty Lee.
"What is she doing here?"
Katara asked fiercely, entombing Ty Lee in a column of ice.
Zuko lashed out with his bending burning Katara's hands.
"Leave her alone!"
He hissed. Zuko felt no regret at burning Katara.
Katara healed herself quickly.
"What is your problem? Why are you so angry and hot-headed?"
Zuko blocked out the rest of what Katara was saying, in her place he saw another girl. An annoyed fire nation girl who even when giving out to him, was intoxicating.
"Are you even listening to me Zuko?"
The rest of the group had frozen waiting for something, anything to happen. Chit Sang, Hakoda, Sokka, Ty Lee and Suki were waiting for him to announce Mai's valiant death. Whereas the rest of the group were expecting a heartfelt apology and a excuse.
"You wouldn't understand."
Zuko turned and took off for his room. Katara followed.
Zuko caught Katara's wrists in his hands. Katara was shocked by the raw pain in his golden eyes.
"I was in love."
Zuko chocked out.
"And she came to the prison, fought off the guards, saved us all and Azula killed her. Ty Lee is here because she tried to save Mai."
Zuko let go of Katara's wrists causing her to stumble backwards.
"I know how you feel."
Katara began.
"You do not know how it feels."
Zuko said slowly.
"Yes I do my mother."
"Your sister did not just kill the only person you loved. It is a lot different then your mother dying as a result of war."
Zuko said in a monotone.
"Leave me."
Katara turned and left his room.
Finally Zuko broke down. Crying Zuko opened his bag and pulled out a copy of "Love Among The Dragons" opening it he found all the notes Mai had passed to him during meetings or notes she had conveyed to him via the servants. He pulled out his favourite note.

Dear Zuko,
I think my father is wondering what I am doing sending servants back and forth to the palace. I want you to know that I love you and that I enjoyed the chocolates,
I don't hate you,

I love you. I don't hate you. A lot has changed since I used to throw mud in your face. A fruit tart with rose petals! I know one thing I care about. You could have at least looked me in the eyes when you ripped out my heart! Gee, that makes me feel all better. Don't touch me! Leave me alone! Saving your country? Your betraying it! You're so angry and hot headed! We're done.

Mai's voice swirled around his head, her image floated across his vision.
Zuko shouted his head in his hands as he fell onto his bed. Ty Lee, in all her pink, tear stained glory, chose that moment to walk in.
"Do you want to talk?"

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