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Chapter 2

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I know I am no good at summaries but please read it, Show Pony gets a say in this chapter.

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Hehe 2nd chapter, and I'm on the computer at my Nan's house with VERY slow internet connection. By the way, I adore SHow Pony (I really do not know why though, maybe 'cos I like Ricky Rebel. oh well, I thought I might give him a bit in this, seeing as basically NOBODY else I've read even mentions him. oxox L

The Girl pushed her face further into mans bright blue jacket, falling asleep. The group had made camp a couple of miles away from where they'd all woken up.

-----5 hours earlier-----

They had heard the gun shot from inside the building, rushing, Party Poison put the child back into the car and aproached his brother.

"Should we go in?" He said, running a hand though his messy blonde and brown hair, worry spread across his face.

"Guys." Their friend called from the car, "Can you smell that?"

Party Poison pulled his scarf from around his neck and handed it to the girl, "Here, put around your nose."

"Put your bandanas put,it smells like gas." He said to the other two.

"But what about Fra-" Kobra Kid started to say before he started coughing, his older brother yanked his bandana over his face.

"What did I say? It's gas Mikes, keep it on." Party Poison joined in with the coughing.

"I think this is a trap." Jet Star's muffled voice came form behind them.

"So do I" The voice from in front of them said, just before the group of four blacked out, they caught a glimpse of his grey jacket, white ruffled shirt and bald head.

They'd woken up in the middle of zone 6, next to their Trans-Am a few hours later.

"Gerard." his little brother hissed, nudging his foot lightly as he began to fall asleep, "G"

"huh, I- I wasn't asleep..." he whispered back, the sleeping form of Jet Star lay next to him, "he is though."

"I think someone is coming."

The leader of the group was suddenly wide awake and on full alert, he carefully picked up the sleeping girl and placed her in the back of the car, switching the headlights on.

The three men were now awake, guns out and ready. The figure was approaching along the road quickly.

"Is that?" Kobra Kid started.

"He's far from home if it is." Jet star replied.

The three ran out to meet the arrival, who now sat very out of breath and trying to take his skates off.

"Show Pony?" Party Poison asked as he took his helmet off, messing up his shoulder length black hair.

"No I'm the tooth fairy what do you think?" he said, catching his breath, "I prayed it would be you guys, thank god it is, or I'd be dead already."

"We thought of shooting as soon as we saw you." Kobra Kid said, putting his gun away.

"The radio station's been broken into." Show Pony said, standing up, brushing sand off of his butt. ( AN: :] I see you there perv )

"We know, we were there."

"And you didn't think of stopping them?!"

"No. They knocked us out before for we could help."

"Where's Ghoul?" Show said looking behind them, he still after a few years wasn't close enough to the boys to know their real names.

"They.. got him." Party Poison said quietly.


"Shit, I hope not." Jet star said, they didn't want to think of their best friend laying on a cold BL/ind floor, dead.

"Is the Girl alright?" Show Pony asked.

"She's asleep in the car." Party replied.


"So do you like our plan then?"

"As it involves me dying, no not really, sorry." Fun Ghoul said, oputting his feet up on the cold metal table.

Woah, this is v.sucky but yeah. enjoy? review and you get a virtual cookie :D oxox Luna
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