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the race

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I could see Gerard and Frank coming up the drive, Frank was vamp now, I could tell.
"They're here!" I shouted as they opened the door and walked through.
"Hey guys!" They said, coming into the living room where we were all waiting. We had some important news.
"We're getting married." Mikey stated proudly, hugging Hollie closer too him.
"That's awesome bro! Congrats, I'm happy for ya!" Gerard exclaimed, hugging them both tightly.
"Seen as there's bells in the air, me and Cheyenne decided to put the final nail in the coffin as well." Bob told them, grinning insanely just as Cheyenne was.
"Oh my God!" Frank squealed, "And they said romance was dead!" He laughed, "How bout you Ray?" He asked, I shot him a look of daggers.
"Jackie seems to have a thing against getting married." He told them.
"I'd never have kids either." I grunted, my freedom was what I could always depend on to be there, I couldn't let that go.
Frank decided to change the subject, "So, I hear something about a race today, you gonna take us or what?" He sounded so excited that I couldn't say no.
"Okay then, seen as you asked so nicely." I grinned as he bounced up and down like a six year old. The bruises and cuts were hidden quite well by his long sleeved Freddy Kruger jumped, but the cuts on his neck still showed.
"Really? You've never let us see you race before?" Cheyenne asked, in shock.
"Yup, Me, Ray, Hollie and Mikey are in the rocco, you for, get your buts in the korrado." I said, jumping up and heading for the door.
"Your gonna race like that?" Gerard asked.
"Yup, what did you expect me to look like? A female stig maybe?" I teased, Frank seemed dissapointed that I wasn't going to wear a big racing suit.
As soon as Jackie got in the car on the track she was completely focused, taking her anger out on all the harsh corners and deadly bends. I wished I could drive like that. People think vampires can do anything, truth is; we're just a bit more durable than the average human being.
Frank was standing next to me, his mouth open and eyes wide as Jackie crossed the line first, we all got up and cheered. But after she crossed the line, a car shoved her from behind, jerking her car over as it smashed up into the wall, crumpling like a beer can. Ray just stared, not moving- he was completely froze. I saw a blood covered arm crawl out of the wreckage, followed by the rest of Jackie's beaten body. Vampire's could be injured, it just didn't hurt as much and it took more to hurt us, we healed quick and couldn't be killed. But we still had blood so we could still bleed.
"JACKIE!" Ray screamed as she bounded over to us, slowing down as she clocked a look at Ray's expression.
"Ah. I think I have some explaining to do." She grinned. "Home then?" Cheyenne, Hollie, Bob and Ray just gawped. She should be dead, or at least seem hurt. She just had a bit of blood on her and the wound had already scabbed over.
"I- she- what? UGGGGHHHH!" Ray said, following Jackie to the korrado.
"What you gonna do about the car?" I asked, trying to make non awkward conversation.
"Bert's dropping it off tommorrow, I should be able to fix it up again within a week, maybe make some improvements." She grinned.
"Bert." I swear I recognised that name. "Bert McCraken?" I asked
"Yup, that's him. Greasy rock star kinda look, bisexual, always has a good supply of illegal drugs?" She said, describing him perfectly.
"Yeah, that's him." I confirmed.
"How'd you know him?" She asked, concentrating on the road.
"He used to supply my xanax and cocaine." I shrugged.
"Oh.You better make yourself scarce then, all of you, he doesn't like losing customers." She informed us.
"Will do." I'd had a run in with Bert before, not fun. We had other things to be concentrating on tonight, we had a lot of explaining to do. Why Jackie lost it with Ray, why Frank has bites on his neck (I saw Mikey looking suspiciously earlier) and why Jackie wasn't crushed like a bug in the pile up. I t was gonna be a loooooonnnnng night...
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