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Chapter 5

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new arrivals.

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the group sat at a table picking at plates of food, talking about all the things they had done, Kobra Kid, Party Poison, Jet Star and Fun Ghoul had been staying at the Lost and Found for just over a week now. The medics had wanted to keep and eye on Fun Ghouls leg. They sat at the table with Infernal Heartbreak, who was working part time there, and part time on the field, hunting out Dracs.

The peaceful quiet of the room was broken with the girl that entered next.

"I'm telling you! I'm fine!I don't need to be here!" the medic had his hand around her wrist stopping her from running away, "Seriously, if you dont let go I'll shoot you."

"That's not the Corrupted Faith, I know." Heartbreak said, she stood up and walked over to the men holding her, "If she says she is fine. She's fine. If she bleeds to death. That is her fault."

They let go of her,and she rubbed her wrist, "Heartbreak!" she said, hugging her friend, her bright green hoodie a wild contrast to Infernal Heartbreaks tight grey tanktop.

Corrupted Faith had long brown hair with bright red tips and a bright pink stripe at the back,she pushed her fringe out of her eyes, and put her gun back on it holster, on the leg of her tight fitted grey jeans.

"Is it true they are here?" the girl -who couldn't be much older then 15- "The four of them?" se wispered to friend.

"What? Oh, yeah they got here about a week ago." she answered calmly, nodding over her soulder to the group of boys, who had spent the last 5 days trying to dodge questions, and just lay low.

sorry it is a really short shitty chapter. but I have loads of revision to do,and wrote this in between doing it. Also my 'h' button keeps jamming which is really annoying, seriously, Im ready to chuck this laptop out the window.
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