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Man and His Wife

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Kohaku's view on Shichiro and Amaya as they make love.

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Chapter Forty: Man and His Wife:

Before morning came, Shichiro gently shook his wife awake in bed. She mumbled something as she tried to go back to sleep.

"What?" she asked in a tired voice. Her husband sat over her smiling.

"Let's go out", he whispered. Amaya looked up at him, blinking.

"Why?" she asked.

"I'll show you soon," her husband softly replied. "Just get up and get dressed." His wife gave a frustrated sigh.

"Fine, fine," she mumbled. Shichiro watched as Amaya climbed out of bed. His libido was acting up again. His kitsune sailed up next to him. The professor smiled as it rested in a circle around him.

"Kohaku," he said. The kitsune nuzzled his neck.

"Well?" Shichiro asked. The kitsune smiled with its glowing eyes.

"The runt is faltering fast," it answered with glee in its voice. Shichiro smirked in the darkness.

"Excellent," he hissed. Kohaku looked up at him with curious eyes.

"What now?" it asked. The professor patted it on the head.

"We wait," he replied in confidence. Kohaku pouted as its ears drooped. The professor smiled calmly.

"It'll be a short wait," he said. "Anna and that older shinigami are already here."

"Ooo," the kitsune cooed.

"Yes, yes," Shichiro replied. "The only piece missing to Amaya's gift is the little one." Kohaku nuzzled his neck. They looked up when they heard the bathroom door opening. Amaya eyed them with a quaint smile on her face.

"Oh, who's your friend?" she asked. Kohaku bowed its head at her.

"Malady," the kitsune addressed her. The tsukai's wife felt her whole body shiver. She licked her lips at them both. Shichiro smiled at her.

"Ready to go?" he asked. His wife gave him a hungry little smirk.

"That'll depend," she said. Her husband raised an eyebrow at her.

"On what?" Shichiro asked. Amaya stepped further into the room.

"Are both of you coming?" she asked in the tone of a phone sex operator.

"You want us to?" her husband asked rather curious.

"Yes," Amaya insisted. Shichiro gave her a devilish smile.

"Follow me," the professor commanded. He walked out of the hotel room with Kohaku flying behind him. Amaya went after her husband and the kitsune.

Shichiro led her into the courtyard. Amaya smiled to herself.

"Ooo," she said. "Is this part of my present?" Shichiro smirked with his back turned.

"Maybe…" he replied. Amaya looked at him curious.

"Maybe?" she asked. Her husband turned to her in a slow manner. Another shiver shot through his wife's body.

"Oh, professor!" she cooed. The hunger swirled in his eyes.

"Time for your private lesson!" he told her as he made his way over to her in a slow stroll. Amaya raised an eyebrow at him.

"So I'm the student now?" she asked. Her husband grabbed her by the waist. Amaya giggled as he playfully pushed her to the soft, wet grass. He looked deep into her eyes. The man sniffed at her neck and licked his lips.

"Oh yes," he murmured. "And the lecture begins now!"

"Ooo!" Amaya cooed again. Her husband yanked up her shirt.

"Shhh!" he whispered at her black and red lacy bra. "No talking until you're called on." His wife smiled as she raised her hand.

"Yes?" the professor asked. His "student" lowered her hand.

"Take me, please," she pleaded. Her professor smirked at her.

"Good girl," he whispered. "Time for the lecture." Shichiro playfully bit her on the neck. Within his master's mind, Kohaku watched the couple make love.

She owns him; Shichiro is only a toy and he knows that. It's his mother's fault. She groomed her sons that way. Well, all but one. However, he's dead now. Shichiro has gone from one mistress to another. Amaya tried to control me as well. I have to admit, Amaya is kind of hot. However, I only serve the master, not her. She is fun in bed, though.

Yes, I have slept with Amaya a few times. She can be such a slut. I want to know something. Is it really cheating if I'm sleeping with her too? I doubt it. Shichiro and I are, in a sense, one being in one body. We both love and sleep with Amaya. Yet, who is the one really in control—him or me?

Even still, she may be the true mistress of the marriage, but Shichiro has his own power over her. This comes in two parts—myself and his hungry cock. The latter benefits everyone. Hey, I'm a kitsune after all. We eat other things besides souls too, you know! Yet, this isn't enough. I don't want sex; I want a new toy. Hisoka-kun is coming by sunrise. I can't wait to see him. I find him so fun to mess with. However, right now Amaya is so sexy as a submissive.

Shichiro collapsed on top of his wife in pleasure. She stroked his hair and kissed his forehead. The husband rested himself up for the next two days.
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