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Chapter two

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now in LA will Kerez' feel less guilty for leaving her family.

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chapter two

as i unpacked my things in my room i couldnt help but look down at my phone and feel guilty about leaving my family. my mum had died of a heart attack a while back and it completely ruined my dad, he was never the same. as i took off my top and bottom and exchanged them for a bikini top and baggy skater trousers i grabbed my phone and frantically dialled the numbers why was i in a rush?, would they be angry i left them? i walked out onto the little balcony that faced the pool and as i looked out i could see my cousin josh he was tanned and dark but the five guys around him were the complete opposite they were all pale and skinny but my thinking was cut short. "geia sou, geia sou, poios eínai?" it was my brother nicky he always spoke greek incase it was some drug dealer he owed money to. "Nicky, hey its me!" i continued to study the five men as i spoke to him. "hey K, you okay? missin' you already baby sis!" "haha i miss you too, hows dad?" i was completely in my own world than actually concentrating on the conversation who were these guys as far as i could tell they were having a drink with josh who kept waving at me every once in a while. "oh yeah hes fine been bragging to everyone how atleast one of his kids is gonna get out of somers town" my dad was a truthful drunk so i didnt feel as guilty when he said that. "how about Liv?" i could feel my brow lowering and my tongue was starting to stick out all the sudden the pale guys and my cousins were all jumping about and getting all excited, whatever i need to concentrate on my brother. "erm well shes back with lard ass, and well she didnt want to tell 'cause she thought you wouldnt leave if you knew....." "spit it out nick!" "Livs pregnant!" i was in shock my sisters boyfriend beat her daily and every once in a while she'd get the balls to leave him but then go running back i didnt understand why but whatever floats your boat and all that jazz. "okay ive gotta go nick, love you." "love-" and i hung up. i looked down at josh he and his friends were just about to leave, perfect time to get in the pool. 

"Hey Jim" i shouted into james room where he was neatly placing every hair product he owned in colour order. "race ya to the pool?!" i challenged and sprinted across the entire building and out to the pool. "hey thats not fair!" i looked at james in his swim shorts and tshirt he was so lanky whereas i on the other hand was short and curvy id like to say, i wasnt fat and my belly wasnt round i just had big hips which just made me looke wide. "god gave you long legs for a reason my friend!" grabbing his hand and bombing into the water. when we resurfaced i realised josh and his friends were still there, oh god embarrass yourself on the first day thats the way to do it i thought Josh beckoned at me so i swam over to him at the edge of the pool "hey cous' long time no see" he smiled at me "hey Josh hows things?" all his friends were looking now my long dark hair was pulled into a pony tail so i tried to wipe away all the makeup running down my face. "its all good ive got a job working with these guys actually!" these guys so they werent friends they were his boss they didnt look like businessmen except one but he seemed like an artsy kinda guy. "oh thats cool, what do you do for them?" i asked as he helped me out the pool, i looked around to see where james had gone but i couldnt see him. "im a lighting tech, there a band have you heard of them? there called My Chemical Romance theyve just had their first album out." oh god yes i had heard of these guy, i listened to Our Lady of Sorrows pretty much everyday. "Oh my god, yes, Hi!" i said turning to them. "hey!" said one of them he was young and kinda cute he wore a pair of glasses but they werent geeky,  ah his name was on the tip of my tongue. "im Gerard." said another his face was covered by his long black hair he put out his hand to shake mine, i shook it but kind of smelt like booze. " and this is Mikey, Ray, Bob and Frank." he pointed at each one as he said their name and i studied each of them Mikey was the one who had said hey a minute ago, Ray was this tall guy with an amazing mass of hair everything in my head made me want to touch it but i kept my hands to myself, Bob was bald with a few piercings he looked pretty normal. And then there was Frank a small guy maybe an inch taller than me his hair was dark but i couldnt tell if it black he had a lot of tattoos but the best bit was his eyes, they were brown but a really nice brown. i looked away before anyone thought i was weird. "do you want come to a show? we're doing one here in LA in a couple of days. you should defenitely come!" asked Gerard, James quickly came up behind me "oh yes defenitely we'd love to come! wouldnt we Kerz?!" i cringed not only had James answered before i could he called me that stupid nickname he called me Kerz it was pronounced Cares, him and my brother used to sing 'Kerz never cares!' when i was little because alot of the time i didnt give a shit. "ofcourse, sorry this is my friend James and Im Kerry!" i introduced us it was only polite. "cool to meet you both" Ray smiled. 

That night at dinner John said we could choose dinner so we both agreed on McDonalds, nothing like a fatty drive-thru to make you feel welcome. I spoke to Josh about how he had got his job working for the band "one of dads friends works for a few record labels so he kinda just added me onto their tech team, hey you should ask if they need a song writer you were always good at that!" i responded with an unassuring look. "well im tired is it okay if i go to bed?" i asked my uncle once we tidied up. "yeah sure but breakfasts at 10:30 so you need to be ready by 10:00 if you plan on getting something, we're greeks remember!" he laughed "yeah, night" i lead James back to the pool house and we sat talking on my bed for a while, i didnt feel like sleeping. " That Gerard had a nice ass!" he laughed "really i didnt look, i was looking at Franks tattoos" i couldnt help but giggle at my cousin the maneater. "thats not all you were looking at though was it?!" he said teasing me, i smiled a guilty smile "you think hes cute dont you?" he gasped i continued to giggle and smile "its not all about looks you know!" "yeah whatever K, next you be saying size doesnt matter either!" i gasped, he was so dirty minded sometimes. " whats that song you like, I've been denied all the best ultra sex!" he sang Faggot by MSI god i was going mental "goodnight james!" i yelled at him as i pushed him out my room still singing. I plugged my earphones into my mp3 and pressed play, the song that was playing was perfect as i drifted off to sleep "well i'll choose the life i've taken, never mind the friends im making and the beauty im faking......."
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