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Chapter 8

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sitting with my Frankie watching tv trying to think of ideas so please tell me if this is shit or not PLEASE

Rusty sat with his legs over the arm of  the small flea market armchair, taking a drag of his cigarette.  Waiting for 
the others to get home, he had been able to get the day off of work and planned to surprise them.

The key clicked in the lock and Neon Nightmare walked in followed by her companion Midnight Mayhem, they dumped their bags by the door and kicked off their dusty old converse.

she flicked on the light and the figure was revealed.

"holy shit!" mayhem yelled, jumping out of her skin, "how long have you been here!?"

He laughed and sat up properly,"'bout an hour, I've Got something  for you two"

"wait, you break into our apartment and expect we will forgive you like that?"

"no... I broke in because I could. I'm good with locks." he grinned back at them, "it's outside"

They stood outside in the quiet street,rusty had his hands over mayhems eyes and had tied a bandana around nightmares eyes.

"okay, and... Open." he pulled away and took the cloth from her eyes.

In front of them stood a deep purple VW golf m2 , under the paint was little flecks of sparkling silver, that glinted in the afternoon sun.

"oh my god!" mayhem flung her arms around his neck hugging him.

"that is bitchin!" neon screamed, jumping like a small child, she had a massive grin, spread across her face.

"all yours" he said handing mayhem the keys, "neon, now you can go visit your boyfriend ." he said mockingly.

"he isnt my boyfriend, just a... Friend." she said blushing madly.

"you and Party have been" mayhem did air quotes "'not going out' for about a year now"


"guys! The others are here!" dj hot chimp called from outside of the hideout, she had been sat on 'look out all afternoon'. The car pulled up and the bubbly girls stepped out into the desert sand. They were the three killjoy exterminators, from the heart of battery city.

"party!" neon nightmare called as he half jogged on to hug her.

"hypocrite" Kobra kid muttered quietly to himself, he didn't find it fair how his brother could love someone and he couldn't.

"we saw the message" fun ghoul laughed " very nice" 

The three laughed ,Shockwave Current fiddled with her blue ray gun,  that was hung by her side. Making sure the safety catch was on.

Grace ran out side and latched herself onto the leg of the tall midnight mayhem, hugging her.

"mayhem! I missed you" she grinned

"missed you to kiddo" she said ruffling the kids large fluffy brown hair.

"time for a party?" jet star said, the first thing since the girls arrived.

"I call the lost and found, gave them our co-ordinates and told them to tell anybody that wants to come to come." fun ghoul grinned in anticipation 

god this is a shitty chapter I'm so sorry. Please review and tell me to stop if need be. The car in this is like the old car frankies mum and dad had. I loved it and was sad to see it go, so it has been immortalised in fanfiction :)
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