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The Arrival

by cup-full-of-blood 14 Reviews

Gerard and Mikey are on there way to London, and Gerard gets struk with nerves.pleaseee R&R xx

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG - Genres: Drama - Characters: Gerard Way,Mikey Way - Published: 2011/03/06 - Updated: 2011/03/06 - 2461 words


  • Happiness or Misery?

    (#) TheGrinReeper 2011-03-06 03:39:26 PM

    I love this story so much, it's really good and I'm always so happy when I see you have a new chapter up! xD Oh and I love Jump In Thr Fog! The Wombats are amazing :) My fave song right now is In The Sun by She & Him :]

    Author's response

    aww thanks you soo much :D that is really nice to hear hehe
    really glad you reviewd :)
    and i have never heard of them, might check them out
    xx coz
  • Happiness or Misery?

    (#) TheKillerMoe 2011-03-06 04:04:35 PM

    Poor Gerard. Awww, I feel the same way when I get on planes \::
    Please update ASAFP, I love this story!!!! >::D
    Oh, My fave song at the moment is Psychosocial by Slipknot.

    Author's response

    haha lol i know things may look up for him XD hehe or not lol
    same lol i have only went on a plane once, i have to go again though
    awww i will try and get one up sometimes this week :)
    ohhhh should check that out i like slipknot :)
    xx coz
  • Happiness or Misery?

    (#) CourtneyAlerion 2011-03-06 04:45:19 PM

    Awee frank is such a dick head :3
    honestly it has to be Its Not A Fashion Statement xD But Kill The Director - The wombats and Fireworks - Animal Collective is my all face :D

    Author's response

    hehe welll.... lol
    haha i love that song :D hehe
    lol thats cool
    thanks for reviewing soo much
    more up as soon as i can
    xx coz
  • Happiness or Misery?

    (#) HiMyNameIs 2011-03-06 05:41:26 PM

    I love this story so much! I wish this chapter was little bit longer! I hate cliff hangers -__- But really good!

    Author's response

    thank you soo much :) i'm glad you read and ever more chuffed you reviewd haha
    aww well i will do a vote to see how many people wnat a longer or shorter but will make the next one longer for you >.<
    sorry next one won't :D
    thanks agian
    xx coz
  • Happiness or Misery?

    (#) shortygirl 2011-03-06 05:43:11 PM

    poor Gee. Frank better behave...and why would he bring a poodle!!!
    update soon

    Author's response

    hehe yes i know :( he wont be poor for too long :D
    thanks soo much for reviewing :)
    haha lol the poodle is ray, sorry trying to come up with different names for him XD haha
    xx coz
  • Happiness or Misery?

    (#) RebeccaRevenge 2011-03-06 07:29:04 PM

    Yay for updates :D I wanna know what Frank is gonna do! The beginning when you called Ray a poodle made me laugh for awhile xD it was hilarious

    My favorite song?? It has to be anything by Bring Me The Horizon right now :) But if you want has to be 'Cruify Me' by Bring Me The Horizon. Good song. :)

    Sorry for your mama yelling at you DX It was for a good cause though :P

    Update soon!!

    Author's response

    yay for reviewing Jumps up and down like a flid
    hehe you will know soon enough :)
    haha awww thanks, this chapter wasn't gonna be a funny one but i just had to put something in there
    glad you think its funny
    hmm not a fan of them, but still nice to know :)
    haha lol yeah well it sure was haha XD
    yes i will try my best
    xx coz
  • Happiness or Misery?

    (#) KillJoyNaNaNa 2011-03-06 10:39:04 PM

    Oooooooooohhh.. Stop leaving it on cliff hangers because then I get extra excited for the next chapter that isn't written xD Ahh. I love this.

    Favorite song.. Urm.... Barbie girl ;D Joke... Heaven help us - MCR. :P

    Update soon? please?k,thanks. :P xoxo

    Author's response

    haha lol sorry XD cliffhangers are kinda my thing lol i won't do to many but i cant just stop i love em XD
    hehe thanks so much it really means a lot :)
    omg i love barbie girl...wait that was a joke lowers head haha lol
    i love heaven help us good choice thumbs up
    i will try :)
    xx coz
  • Happiness or Misery?

    (#) xxKilljoysxx 2011-03-07 12:55:30 AM

    Amazing story, dude!

    Favourite song.... hmmmmm... probably kill all your friends- MCR or 86-Green day (:

    Please Please Please Please Please Please Please write more soon!!!

    Love this story so much!


    Author's response

    awwww hehe thanks dude lol
    your making me blush XP hehe
    omg i love that song, it has been stuck in my head a lot lol
    you know green day are one of my fave bands but i have never heard that song i have to :o
    oh god of course i will, i wanna make this story really good :)
    awwwwww thats so sweet
    xx coz
  • Happiness or Misery?

    (#) CosmicZombie 2011-03-07 09:30:51 AM

    omg, AWESOME update!! loooved it :D felt sorry for poor Gee on the plane though...i've never been on one, but i bet i'd be terrified haha! and Frankie's just evil to poor Gee- i really would like to know what he's thinking when he teases Gee xD oh and i'm continuing to love all you descriptions of Ray- poodle made me lol like a crazy person! i'm gunna go rate this to give you a green chapter keep up the fanbubblytasticness and update soon!! please??! xD cant wait to read more :)

    CosmicZombie xo

    Author's response

    hehe aww man i reallly loveee your reviews soo much, they are soo nice and want to make me carry on more hehe
    your reviews always make me smile, so thanks so much
    dont stop :)
    hehe lol well i need to think of something else to call him hmmmmmm strokes chin
    hehe awww thank you soo much thats amazing i love green chapters XD
    you have really made my day complete
    you know i will start writing tomoz cuz of your awesome review :)
    xx coz
  • Happiness or Misery?

    (#) GreenDaySavedMyLife 2011-03-08 01:01:37 PM

    AHH!! Poor Gee!! Please update soon!!! I love this story!!!

    Author's response

    hehe i know :/ not for long though
    hehe or will he?
    xD thanks for revewing and reading :)
    i'm soo glad you like it i will do my bect to update soon
    xx coz

    p.s. fucking love green day they are epic

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