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He didn't listen...

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Shockwave dreams of her brother...

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He didn't listen to me. He never listened to me until it was too late to do something about it. But I loved him all the same, dispite the brother and sister quarreling that went on between us at times. I knew my brother loved me too.
He always protected me, gave me attention and encouragement when I needed it most. But he always thought he was right and never wrong, just because he was the eldest of the group.

I ran over to him, tears down my face. One of the older kids had started to make snide comments about my dyed blue hair. He had ran up to meet me, pulling me into a hug and patting my back comfortingly as I sobbed into his shoulder. He asked me if I wanted to tell him what was wrong so he took us a bit further away from the group next to some rocks and wilted shrubbery.

I started to tell him what was wrong when I saw a shape out the corner of my eye, lurking behind him.
"Bro." I said, pointing,"There's something behind you." He frowned,
"Now is not the time for jokes sis..."
"No. I'n telling the truth, honest."
"Don't lie!" He scolded. "He turned round, "See, there's nothing ther-"

He never got to finish his scentence, a huge paw swatted him, enormous claws ripping through his chest, leaving four deep gashes. I screamed at the beast. I was of a colossal size with thick, knotted, grey fur. It's eyes were yellow with crimson, bloodshot veins around the edges of two flint black pupils. Its teeth were jagged, like a thousand razor blades. It turned on me, its crazed eyes wild with bloodlust, I screamed again and it slamed me to the ground, knife like claws dragging across my back, ripping my jacket, shirt and tearing easily into my soft flesh. It let out a satisfied yelp of pure delight.

I could not move, the pain in my spine was agonizing, so bad I wanted the wolf to eat me, to end this pain. I tried thrashing against it but I could only muster weak twitches and jerks, which, to the wolf, made me an even more exciting meal.

It opened its gaping mouth, slobbering and snarling. Its breath was a rank odour of rotting flesh and organs, I could still see peices of meat lodged twixt the long, sharp canines. I watched, waiting for the inevitable when my brother appeared behind it and thrust down a heafty rock. It collided with a sonorous CRACK! but it still wasn't enough to knock it out, let alone kill it. My heart was in my mouth as it growled viciously, enormous hackles raised.

It snapped around and pounced pinning my brother down. There was the sounds of tearing flesh and the crunching of bones. My brother stopped screaming and relaxed as the wolf jerked its head backward. I almost threw up as it tore out his intestine, blood spewing everywhere.

There was a lazer blast and it struck the beasts hide. It yelped and ran, dropping peices of my brothers body as it scarpered off into the distance. I dragged myself over to my brother side. His insides, or what was left of them, were scattered and blood gushed from every torn vein and artery. I cried over him, his blood soaking my shirt and staining my face, arms and hands. He looked at me distantly,
"G-guess I-I-I shoulda l-l-listened t-to y-you-u." He gurgled, blood spewing from his pale lips. "I-I l-love you s-si-is..."
"Don't leave me..." I sobbed, he looked up at me, sighing. Then his eyes rolled back in his head. I could even see his heart stop through the gaping hole in his chest. So there was no point saying it wasn't so. I was dragged away from him, kicking and screaming, his body getting further and further away with each second.
I saw the wolf come back, hungry for more. It tore off his limbs one by one a satisfied grin on it lips...

I woke up screaming in a cold sweat, jolting everyone around me awake. They all started to try and calm me down but they were oblivious to me, I only saw the wolf tearing repeatedly through my brothers organs. I carried on, screeching and thrashing around, crying hot tears. The world started to spin and I went light headed before passing out in a dead faint.
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