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Prologue: Reese Dreams

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[Terminator Salvation Fanfic] Reese Alastair O'Connell is a Resistance fighter against Skynet and their military force, also known as Terminators. He's only 18 in the year 2018. He's deeply in love...

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Summary: [Terminator Salvation Fanfic] Reese Alastair O'Connell is a Resistance fighter against Skynet and their military force, also known as Terminators. He's only 18 in the year 2018. He's deeply in love with his friend Josephine Viola Rivers, and his best friend John Collin McCloud knows. Together, they fight with their fellow Resistance soldiers under their captain, the one and only John Connor! What will he encounter throughout the many missions, adventures, and challenges he has?

December 23rd, 2010

"Move it! Go, go, go!" yelled ten-year-old Reese, waving his MP5k around. He was assigned, along with his 17-year-old friend John Collin McCloud and several others, to find survivors and human prisoners, release them, and escort them to the nearest Resistance base.
"Ready for evac!" exclaimed John, slinging his shotgun around his left shoulder. The group nodded and cautiously made their way towards the multiple camouflage vans and Jeeps, two vans already full with human prisoners. As Reese and John entered a Jeep, a girl with fiery red hair caught Reese's eye. Her red hair, messy from the recent horrific events, tumbled in soft waves just past her shoulders. Her big, deep chocolate-brown eyes were teary, the whites red from her sobbing. Reese sat next to her, staring in amazement at the beauty.
"Hello..." whispered Reese to the girl.
"Hi..." she replied, wiping her eyes.
"I'm Reese Alastair O'Connell. I'm ten and I'm from the L.A. Branch," said Reese in attempt to stifle her sobs.
"I'm Josephine Viola Rivers. It's nice to meet you, Reese. I'm eighteen and I was a human prisoner." A small, weak smile came about Josephine's lips. Reese frowned.
"It'll be okay, Josephine... I promise," murmured Reese. John rolled his eyes, clearly jealous of the ten-year-old and eighteen-year-old. Age didn't seem to matter anymore. Why should it?
"Aerostats!" yelled a Resistance fighter. Josephine whimpered and trembled, sobbing a bit before letting out a huge, bloodcurdling scream.
"Drive!" yelled John, hitting the back of the driver's seat. The driver hit the gas peddle hard, causing the five passengers to jerk backward into their seats. John began loading up his and Reese's shotguns (they were the best and easiest way to kill an aerostat) while Reese tried to calm Josephine down.
"Josephine, it'll be fine. Just help us figh-," started Reese, but a car explosion next to theirs cut him off. The explosion caused their car to topple over, rolling a few feet away before it thumped to a stop, the glass shattering and the bodies falling out. Reese had landed on his back side. He groaned and looked around, wincing in pain as blood trickled down from his forearm. As he whimpered and swallowed hard, he rolled onto his stomach and shook the driver. No response. Reese gulped.
"Dead," whispered Reese. He shook his fellow Resistance fighter. Dead. Reese's heart pounded, eyes wide from fear. He crawled over to John.
Breathing... Just unconscious. Okay, good. He's still alive..., thought Reese, exhaling the air he had been holding in. He then saw Josephine crying out in pain, blood gushing from her leg, her eyebrow cut, blood running down into her eyes.
"Reese...!" yelled out Josephine.
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