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Dawn Of The Past

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"Come on puppy." Ron says prying me off him.

"Wheres we going?" I say, licking his face, it's taste just like his ankel!

"To see the women." I yelp. I hate seeing them! It never goes well! "Hold still!"

"No! No! No! I don't wanna go! I'm not going!" I wiggle.

"Too bad." Suddenly I hit the ground. I look up and see a circle of wolves. If they weren't all 'friendly' I would be spazing right now.

"Hello my children!" I hope she really didn't spit out all those kids.... "I welcome the newest member of the pack, full transformed!" Everyone cheered. I just curl up into a ball. "She will be respected by all. Any who doesn't will be punished." PUNISH CHUCK! Yeah, that's right, I haven't forgotten him!

"Get up sweet heart." Bree tells me. I stand up on all fours, she shakes her head. "No, transform."

I bow my head. As I slowly lift me head the high grows. I look down at my hands. "I'm not furry!" I smile. A wave of laughter.

Bree groans. "You are now a part of the pack blah blah blah, you're the next heir blah blah blah, maybe your choices be wise. Okay we're done here." She walks away with Allie by the hand.

"Cool." I say to myself.

"Congrats!" Ron said, smothering me. "Yay! Your part of the pack 100%!" I don't know about you but I though I was part of the pack like a few days ago.

"Perfect." I say. I still can't get over the fact I wont see my family ever again. No matter how much I think of a fun life this will be... It just isn't the same as having you Mom and Dad able to see you every day.

I start to cry. Ron, as if he saw it coming, started to calm me. He stroked my hair and made a shhhing sound. He's the best at calming me. Even Aiden isn't. He just holds me and hopes he get's it right. Ron trys and helps.

"It's okay," He says."I felt the same way when I first came. Please don't cry. You'll see them again. Shhh."

I whip my eyes and look at him. "Why did you come here?"

Ron swollowed hard, the air grew thicker. "I- um, well. Should I start at the bgining?" He chokes. I nod. He let's out a sigh. "When I was 13, everyone called me faggot and called me gay. Even though I hadn't come out yet. I would get mocked and beat up. So I cut myself. W-When I was finally hospitalized for it, my parents asked why. So I came out to them. They rejected me and as soon as I was better, they threw me out. So walking around in the cold I heard the pack. They took me in. I was sad I wouldn't be able to see them even though they disowned me." He says with tears in his eyes.

Then it hits me. "You were that kid went missing! Your Alex Voe!" I gasp.

He nods at me. "Yeah, that's me. I know what's coming. I changed my name for a fresh start. I couldn't bare it."

"Don't you remember me, Alex- Uh, I mean Ron. I stoped them from hurting you in gym, when they pulled a kinfe out on you." I ask him. I hated that year and thats why.

"Yeah, I remember you. That's why I saved you." He looks me in the eyes and smiles.

Woha. I've never been happier that i'm a supporter of gays. "T-Thanks, Ron. I don't know how I can ever thank you."

"No. That's how I thank you. They would have killed me if it weren't for you. Thank you." He hugs me. He has a smile on his face and tears in his eyes.

"Awww! Ronny!" I hug him back. "You poor baby. It's okay, I got you."

"Ron, you seem like your enjoying that way too much. I thought you were gay?" A cold voice said from behind Ron.

Ron turned to him. "I am, Dante, you know this." Ron had a 'duh' face on.

"Yeah, yeah. I know." Dante smirks, eyeing both of us, sending chills through me. "Bye Ron, Bye new girl." He waves and blows a kiss to each of us. We look at eachother. Damn
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