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It is a small world after all

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Ray, Tyson and Max get to the town of Corean. They meet Serena (unfortunatley for Ray) and who has Tala leader of the Tzera hot on her heels...for some strange reason

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Chapter 5 - it is a small world after all

Serena grumbled as the light from the window struck her eyes. She rolled over and suddenly her thigh and legs went into spasm...she gritted her teeth and rolled again. All that riding, the clutching onto the horse sides with her knees had taken its toll. She yelped as she rolled again and this time she landed with a thump on the floor. She breathed out as she felt her legs loosen. She quickly got dressed and gathered her things. She would look around ask about Kai, but not arouse any suspicion. She was way out of the Palace surroundings now, she must be careful. She stepped out of her room, turned around and fumbled to lock the door

"Well hello"

She turned, and saw the same man who interrupted (and wouldn't leave her in peace) her bath

"Hello, my face is up here" she said scathingly, she locked the door and went down stairs, she dropped the key and thanked the Inn owner. She walked out onto the streets of Corean. It was quite busy for this time. She stiffened as she felt a presence behind her. She gripped the sword she had; she didn't know how to use it but hopefully it would scare whoever it was away.

"You know how to use that thing?"

She turned "You again! Leave me alone, or else I'll have you imprisoned for bothering...a lady" she finished

The man cocked an eyebrow "Tala's the name, if you want to do that, but I'd doubt you'd have much success"

"I'll keep it in mind" she snapped as she walked away


"So Ray, what are we going here?" Tyson asked as they entered the town

Ray cursed the town was busier than he had expected, he gritted his teeth and turned to Max and Tyson "I want to be in and out of this place as soon as possible"



"It's the whole Neko thing"

Ray smiled weakly "Yeah, something like that..."

"We got your back Ray" Tyson said, he marched forward leaving behind a puzzled Max and Ray. They ran after him and slowed down when they neared his side. Ray kept his head down, and ran his fingers through his hair so they covered his ears. He didn't want to take any chances. He continued to walk slightly behind Tyson who seemed to know where he was going.

"Tyson, where are we going?" Ray asked

"To get you supplies" Max filled in

"And us!" Tyson added

Ray nodded, and wished they would hurry up. They weaved in and out of the crowds. Tyson and Max led him to a small shop

"Guys?" Ray said looking at the small shop

"Trust us, we come here to run errands for my dad" Max reassured him "We know this town quite well" They led him in and Ray was pleasantly surprised. There was food to rope, kindling, and even small daggers. The man behind the desk was reading a book; he looked up over his glasses

"Hello can I help you?"

"Oh no" Max said, before Tyson said anything "We know what we need"

Ray looked around, there was only one other person in the shop. It was a girl; she looked like she had just started her young womanhood years. She was looking up at the top shelves. She tried to reach a book, her fingers brushed it, and she grunted and tried again and didn't make any progress.

"Hey let me help you" Ray said he stretched up easily and brought down the book. He caught a brief glimpse of the cover: A map to the empire of Dranzer. He looked at the girl, her eyes sparkled

"Thank you" she smiled

"Its okay" he blushed and shuffled away. He picked up rope, matches handy things. Tyson was dealing with the food.

"No Max pick zesty fruits they last longer than mere apples"

An angry vein throbbed at Max's temple "how do you know?"

Tyson gave off a mock laugh "how do I know...I JUST KNOW!"

Ray groaned and made them pay for their things quickly. They all filed out the shop and the girl followed them out a few moments later.

"Good day, good sirs" and she gave a small bow, she began to walk away, but she stopped and squeaked.

"You okay lady?" Tyson asked

"" she jerked her head in towards the crowd

"There's lots of them" Max said as he craned his neck to get a look

"The one with red hair" she said not daring to turn to the crowd

"Oh, I see him"

"Guy" said Ray impatiently "We have to go, remember?" Ray sighed and looked, he froze too, and began to take small steps back "We really must go!" he tugged on Max's and Tyson's collar and got them to move

"Hey!" she hurried behind them "you can't leave me with him!"

"Come with us" Tyson called

They all ran towards the small gates, pushing past the guards causing them to curse at them, when they were a good distance away Ray stopped. The three others stopped but unlike Ray were panting heavily, taking in deep gulps of air

"What...was...that...about?" Max asked between breathes

Ray stared at them, we wondered whether he should just tell his whole story, but the girl was here now...but that still wasn't the reason he decided not to tell them everything. Ray hated telling lies (not little ones, the big ones the haunt you) so he wouldn't tell them at all.

"That was Tala"

"Tala who?" Max and Tyson said together

"He's very powerful" Ray said

"He didn't look much older than us!" Max exclaimed

"He's not" ray nodded confirming what Max said "he's leader of the Tzera"

The girl gasped, and Max and Tyson looked at each in confusion

"The what?"

"Don't you know what Tzera are?" the girl "They are awful things, they are like short smelly giants, with skin as black as charcoal...literally...ew" she shivered at her own description

"They are not good then?" Tyson said

"Where have you been all your life?" The girl asked in amazement

"They live in a small secluded village, now who are you? And will you be on your way soon?" Ray said in a very calm tone

She looked hurt "I'm Serena daughter of Leona, I am-"

"Great" Ray rolled his eyes "Royalty"

"Well actually, I'm only a lady-in-waiting"

"You're all the same" Ray spat

"I'm guessing Ray doesn't like the royal family" Tyson said

Ray shifted as the bag of supplies began to dig into his shoulder "I don't have anything against the royal family... Besides it's not that. If she is running away from Tala she must be in some deep...shit" he said finding the appropriate word

"I have down nothing!" she snapped "He keeps following me, like a pervert"

"He likes you?" Ray groaned "That's even worse, well good luck to you. C'mon guys"

"You can't leave me!" she squeaked "What if he comes after me?"

"You'll be fine" Ray said "at least he doesn't want your head" ray muttered lowly

"Wait where are you going?" Max asked kindly

"I...don't know I'm looking for someone" she said

Tyson sat, Max followed and gestured for Serena to follow. Ray looked at them with disgust, but that was soon overcome by his fear that Tala would follow this girl, and find him. He paced the grass impatiently

"Ray calm down this isn't like you" Max soothed "By the way, where are we going Ray?"

"You don't even know where you're going?" Serena asked in surprise

"We will soon" Tyson retorted "Well Ray?"

"I'M going home" Ray said putting major emphasis on 'I'

"I...just realised something, you're a neko-jin!" Serena gasped in surprise

"Exactly, leave before I rape you, or steal from you...or whatever the rumours say" ray said carelessly

"You really don't want me around?" But both Ray and Serena knew it was a fact rather than a question

Ray stood still, grunted and folded his arms. He looked huge to Serena from this low. She stood up, and only met his shoulder "Fine, I'll go"

"No!" Max bolted up "Don't be stupid we can't leave you by yourself. It's dangerous!"

"I'm going home" Ray added feeling guilty "I'm stopping at Maaki, after that I must go home alone" he said firmly

"Oh thank you!" Serena hugged Ray. Ray turned red, and gave her an awkward pat on the back.

Serena sighed hopefully see could get these guys to help her look for Kai. Their kingdom was in danger. She smiled at the blonde and the blunette, but the Neko-jin she looked at him for a long time. She knew underneath his macho façade was a soft-hearted guy.


Kai groaned, he had been crossing these plains for a while and he was getting tired. He thought of just turning around and riding back to the palace to slap Voltaire but he didn't. Kai got off the horse and removed his cloak. It was fairly warm and he need to conserve as much water as possible.

"Get to Maaki" he thought his wretched cousins lived there, but they would help. Like him they all shared a hatred of Voltaire, and Kai would use this to his advantage.


"I'm Max, He's Tyson and you know Ray"

"Wait! I'll be back!" Serena dropped her things and ran back towards Corean

"For a lady in waiting she can run fast" Ray commented, and that was a complement coming from a Neko-jin

"Why is she going back?"

"To tell Tala about us" Ray said, a deep growl resonated within him resembling that of a tiger

"Ray can't you trust people" Tyson said in somewhat of a mocking tone

"I trusted you" Ray replied

An hour later, a horse galloped towards them. They all stood and braced themselves. The horse stopped before them and Serena smiled from on top of it

"I forgot my horse!" she said in a happy tone

"Why are you so happy?" Ray asked he started walking "Guys, Maaki is this way" he snapped when no-one followed him, they all jumped (including the horse) at his brittle tone and followed him.

Serena trotted alongside Ray "How long do you think it will take to Maaki?"

"Honestly? I don't know. By myself I would say around three weeks. On horseback a few days..." he trailed off when he realised Max and Tyson were nowhere around them, he glanced back and about a few hundred yards back were Tyson and Max

"The speed of those Two...two months"

"Two months??"

"At the best, speed up!"

"C'mon Ray, it's a nice day we should relax!"

"If we have your attitude we will never get anywhere" Ray took a deep breathe of the fresh air "maybe just today, we relax but still don't slack too much" he said remembering Tala and the town of Corean...


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