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Chapter Two: New Discoveries

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Reese, Josephine, and their group find out about Skynet's devious plans. Will they be compromised and captured or will they take the data for themselves?

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Feburary 12th, 2018

"So, I've heard John Connor found out Skynet's made a new Terminator. Called a 'T-800'," said one big man. He shook his head.
"Yeah, I've heard that, too. Didn't he also find out that Skynet is working on a time-machine?" said a smaller man with a tribal tattoo on his chin.
The small man nodded as the other shook his head.
"Wonder what's that for... Hope Connor get's a hold of it. Who knows what they'll do?" the big man said, tying up his dreadlocks. They grunted in agreement as they entered a truck. I got into the Jeep with Josephine, making a mental note to mention this to her and John later on. We drove on into the desert, keeping our eyes peeled, alert for anything that might appear.
"What are we on this mission for?" Josephine asked the small man with the tribal tattoo on his chin.
"We're coming to Skynet's Sector 5 computer base to collect data. That way, we'll be ready to kick some Terminator ass!" he replied, laughing. The dread-lock man laughed loudly and patted his back. Josephine smirked, brushing back a piece of stray hair behind her ear.
"You can bet on that," she said. The small man began to sing an encouraging chant, his Irish accent thick and smooth. The big man joined in, loading up his pistol slowly, his caramel fingers rolling over each bullet, examining them closely. Sighing, I leaned toward Josephine to explain, my arm pressing against hers.
Whispering in her ear, I said, "There's a rumor that John Connor found information about two new Terminator projects. One is a new Terminator called a 'T-800'..." I watched her closely. Her plush lips were in a tight, thin line, her eyes hard and cold. I continued cautiously.
"...He also found that Skynet is creating a time-traveling device. It's name? No clue..." Josephine stared ahead, her eyes totally unfocused.
"And is this information correct?" she asked in a harsh tone.
"This mission is probably to confirm the data Connor gathered. His information is most likely highly reliable, but Command wishes to confirm it, just in case," I replied, nodding. Her eyebrows furrowed, clearly furious. The growl that came from deep within her chest and escaped her ruby lips confirmed my suspicions. She was thinking of that time... The time we first met. I sighed.
"We'll either destroy it or steal the data for ourselves, I believe. Don't worry..." I said in attempt to calm and reassure her. She smiled up at me and nodded.
"I know," she murmured, lifting her hand to my cheek. She rubbed it with her thumb as my cheeks began to burn.
Damn... I wish I didn't blush so easily..., I thought. Me blushing always seemed to make my emotions known. She laughed and patted my cheek. I chuckled and rolled my eyes.
"Here we are. Sector 5..." announced Barnes.
"Gear up!" yelled Josephine, leaping out of the Jeep. The group trailed after her, making their way towards the base entrance. The big Barnes kicked down the door and walked in. The group cautiously followed, looking around for any sudden movements.
"Blech... It smells like... Death in here..." I mumbled. Josephine hit the back of my head, hissing at me.
She put a finger to her lips and continued walking. I understood her message:
"Shut up, or you'll compromise the mission."
Nodding, I pointed my shotgun straight ahead, keeping quiet as I stepped closer.
"Alright... Here it is," whispered Barnes. "Don't let your guard down! Rivers, O'Connell, and Dawson! Keep guard while Worthington downloads the data." The short man, Josephine, and I nodded, taking our guard positions while the dread-lock man moved to the computer base, plugging in a USB cord that connected to his portable computer gadget.
"Connor was right!" announced Worthington. "Skynet is making plans to create a T-800 and a time machine."
Josephine cursed at Skynet under her breath and hissed. Before she got angry enough to growl, I grabbed her free hand with mine, giving it a gentle squeeze without looking up at her. She sighed quietly andd returned the squeeze before letting go. Now she understood my message:
"'Everything is okay now... John and I are here for you.'"
Her response?:
"'I know... Thank you.'"
"Alright. Y'all stay here until Worthington has completed downloading the data. The rest of y'all, come with me to set up a bomb. We ain't letting the Terminators come back for us," commanded Barnes, cussing at Skynet under his breath.
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