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Car wrecks and broken bones

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Never say what else could go wrong. Something will

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Frank's Point of view

Gee and I woke up to a yelling Mikey. The door was still locked and shut tightly. A banging made the frame shake roughly.

“Get up you two! Come on! Just cause your married now doesn't mean you can miss school!” Gee gasped under me. He shot up, bringing us both into a sitting position. “'Kay Mikes! Go away now!” he yelled at the door.

I looked at him and he smiled. “Well, apparently in our bliss filled nights at the hotel, we forgot it was only winter break. We have school today, love.” he grimaced at the last part and kissed my neck. I groaned and slid off his lap.

“Wait,” he caught my hand, pulling me back to him. “We can miss first hour. It's not like we're going to be doing anything.” he pulled me back on top of him. I laughed quietly and there was another bang on the door.

“Gerard! Frank! Get your asses up and get dressed! You are NOT missing school!” Donna shouted through the door. Gee flinched and sighed. “And I guess the reinforcements won't let us miss first hour.”

I pulled him off the bed and to the closet. He stood there, naked of course as I pulled out a pair of pants and threw them at him. His hand shot out, catching them before they landed over his head.

He snorted and went to the dresser. Something moved the air behind me and I caught a pair of boxers he threw at me.

They were a pair of mine – I had some clothes over here and he had some at mom's house – and I pulled them on. I pulled out a pair of my jeans and slipped them on over my boxers.

I looked over my shoulder at Gee and he was pulling his jeans on. He turned to me and grinned. “Checking me out?” he purred and walked over, putting his arms around my waist.

“Oh so now I can't check you out?” I teased, kissing his chest. He shivered in my arms and I bit his neck. “No. you still can as long as you keep biting me.” he murmured slowly, putting his hand on my head.

I laughed and pulled away. He groaned and tugged playfully at my hair. A moan broke from me and he chuckled.

“Lets just get today over with.” I murmured and pulled at his hair. He brought his head down in the direction I was pulling and smirked.

“Lets.” he said and reached past me, grabbing a shirt out of the closet. He slipped it on and went to the table by the bed. Opening the drawer, he fished out a pencil of eyeliner.

I laughed and found mine. We went to bathroom and did what we needed; he combed through his hair and I gently spiked mine and we both put on a little eyeliner. Donna called out the time and we started rushing, running back down the stairs and gathering our things.

We shoved papers in our backpacks and ran back up the stairs. Mikey and Ems were waiting by the door, holding hands and looking at the clock behind them. “Ready!” we said as we stopped in front of them.

Mikey opened the door and we all gasped.

Gerard's Point of view

The world had either been wiped out or it had snowed. I'm pretty sure it had snowed. The streets ans cars and houses were blanketed in white and the little amount of light that escaped through the clouds was shot back in rainbows, making the ground sparkle.

Frankie was just as shocked as I was. And it looked like Ems and Mikes had no idea of this either. We walked through the streets to school, looking around us the whole time at the white.

When we reached school, everybody was yelling and hugging and squealing as people ran to each other. The whole front lawn was like this, even in this snowy morning.

Mikey picked Emily up and threw her into a snow bank, landing on top of her. She screamed and laughed. Their laughter rose around the four of us and people started to look. “Mikey! My hair!” Ems said, pawing at Mikey on top of her.

He laughed and helped her up, brushing off her back and butt. She didn't seem to mind. Her fingers were feeling at her puffy hair and she sighed, fluffing the back up again.

She turned on Mikey and punched his arm. It connected with an audible thud that made all the kids go quiet. “Don't throw me in the snow when I spent over half an hour on my hair!” she said sharply and shook out her hair.

Everyone was staring at us and Mikey grinned playfully. A shocking noise came from the street and a black car skidded, hitting a girl who was crossing at the little sectioned off cross – walk. It stopped when it hit her.

Oh my god! The guy got out and ran to her. Screams erupted all around us. Most were just screams of fear. “Call an ambulance!” I shouted at a girl who stood paralyzed about a foot away from us. I saw she had a fancy touch-screen phone clenched in her trembling fist.

She nodded and I pulled Frankie to the street. We nearly sprinted. Ems and Mikey followed at our heels and we all slid to a stop on the ice. I fell to my knees and slid like that, letting go of Frankie's hand even though he did the same.

I'd stopped right in front of the girl. She was in our art class. Her name was Jessica and she was really good with clay.

Frankie gasped next to me and bumped into my hip as he stopped. I pushed Jessica's hair out of her face. She blinked at me and tears formed in her eyes.

“Are you okay?” I asked her softly. The guy was yelling. I looked at Emily and Mikey. They took him to the curb and sat him down.

Jessica tried to say something, but it came out as a sob. “Gee,” Frankie tapped my shoulder and pointed at her leg. I looked down at it and nearly threw up.

Her pant leg was torn and her bone was sticking out of her skin. A shutter rocked me and I looked back at her shocked face. “Jessica, do you hurt anywhere?” I asked again. She nodded and whimpered.

She pointed at her leg and her chest. “Please trust me.” I said softly and touched her chest. My fingers probed around her ribs until I found the broken ones. One on each side.

“Jessica, listen to me. I need you to breath slowly and keep your breaths short. Just please trust me. If you trust me, you'll be okay.”

She nodded and started on her breathing. I looked behind me at the girl I'd yelled at. Her phone was pressed to her ears and she was talking rapidly, moving her free hand around and looking at us.

I met her gaze and gestured for her to come over to us. She hesitated and stepped carefully in the snow. “Let me talk to them.” I said softly and held my hand out for her phone.

She gave it to me without hesitation. “Hello?” I asked into the phone. “Yes, Sir. I'm still here. Do you know what's wrong with the girl?” a women responded.

“Yes.” I looked at Jessica and Frankie. “One moment please,” I said into the phone, then to Frankie, I whispered “Stay with her.” and stood up and speedily stalked away.

Once I was out of earshot of the group, I spoke to the women on the phone. “Okay. Sorry. I didn't want Jessica – the girl who got hit – to hear. She has a broken leg and the bone is sticking out of her skin and two broken ribs. I've told her to breath carefully and she listened. Please we need an ambulance now.” I stressed.

The woman on the other end sounded breathless in her response. “You're very calm about this. Where is your location?” she said in one breath.

I gave her the school's address and she said she would send an ambulance to us. Walking quickly back to the group around Jessica, I gave the girl back her phone. She took it in slow hands and nearly dropped it.

Frankie was holding Jessica's hand and I knelled by them. “The ambulance is coming. Are you still okay?” I asked lightly. Her eyes shifted from Frankie's face to mine.

“I'm cold. But yeah I'm still alive. And I don't have any plans on changing that.” she smiled at me and grimaced. I nodded and took my jacket off, slipping it over her. Frankie did the same, switching hands as he pulled his sleeves off.

From behind, teachers were trying to get the scared students inside and the nurse came from behind us, holding tons of blankets. “You five go on in to class.” she said to me, Mikey, Ems, Frankie and the girl who's phone I'd used.

Jessica looked wide-eyed at the nurse, who gasped as she looked over Jessica's legs. I threw the nurse a sharp look and pulled her away quickly. “We're not leaving her alone. And don't say anything about her leg. We don't want her having a panic attack here on the road while we have no help.” I hissed in the nurse's ear.

She looked at me once and nodded. Still holding the blankets, I took one from her arms and went to the man still on the curb.

He looked up at me, face swollen and tears freezing on his cheeks. I draped a blanket around his shoulders and he stared at me. When I started to turn, he grabbed at my hand.

“How is she?” he asked in a broken whisper. I looked back at him. His head was hung and fresh tears were dripping onto the snow at his feet.

“She's had better days, but she's alive.” I said tonelessly. He laughed once and started sobbing. I pulled my hand from him and left him with Ems.

Somewhere in the near distance, I could hear sirens. Frankie jerked and looked around, Mikey Ems just went slightly stiff. I looked around, trying to find which street they were coming from.

Then, down main street – the one Jessica had been hit on – an ambulance turned the corner, lights flashing. It was followed by cop cruisers and a fire truck. A sigh of relief was torn from my throat and Frankie smiled at Jessica.

She turned her head and I saw a tear roll it's way from her eye and onto the snow. “It's almost over, Jessica.” I heard Frankie murmur to her. I knelled next to them again and took her free hand, nodding my agreement with Frankie.

“Thanks guys. You can take your jackets back now.” she looked at them, blushing slightly. I mimicked Frankie's smile and just shook my head. Another tear fell from her eye and the ambulance stopped.

People were pulsing around us and starting for our group. The EMS started to pull us away, but when Jessica clung to our hands, they gave up, taking us with her into the back of the ambulance.

They stuck needles in her arms and put a mask over her mouth and nose. Her eyes locked with both of ours and she said softly “Stay with me the whole time, 'kay guys?” and fell asleep.

I met Frankie's eyes and we shared a look of pure commitment. We would stay with her. I took his free hand and we stood, me having to duck my head, in the back of the ambulance as they sped away from the high school.

The EMS pulled us out with her and told us to stay in the waiting room. It felt like hours before we were allowed back to see Jessica. She was covered in a hospital robe and laying in the bed. Our jackets were in the chair and we left them there, standing by her.

Under the sheets, we could see the big bump of her cast and that the robe looked bumpy around her chest. I noticed that her cheek was bruised now and that she had a small cut on her bottom lip.

Her breathing was still slow and struggled, but her eyes were relaxed. I looked at Frankie and we leaned against the wall, sliding down onto the floor.

Frankie rested his head on my lap and I played with his hair. He looked up at me and a small smile touched his lips.

“Well I don't see how things can get much worse.” he teased. I laughed quietly and leaned down, kissing my husband.

“I really don't know what's gonna happen next?” I teased back, worrying in the back of my mind about that.

What if something did happen now that I said that?

Sorry it took so long guys!!! I got lots of school stuff goin on and I might not be able to post as often as I was until spring break starts next week! IK I can't wait either!!!!!!! lawlz R+R PLEASEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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