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I'm Catholic.Well,Kind Of.

by unitedsuck007 3 Reviews

just sayin' something REALLY quickly

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  • Full Of Holes.

    (#) Kill_the_mainstream 2011-03-12 05:03:01 AM

    Awww, don't stop writing these little notes, I love them! Anyway, I can completely sympathize with you. My entire family is Catholic and I've had to go through all of the little "celebrations" as well (baptism, reconciliation, first communion-all that shiz). I personally am an agnostic though. My parents would go absolutely ape if they found out. I am forced to go to church every Sunday and behave like a good little catholic. My 'rents would most likely send me to an all-summer bible camp if they found out that I am a bisexual agnostic that wants a career in music instead of science and is going to get a tattoo on my eighteenth birthday. Wow, I'm starting to drift away from the topic at hand, aren't I? Anyways, amazing story and entertaining author notes =)


    Author's response

    Ugh,God,I know,parents really don't have a clue,do they?I un-joined the Catholic Church when I was fourteen and my mom was like "in my day I would have been shot if I even dreamt of..." yadda yadda yadda.Tell me about it!I'm goin' to London Ink when I turn eighteen and I'm getting a tattoo sleeve,and I protest for gay rights and I think everyone should have the right to an abortion and condoms are way more awesome than being pregnant when you don't want to be....
    Wow,when I get off topic,I really fucking get off topic!
    But I live in Ireland so "Catholic" is pretty much my middle name!XD
    (Btw,my middle name isn't Catholic.It's Sarah,just so y'know.)
  • Full Of Holes.

    (#) ChloesGreenDay 2011-03-12 05:57:07 PM

    I was mentioned!!! :D happy dance. It is true though. I DO adore this story. It's humor is one of a kind. My parents aren't catholic, but they are complete homophones. They don't even know their own daughters bi. One time ages ago i was watching this show with my mum where this guy tells his parents he's gay, and she said "if you ever turned out like that I'd disown you". :/

    Anywho, radical story! (did I really just say that? FACEPALM)

    Author's response

    Oh thank you!
    Sorry 'bout that.
    Ugh,I hate homophobes.I'm sure your parents re lovely people,but I just really don't repect people like that.Gay people should have every right straight people have.I say "should" because they don't.You know gay people can't join the military or give blood?Some "equality" we have here.rolls eyes
    Sorry,just went on a little ramble.I do debating and once a guy said gay marriage shouldn't be legal....
    Wow was he a dick!
    (Don't worry,I say stupid shit all the time.)
  • Full Of Holes.

    (#) ilovefrankieieroxx 2011-04-15 06:41:10 AM

    My whole family are atheists so i don't really have to go to any religious things my parents aren't homophobes i wish i had a gay friend really because they apparently are really good friends but alas i go to a all girls school so people don't admit their gay or else everyone picks on them shows what type of school i go to i never understand why English girls have to be so bitchy just because some one is different.

    By the way the link doesn't work for me it says it's not available in my country, stupid england:/

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