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Battery City

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Shockwave's POV.

I woke up and stretched, mewling slightly as I got out of bed. Eric, my dog, camebounding up to me, licking and yapping playfully. Dad had brought him home yesterday as a sorry present. He had hit me, hard. There was a massive black bruise blooming on my arm. I grimaced at it then scratched Eric twixt his ears.

"Sara?" Father called from the kitchen, "Are you up now?" I walked into the kitchen and went to hug my dad but he pushed me away, "Sara, I don't like hugging people, you know that."

I frowned,
"You don't even want to hug me? Your own daughter?"
He bristled, I saw his fists clentch,
"You've lived with me all your life. You KNOW I don't like hugs."
"Is it because you don't love me, father?" I asked.
I immediatly regretted saying that.
He turned, his yellow eyes burning furiously. He hit me with force in the stomach. I yelped and clutched at my belly. He swung his arm back and slapped me across the face, three times. Each blow was harder than the last. He forced my mouth open and rammed an over dose of my pills down my throat. I swallowed, not wanting to be hit again. He pushed me aside and stormed off to work, slamming the door shut behind him. I slumped to the floor and did what I did every morning; I cried my eyes out.

Eric came and lay on my lap, the huge Weimaraner crushing my legs. He licked my arm affectionately and I buried my face into him, my tears soaking his fur as I sobbed.

I dried my eyes and looked at the clock, 10.45 am; I suppose I could go and walk Eric. I got to my feet, my stomach and face throbbed and I hissed in pain. I grabbed Eric's lead, clipped it to his collar and went down the elevator and walked outside.

The air was cool and pleasant. I sighed, plastered a fake smile on my lips and set off down the street. My white outfit reflected the sun so it shone brightly. There was peace and quiet; being Korse's daughter granted me permission to go outdoors and not attend school if I wished.
I did not bother with school as my father taught me from home after he had finished work. And I couldn't be seen by people who would see the way I had been beaten and hurt.

We arrived at the park so I let Eric off the lead. He bounded around, making me laugh as he chased leaves that tumbled across the ground in the slight breeze. I lay back on a bench and watched the clouds roll by, like little white cars on an enormous blue highway. I started to daydream when Eric started barking, he growled and snarled angrily. I sat up, looking around. I saw he rush off into a bush, I frowned then followed him. I ran, my black loafers thudding gently on the grass. I pushed aside the shrubbery and crawled into the small wooded area. I grabbed Eric's collar,
"Come on boy." I comanded. I started to drag the dog away, but he pulled me back. I turned to him, ready to shout in annoyance, when I saw the man.

He had his back facing me, obscuring his face,
"Hello? Sir, are you lost?" I asked.
He shook his head and I noticed the shock of crimson hair that was starting to need a re-colouring. He wore a bright blue jacket, fingerless gloves, brown skinnies, a pair of biker boots and....was that a gun?!
"Sir? Who are you?" I questioned. At this the man started to shake and I realised he was crying. I heard him whispering,
"You don't remember...She doesn't remember..."
Albiet the gun he carried, I wasn't scared of him. I found myself taking a step closer and I reached an outstretched hand to him. I tapped his arm gently. He froze and turned. I couldn't see his eyes, they were obscured by a vivid yellow mask that was tied round his head by elastic. But he had pale skin, soft pink lips and high cheekbones. Tears trickled from under his mask and I frowned sadly,
"What don't I remember?"

All of a sudden, the man brought me into a hug and held me tight. I could fell the thickness that could only be bandages under his thin shirt. I found myself hugging back, but God knows why; I don't even know this man. It just felt right, he felt like family, even though he wasn't.
"What don't I remember?" I repeated. There was a long pause.
"M-me" He whispered and broke down into fresh tears.
"Please sir, please don't cry." I said, patting the small of his back sympathetically.
"C-call me P-Party." He sniffled.
"Okay then...err...Party."
"I can't do this..." he sobbed, "I can't do this..." He pulled away and gave me one last look before he turned on his heel and stalked off, his head hung down. I stood there, staring after him, Eric still barking behind me.

Just who was that man?
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