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you're my summer wine, ch. 4

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Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Drama - Characters: Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2011-03-12 - Updated: 2011-03-12 - 890 words

The door bell rang. I hope it’s Theresa, cause I really need someone to talk to right now and my arm still hurts. I went downstairs and opened the door. It was Rach, Jaeda and Ray. ‘Hi, darling. We came to see if you’re alright. We’ve called a few times, but you didn’t answer. Is everything ok?’. She gave me her ‘I’m really worried about you’ look. ‘ummm. Yeah, I’m great. Come in’. I didn’t want to lie, but I had no choice. ‘and, that creep... what’s his name again?’. She looked at Jaeda. ‘I think it’s Gerard or something.’. ‘Yeah, well, Gerard is in the hospital.’. I froze inside. ‘Well, Mikey called Georgiee. He said that Gerard’s lost a lot of blood and that he’s in a serious condition.’. Georgiee is Mikey’s girlfriend and Rach’es sister. Jaeda sat on Ray’s knees and laughed at me. ‘ Aww, is poor Frankie worried?’. ‘Shut up.’. I really hated Jaeda at that moment. She is that kind of person that you like and hate at the same time, because she can be annoying and makes fun of you, but still makes you laugh. ‘Soo. Umm. Is anyone thirsty?’. ‘Well, what do you think?’. Jaeda was making fun of me again. I went in the kitchen to get us some beer. My parents are on the business travel, and they won’t come back for another 20 days. We already opened the cans, when the door bell rang again. I moaned, got uo and opened the door. ‘YOU BASTARD! WHY DO YOU EVEN LIVE? YOU ALMOST KILLED MY BROTHER, YEAH! GEARARD CUTS BECAUSE OF YOU AND YOUR STUPID BEHAVING!’. ‘Mikey, please, stop.’. Mikey and Georgiee were standing at the door. ‘What the hell is going on?’. Oh, great. Rach was curious, as always. ‘GEORGIEE? Why aren’t you at home?’. ‘Well, Mikey called me and said he’s going to do something about Gerard. I followed him here, I was trying to convince him to go back home, but he wasn’t listening to me.’. I was pissed off. That little kid dare to come here and then he even yells at me? My hand was in his face. At the next moment, I saw blood, running from his nose, Georgiee crying, and Rach looking at me, shocked. I heard clouded voices. ‘No, Frank! He is just in shock!’. Yeah, right. He pissed me off, he deserved it. I thought it was over, when someone punched me in the face. I turned around, shocked. It was Rach. ‘Frank, I’m sorry. I just can’t take it anymore. All you do is torture other kids, and blame others for your problems. Bye.’. She was crying, but leaving. I was looking at her, she was holding Mikey’s arm, helping Georgiee. ‘Man, see ya when you get better.’. Even Jaeda and Ray left me. Am I that horrible? No, they just don’t understand me. They don’t understand, how is to love someone you hate. My life has crushed. Thanks god, I have some pills. I think I’ll leave this cruel world now. Bye.


I called Frank once again. Nothing, just silence. Beep, beep, beep. ‘the number isn’t available at the moment, please, call later.’ God, how I hate that voice. ‘What’s wrong, hun?’. LynZ sat next to me. She’s the only ones who knows that me and Frank are friends. ‘He doesn’t answer.’. She kissed me on the cheek. ‘Awww. Don’t worry, I believe he’s out on the date with Rach.’. ?Yeah, I hope so.’. She kissed me on my lips. The feeling that I love the most is her lips on mine. She knows how to do it, and she doesn’t force me into anything. We were just sitting there, kissing. And then, all of the sudden, my mobile rang. ‘Sorry, hun, I think it’s Frank.’. She looked me in the eyes.’ You really care about this moron, don’t you?’. ‘Yes, I do. And he’s a good person, he just doesn’t want to shoe it, y’know.’. I looked at the mobile screen. FRANK. ‘Hello, Frank?’. ‘Hello, Reza. I just wanted you to know that I’m leaving. Forever. Bye.’. He hung up. I was stoned. ‘Hey, what’s wrong?’. I was just sitting on the bed. LynZ shook me. ‘Reza?? HONEY!’. I woke up. ‘Frank. He said he’s leaving. Forever.’. ‘FUCK.’. she stood up and put her jacket on. ‘Come on, don’t you wanna save him?’. I was still sitting there. She was confused. ‘REZA??!?!?’. I stood up and ran out of the house, in the car. Next thing I remember was me, standing at the front of the Frank’s house. I tried to open the door, but they were locked. ‘FRANK!’. Nothing. LynZ went to the neighbor’s house. They lent her a thing, I don’t remember, what. She broke into the house. It was quiet. ‘FRANK? Get the hell out of your room! Where the fuck are you?’. I was yelling in panic. Nothing. The heavy silence was all around the house. I heard a scream. It was LynZ. I ran upstairs and saw him, covered in blood.
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