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Into The Blue

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Gerard POV

The band and i were hanging out at the house waiting for Ashkie to get back when the phone rang. I picked it up and said "Hello?" I was immediately replied with "Yes is this Mr. Way?"

"Uh.. Yeah, why? Who's this calling."

"Oh right my name is Jack Carlton. I'm a doctor down at Mercy Hospital. We were calling to tell you that your sister, Ashkie Way, was attacked."

I just about dropped the phone then. I basically screamed into the phone "WHAT THE FUCK! Is she okay? What the fuck happened?"

Now all the guys were staring at me as the doctor continued, "She is now. Any longer and she would of died. Two men who planned on raping her attacked her on her way home. She fought back, taking one down with a kick to the groin, and the other one was choking her when we got there."

"I'll be right there. Just make sure she's okay."

I hung up the phone before the doctor could even reply. I quickly grabbed a coat and my keys trying to hurry out whenMikey looked at me with a freaked saying "Gerard what's wrong? Did something happen to Ashkie?" I looked at him and the band with sad eyes and said "Yeah she almost died. I'll tell you guys the rest in the car. Can we please just hurry!" They all quickly grabbed what they needed and piled into the car.

Once we were on the road i told them exactly what the doctor told me. Frankie suddenly looked really pissed and said, "I'm going to kill the fucking basterds that did this!" I smiled at him as we hurried down to the hospital.

Ashkie POV

I was floating...

Wait, that couldn't be right. People don't float. Maybe I'm not alive anymore. Maybe he killed me. Maybe this is heaven. There are too many maybes. Maybe this. Maybe that. Damn I just wanna be safe. Safe, with my brothers and friends.

I was floating in the blue...
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