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You're Kidding Right?

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Ashkie POV

I don't think Gee was really okay with everything. I mean he tried to sound like he was okay, but i could tell the he was pissed off for sure. He was for sure pissed of to see Frank and I on the couch and i was pretty sure he was pissed of that i had tattoos and didn't tell him. Oh well, there isn't a thing he could do about it. I laughed as Frank out of no where said, "You know skittles? Your probably the only teen i can deal with." I turned towards him and said, "Did you just call me skittles?"

He laughed and said "Yeah and I wuv skittles." I laughed until i realized that he just said he loved me and then i just stared at him. He wasn't talking about the candy this time he was definitely talking about me. I had just slept on the couch with him and it turns out that he loves me! Now that i think about it ever since the hospital he has been like all over me. Truth be told i think i love him back too. I looked at him and said, "I wuv veggie."

I'm pretty sure he got what i meant cause he hugged me and kissed me. I was going to return the kiss, but i heard someone coming in so i screamed Skittle Stealer and threw a handful of skittles at him. Mikey walked in and was like "Uh.. What are you doing?" I smiled at him and said, "Well you see Veggie boy over there stole my skittles." Mike looked at Frank and said, "You shouldn't of done that." Frank looked at him and said, "Now you tell me!" We all laughed as Frank threw more skittles at me and said, "Eat the skittles." I grinned evilly at him and jumped on him taking him to the ground. He yelled out in surprise and Mikey said "Takin down by a girl. Well I'll leave you two love birds to your wrestling."

Frankie and i both look at him with a stunned look on our face wondering if he knew. Mikey laughed and said, "I'm just kidding dudes. Take a chill pill." We both let out a sigh as Mikey left. Frank looked at me and said, "Wanna go for a walk?" I said sure and screamed "Mikey! Frank and i are going for a walk." He yelled back saying okay as Frank and i walked out onto the sidewalk.
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