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Welcome To Fame, The Fans Are Crazy

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Ashkie POV

As we pulled into the driveway of a really nice mansion i saw the tour bus. It was covered in all different little markings. One of them i saw was Ray's fro. I pointed at it and started laughing. Ray looked at where i was pointing and said "Oh. That was from one of our first tours when everyone was all like it's the fro, I want the fro." I laughed even harder as Mikey said, "They still do." Ray just sort of did a shrug smile and Gee said, "Okay guys pile out we are here." We all slowly piled out into the driveway as Dan, at least the man that i think is Dan, grabbed a bag and walked towards us.

I piled out of the car following the guys who were now standing in front of the bus. Dan looked at me and said, "Hey i'm Dan. You must be Ashkie? Nice to meet you." I nodded my head and said, "Yeah i'm Ashkie. Nice to meet you too." Then Gee looked at me and said, "Hey Dan i think we should let her do her mark and then all the guys." He nodded and handed me the bag of spray paint. I put a mask on as i chose the colors black and white. Then i found an openish spot on the bus and started.

I painted a giant skeleton clock with the words 'To The End' underneath it. Then i handed the paint off to Gerard who did his mark and handed them to the next person. Once everyone was done we loaded up all of our luggage onto the bus and said goodbye to Dan. Then we loaded on and set off on our little road trip to Belleville. I immediately grabbed my sketch pad and sat down to draw. I thought for about a second and then decided to draw The Black Parade. I had gotten the outline for it done when Gerard popped up right behind me and said "Whatcha doing?"

He just about scared the living shit out of me since i jumped like 5ft in the air and said, "What the fuck Gee! Don't you know your not suppose to creep up on people like that!" He laughed and as Mikey said "It only gets worse." I smiled and continued to draw only to be interrupted by Frank sitting down right next to me. I just looked up at him, smiled, and continued to draw. About twenty minutes later Gee yelled, "Starbucks break! Lets go boys and girls. Off the bus and into the store we go."

I looked at Gee with a confused look and said "Uh won't they know who were are? I mean look at all the fans already outside." The guys all murmured agreeing and Gerard said "So? We're here and i need coffee. So off the bus now." I smiled and said, "Okay, but only if Frankie goes first followed by me. Then Gerard, Bob, Ray and followed by Mikey." The guys looked at me nodding and Mikey blurted out, "Why am i last?" I smiled and shrugged as the door to the bus opened.

We walked into the now huge crowd of screaming fans. I smiled at them as Gee whispered in my ear "This was a mistake. I don't like all this screaming." I laughed at him and whispered back, "Want me to quiet them? I could tell them you got a bad headache or something?" He nodded and i said, "Okay guys i would cover your ears i can scream really loud." They all nodded with wide eyes and did as i said while i screamed, "ALRIGHT PEOPLE. WE JUST WANNA GET SOME COFFEE! OH AND GERARD HAS A HUGE HEADACHE AND ALL OF YOUR SCREAMING ISN'T DOING HIM ANY JUSTICE." The fans quieted down to a more bearable level and one of them said, "Who are you? Why are you with My Chemical Romance?"

Another one said, "Yeah why should we listen to you? Your probably some bitch that they picked up on the side of the road. I gasped at that and Gerard blew it. He looked at the fans and yelled, "Okay whoever said that shut the fuck up. She's not some person we picked up on the side of the road. She just so happens to be my little sister. You heard it. That girl right there is Mikey and I's little sister." Frankie sort of wrapped an arm around me pulling me closer as the crowd erupted in chaos. When we walked into the Starbucks all of the fans waited outside which we were thankful for. Gerard looked at me, gave me a big huge, and said, "Welcome to fame. The fans can get pretty crazy."

I smiled and gave him a huge back while saying, "I know. Thanks for helping me." He said no problem and ordered his coffee, along with the other guys. Then i ordered my coffee and followed them back out into the sea of fans. This time they were trying to grab something from all of us, and this one boy came up to me when i was about to get on the bus. I recognized him as one of the rock kids from my old school. I smiled at him and told Gee "Hold on a second. I know this kid." I then walked in front of him and whisperd in his ear "Hey Adam. Long time no see." He looked at me and was about to say something, but i was already on the bus.

Frankie looked at me and said "Okay now what was all that about?"

I laughed and said "Just a kid i recognized from my old school."

He signed and said "Oh okay. So what you wanna do?"

I looked around to find all of the other guys talking in the bunk area and said "Well i'm going to finish my drawing, but your welcome to talk to me while i draw."

I sat down on the couch with him right next to me as he said "Okay. So what's your favorite color?"

"Black, Red, and White. Yours?"

"Black. Favorite band?"

"Other then My Chem? I don't know! I have a lot. I tend to just name genres then. Ha Ha. Yours?"

"Black Flag and American Nightmare. Okay Favorite movie."

"Oh come on veggie boy. Its Nightmare Before Christmas, same as yours."

He laughed and continued to question me for about an hour before i said "Okay stop it! I'm done drawing." By then all the guys were asking questions and i was answering all of them. "Can we see what you drew?" Bob asked and i replyed saying, "Sure. Here you go. Look at it all you want. I'm going to sleep until we get there." I handed them my very detailed picture of The Black Parade. Then i walked over to my bunk and fell into a dreamless sleep.
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