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Gramm Crackers!

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Hands down better then Dante's. Just wanted to clear that up for you and my little voices. Anyway....

Pulls away for reasons he only knows. "I uh.... S-sorry." He blushes.

I look at him. "For what?" He smiles and closes the gap between us again, kissing me nice and slow. Making sure I enjoy every last bit.

"Alfa Aiden! Alfa- OH SHIT! Sorry..." Oooo! Oooo! I know who that is! Jal...Jalameal...jacker... Something with a J!.

"Haden!" Oops.... "What do you need?" I hate this whole Alfa thing....

"Uh.. Well... The women have something to talk to you about." Haden says looking down at his fingers. The kid can't be more then 14. He soft brown hair and gram cracker eyes. Yes I do like to describe peoples eyes with food and drinks.

"When Do I get to be apart of these meetings?!" I ask. I do really love how we're talking while my arms are wraped his neck and my legs around his waist.

"When your married and bare your first child. Even though they let Mother in before she had me." Aiden tells me.

"What about Allie?!"

"She doesn't listen in. She just plays with her teddy. She wouldn't know what was going on anyway." Aiden tells me.

"So I can't go?" I ask. Hey, I wanna to be in the know.

"Um, we'll check. Just come with me." He says. Um, okay.

"Sure. Are we going like this? 'Cause I'll be okay with you carrying me." I admitt.

He laughs. "No, I'm fine. Come on." He pulls me off of him, taking my hand instead. Cool with me.

The little meeting place is filled with flowers and by a small stream. It was very girly. Um, Aiden...

"Mother! Grandmother!" Aiden called, leading me through the trees. "I've brought Dylan! She wanted to know what goes on during the meetings."

"Welcome Dylan." The oldest, grandma, I guess, said. She came out with a smile and a flower in her hair. She looks like a fricken hippie!

"Um hi!" I say with a smile, waving.

"Yeah, yeah lets get this over with." Bree said, grumpy much? Allie trailed behind her. "Sit down, all of you." She glares over at me. What did I do?! We sit on rocks by the stream.

"So what's the big knews?" Aiden asks.

Bree let out a breath. "They know where we are. We've just gotten a threat. The alfa wants to speak to you. If you run again, They'll go after the pack. You just talk to him, then he'll deside what to do." Well that's a slap in the face.

Aiden looked shocked and shakey. He was finally paying for his mistake. He looks up at us. "Give me time." He got out before anyone could say a word to him.

"The boy needs to stop running from his problems." The oldest said.

"Cathy, please don't say that! He needs to think." Bree hissed through her teeth. "And why did he bring you to the meeting anyway?" Bree said, turning to me.

"'Cause I asked..." I said quietly.

"Oh." She said in disgust. Is it me or does she not like me?
HEY!:D thrid one in like 2 days, be proud. Um I have a question.... Who's you least favorite? Bree or Dante? Or anyone you hate for that matter. I need it.
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