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Trunks is a daddy

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I seen Trunks land just outside the city, again. I couldn’t help but wonder why he was there, again. It had been a long time since I had seen him. Our parents were the best of friends. His mom was a scientist just like my mom. He was my best friend. I loved him more though.
Then suddenly I ‘disappeared’ and he had no idea. He thought that I had just gone missing, but the truth was I went back into the past. I had to it was my destiny. I have super powers like Goku’s. Except mine were different. I could see into the future and go back and forth in time. I didn’t know why. I just had them.
I never knew my father. My mom said that he had died before I was born. So I came back to see him. I hadn’t found him yet, but I knew what he looked like and what his name was. He was tall, had black hair, and brown eyes. His name was Yamcha. I need to see him. I need him to know I existed. I needed him.
I followed Trunks this time. I needed to know why he was here. I had to follow him. I needed to see him again. I needed to just talk to him. To make him understand that I was never gone. I needed him.
I followed him, keeping my power level under control. He was heading towards the hidden laboratory of the Android he was fighting. I couldn’t help, but stare at how beautiful he turned out. His hair was light, light blue and his eyes were nearly white. I couldn’t stand but blush at the memory of playing with him.
I followed them to the cave and seen that his dad had activated the Androids. I gasped as I felt their power level. I’ve always been able to sense it, but I was too scared to say anything. I couldn’t stand but watch as they tossed Trunks around like a rag doll. I had to help but I didn’t know how.
Suddenly the boy came up behind me and put his hand over my mouth.
“You’re pretty cute,” He mumbled and I blushed. “I may be a robot, but I sure can pleasure someone.” I nearly screamed as he licked his metal lips. I shivered as he chuckled. His power was enormous. It was to strong, and I knew I couldn’t face him.
“What are you doing 17?” The girl android asked and then smiled. “Oh so you found a little toy. He really is cute. Go ahead and go play with him. I’ll take care of these little pests.”
“Alright, I can tell that I’m gonna have fun with this one,” He said and tightened his grip on my waist.
“Yama!” Trunks shouted finally realizing who I was. I looked at him fear in my eyes. His anger burned and I felt his power rise. The android grinned and his black hair fell in front of his eyes. The android gripped me harder and I nearly screamed. I collapsed in his arms and his grin widened. He jerked me up and brought my lips to his.
He kissed me. His tongue was rouge and metallic. It tasted like salt and power as he kissed me deeper. Trunks father froze and looked at us as did number 18. I fainted as he sapped my energy. So this was how he took energy from people. He kissed them and drained them of some energy little by little.
“LET HIM GO!” Trunks growled going Super Saiyan. Android 17 pulled away licking his lips. He grinned as he pulled me away and through a group of rocks. He must have known that no one could sense my energy either because he instantly ran and hid.
“Shhh…. Don’t say a word or I’ll kill you,” the android murmured and I kept my mouth shut. He pulled me in and kissed me again. Pulling my shirt away from my body. He felt up my chest and I could feel his cold hands touching every part of my body.
“Please don’t,” I mumbled as he slipped his hand down my shorts. I couldn’t believe what he was doing. He was a freaking ROBOT and he was freaking touching me. I was only fifteen and he was freaking touching me. Wasn’t this considered rape?
“Huh by the way you’re reacting, it seems like you don’t want me to stop,” He stroked me and pulled at me putting his hand over my mouth so I wouldn’t scream. I tore away from him and ran.
I took off towards Trunks who seen me and flew down to me. Behind me I heard the android laugh and take off after Trunks pulled me into his arms. He hugged me for what seemed like the longest time.
“I thought you were gone forever,” Trunks mumbled hugging me tighter to his chest.
“I had to find my father. I had to know what he looked like. I had to meet him,” I mumbled shaking from what just happened.
“I told you to be quiet didn’t I? Yet you run from me? How disobedient,” the android mumbled chuckling a bit. I shook gripping Trunks tighter. He pulled me into his arms and refused to let go. “Give or die.”
“Never,” Trunks mumbled letting me go as the android attacked. He was thrust to the side and stabbed in the shoulder.
“STOP!” I screamed making them stop in their tracks. “If I go with you, you have to promise not to hurt him anymore.”
“I promise. Now come, my energy needs to be replenished,” The android said holding out his hand. I took it and he led me to the ground and pulled me through the rocks. Suddenly I heard Trunks scream out in frustration.
He pulled me into a cave and thrust me against one of its walls. He pushed his metal hips against mine. I gasped and he giggled like a school girl. I nearly collapsed at the force he used.
“If you’re a robot, how do you plan on releasing?” I asked tears coming to my eyes.
“The professor wanted us to be as human as possible so he made it to where I could make children. Even if my partner is a boy.” He licked his lips and pushed me deeper into the cave.
To my surprise there was a bed in the cave. Gero was preparing for this sort of crap. The Android sat on the bed, pulled me on his lap, and stripped my shirt. He licked at my chest and made me gasp. I grasped onto reality and pulled it to my side.
I nearly collapsed as he stripped my shorts and started stroking me. A few minutes later I released and 17 threw me on the bed. He trust inside of me over and over, with that cold, erect, thing. I screamed out and he put his hand over my mouth.
Then he released shooting cold metallic semen into my system. My virginity was taken and I had passed out. I lay on the bed next to the android and slept.
He slowly play with my hair and smiled at me. I was out cold, but still breathing. I lay up above looking down on my body. I seen that the android wasn’t grinning an evil grin, but a sweet smile. It nearly made my heart pound when he kissed my cheek.
I was transported to where my hero Goku lay. He was struck with the virus that nearly killed my mother and he was surviving. I watched as Trunks appeared and rushed through the door. He pulled a tall man, with short black hair and nearly black eyes, to the side . I recognized him as my father.
“Yamcha, someone needs your help and you have to help him now,” Trunks said outta breath.
“Why does someone need my help?”
“He’s your son,” Trunks breathed. Yamcha looked at him like he was crazy. “Yama, that’s his name, disappeared a year before I came here. He looks just like you. You know that woman that you hooked up with when you and Bulma broke up?” He asked and Yamcha nodded. “Well she got pregnant and you are the father and Yama needs your help.”
“How do you know he’s my son?”
“BECAUSE I LOVE HIM! I CAN’T STAND BY AND I CAN’T HELP HIM! YOU ARE HIS ONLY HOPE! IF YOU DON’T HELP HIM THE ANDROIDS WILL MAKE HIM THEIR TOY!” Trunks shouted causing Yamcha to jump. After a second of thought he followed Trunks to my aid.
They arrived a bit later and the Android grinned. I woke up and he petted my head.
“Stay here my pet,” He mumbled and I nodded. “Good boy.” He left me there and went to the exit.
I concentrated and then I appeared on the outside of the cave. Trunks was fighting 17 as my father snuck into the cave.
“Yama,” he whispered and I ran to him. He was shocked at first, but then softened as I hugged him. “Are you okay?” I nodded and suddenly felt ill. I rushed to put on my clothes as he pulled me outta the cave and to Trunks. He was tired and tried to hide his pain. I had to help him.
I pulled away from my father and went to Trunks. I pulled him to me and kissed him. He froze at first then wrapped his arms around me. We kissed and I gave him all my energy, including all of my powers. I pulled away and fell from the sky, only to be caught by my dad.
“W-What is this power?” Trunks asked then looked at me. He grinned at the Android and pulled out his sword. They fought as Vegeta appeared holding 18’s head.
Finally Trunks thrust his sword through the Android’s neck taking his head off with a jerk. I smiled as He came to me. He took me from my dad and took off. They all flew side by side to Goku’s to find that Gohan was there. They stared as Trunks sat me down on the couch.
“Trunks it’s good to see that you turn out to be a good man and not one like you father,” Bulma, his mother, smiled hugging her son.
“That’s pleasant, woman,” Vegeta replied rolling his eyes. “Just to let you know our son turns out gay.”
“So this here is your boyfriend? He’s so cute. He looks like you Yamcha,” Bulma replied taking Vegeta by surprise.
“From what Trunks tells me he is my son,” Yamcha mumbled as I felt something strange.
“Where’s your bathroom?” I asked in a rush. ChiChi pointed to the hall and I Sprinted to it. Everyone turned to look at me as Trunks followed.
“Are you okay?” he asked holding my long black hair behind my head.
“No he got me pregnant,” I mumbled wiping my mouth. Trunks eyes widened and he gasped, as did the people outside the door.
“What?” He asked and I explained. “Then I’ll be the father.”
Vegeta gasped while Bulma awed her son. They stared at him as he pulled me into his arms.
“We have to go. My mom will not be happy about this, but oh well. At least I’ll have a dad,” I closed my eyes and concentrated.
“I thought your ship was down,” Gohan said and Trunks smiled.
“Yama doesn’t need a machine. He is the most powerful person in our time. He is the only non-Saiyan to become a Super Saiyan,” Trunks laughed and Vegeta glared.
“What do you mean Super Saiyan?”
“Whenever we were together he would, subconsciously, take some of my powers and make them his own. So three days before he left we figured out he was more powerful than even you dad.”
“Time to go,” I mumbled and we were transported to our own time where I had my child six months later.
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