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"Ada..." He sighed. I looked at him and he was crying. "Help me." He looked at me.

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After winning their game, we all went to IHOP like I promised. To celebrate the victory. Cesar wasn't very happy about Limon joining us, but he dealt with it holding me close to him. I even invited Celestine and Herucles, Celestine's twin brother. And just by coincidence Ava was there with her novio. Cesar saw her and squeezed my hand. She saw me and maddogged me until I got to the table. "She's gonna make this night worth while." I said sarcastically and Celestine laughed.
"Just don't pay attention to her." Limon sat down. "I don't, and I hate her as much as you do. Maybe more!" He smiled showing his teeth. I just laughed and sat in the seat Cesar pulled out for me next to him across from Limon. When everyone finally sat down we all ordered.
I could still feel the tension in the room as Ava stared at me from across the dining room. I tried to ignore it, but it just got to me. "Can't she just mind her own fucking business? Does she need to busy herself with everyone else's life because she doesn't have one?" I asked while going over the menu and glanced at her. Limon looked back at her too.
"Girls like that aren't worth your time, Ada. Just leave her alone and she'll disappear." He said.
"Yeah, she just wants to bug you to see what you'll do. If you do nothing she'll get bored and stop." Celestine said.
"I'm not one who just waits around and does nothing." I took a deep breath then took a drink of my water. "She's annoying me and it's gonna get ugly if she doesn't stop."
"That's just what she wants from you. Don't give it to her. Calmate, y ya se acavo when she leaves." Valentin said and Gordo nodded.
"You're right. It's cool. Soy calmada." I smiled, taking a deep breath.
We had a good dinner, ordering dessert and filling boxes with anything we didn't finish. Ava left after dinner with her boyfriend.
"This was good. Thanks, Ada." Eliseo rubbed him stomach and burped.
"Well, you guys won your game and we needed to celebrate." I smiled.

We all went our seperate ways. Cesar, Eliseo and Limon to LA and the rest of us to Santa Monica. We all had school tomorrow and I couldn't skip no more school. Then, I'd have to catch up on homework and classwork I didn't want to do in the first place.
When I got home Gordo and Valentin were in bed snoring. I just laughed to myself and then went upstairs to go to sleep too. But when I got in my bed someone knocked on the door. I let out a big breath and went downstairs. "Who is it?" I asked.
"Your brother." I stopped and my heart started to beat fast. Armando is here? "Are you gonna answer the door or not?" He asked.
"I'm coming." I smiled and ran to the door. Opening it I saw him. "Armando." I said and hugged him.
"Look, I'm not here to be your brother again." He said and pulled me off of him. "Jefe had a heart attack." My heart ached.
"How bad is it?" I asked.
"Not that bad. But he's in the hospital. Angelica and Tia are at the hospital with him right now. He asked me to come get you."
"Okay. I'll be back. Let me get some shoes and my coat." I ran upstairs and then into my brother's car where he was waiting for me. "Can I borrow your cell so I can call Cesar and tell him?" I asked Armando.
"It's in my pocket. Grab it." I did and I dialed Cesar's number and waited till I heard him answer.
"Hey, Cesar. My jefito is in the hospital. He had a heart attack. I want you to come. So Armando doesn't have to drive me back to the house." I said.
"Okay. I'll be there in a few minutes." Cesar always came to me when I needed him.
"Okay. I love you. Laters." I smiled.
"Love you." Then, he hung up.
"Here's your phone." I put it back and sat there for a while. It was quiet in the car.
"We need to talk." Armando finally said. I didn't say anything, so he spoke more. "About my choice. I still want us to be in touch. You're gonna be my baby's tia and I want you involved. So she can visit you and you can see her."
"Are you white-washed? You sound like a fuckin' white puta." I laughed.
"It was Angelica's idea. I think it's great."
"Great? You have never used 'great' in your whole Mexican life! What the hell is up? You bullshittin' me?" I laughed more.
"Look, I need to change for my baby..."
"You mean Limon's baby. I know it ain't yours, my friend." I said.
"Hijo de su puta madre, Ada!" Armando yelled. "It's my fucking baby! I know it! Angelica told me!"
"Oh, Angelica!? Since when has she ever told the truth to anyone!? Certainly not to you, Armando!"
"She's changed! For me! For the baby! Why don't you get it, Ada?! I love Angelica and she loves me and we're gonna have a baby together! Like it or not, Ada." He said. He stopped yelling and it was quiet for another while.
"Armando, mi hermano, I just don't want you to get hurt. Angelica isn't a good girl. I grew up with her. She's a dirty liar. She's filled with lies. And in those lies is where you're going to end up, and it ain't gonna be good. I'm trying to help you. Get you out before you drowned. Then, all that's left is you and the baby. A baby that's not even yours!" I said. "I just want what's best for you." I sighed and looked out the window.
"But you don't always know what's best for me, Ada. It's time for me to make choices for myself. Take some responsibility. I think this is a great way to start."
"By raising someone else's baby, Armando!?" I looked at him. "Don't forget Limon and I use to be hella tight friends. I know when he's lying. I know him more than any of his friends. I know when he's telling the truth. He's not lying about this. And neither am I, mijo. I'm looking out for you." I smiled and took his hand from the wheel to hold it.
"Ada..." He sighed. I looked at him and he was crying. "Help me." He looked at me.
"I will, hermano. You just have to trust me. I will always be here for you." I smiled and wiped his tears with my sleeve.
The rest of the ride we listened to Wisin Y Yandel and Banda El Recodo singing and laughing. When we got there we both got off the car and hugged each other tight. "Let's go see Dad now. I'm sure he's awake now." Armando smiled.
"Yeah." I nodded and followed him to my dad's room. He was awake watching the soccer game between America and Mexico rooting for America.
"Are you guys done fighting?" He asked.
"I think so. If Ada forgives me?" Armando looked at me.
"Yeah, jus cause you're my little brother and you would be so lost without me." I laughed. Then Dad laughed.
We were all together again. In this little room where my jefito would be staying in till tomorrow. When Cesar got there we were already leaving so we could go to school tomorrow. Armando said he would talk to Angelica tonight and get her shit straightened out.

"So, Armando and you are talking again?" Cesar asked while he was driving me to my house.
"Yeah, we're tight now. He's gonna talk to Angelica when he gets home. I told him if he needs to get away he can come over. I just hope he doesn't take it too hard." I said.
"He's gonna be fine." Cesar yawned.
"You sure you can make it to your house tonight? You can sleepover and go in the morning." I said.
"Yeah, I'm kinda tired."
"Okay, well we're almost there. You want to switch driving? So you can sleep while I drive the rest of the way."
"Yeah." So he pulled over and we switched seats. When we got home I woke him up and helped him get in bed. He was beat.
Once I put him in bed I went downstairs and went to clean up small messes before I went back up stairs and went to lay next to my boyfriend. Today was the most wonderful and awful day ever. I fell asleep with a smile on my face.

School all this week was a pain like always. Boring and just a bug in my bra! The droning on and on about cells and y = whatever and persusive essay rules. I was glad for the weekend. This weekened I get to hang out with Armando Angelica free! She's gone! But once the baby is born she will come back. I'm sure of it. She can't stay away. As far as Limon getting the baby, no one knows where Angelica is and what she might be doing. He would take it to court, but he can't because of all of his drug charges and assualts and DUIs. Not a good resime for getting his baby. But Armando will try and get the baby after it's born. In court, legally. I'm happy he's taking resposibility for his mistakes like he wanted to. I did good. But there is still much to learn and much to teach.
"Cesar! Are you home?" I yelled once I pushed open his door.
"Yeah, babe! Be down in a minute!" He screamed.
"I'll just come up!" I jogged up the stairs and before he could put on some boxers I saw him totally naked in his room all wet from taking a shower. "Ahhhahh!" I turned around and giggled. "Perdoname, babe." I laughed. "Are you dressed yet?"
"Yes, why don't you knock?" He furrowed his brows.
"Why don't you ever close your door?" I giggled.
"Because it's only supposed to be me alone in this house!" He yelled. I could tell he was mad at me catching him naked.
"Hey, don't be mad okay? I said I was sorry. I should have waited downstairs." I went over to hug him, but he pushed me away. "What the hell is your problem?" Now I was mad. Why was he acting like this?
"Can you just get off my back for a minute so I can breathe!?" He asked.
"Fine. Sorry if I wanted you to be the first I see this weekend. I'm out." I turned around and jogged down the stairs. Before I opened the door Cesar ran down the stairs and shut it before I could get out. He was standing behind me; hand still on the door.
"Perdoname, amor." He whispered into my ear. He reached out to touch my shoulder but I pulled away. He just sighed.
"Dejame passar, Cesar. No quiero estar aqui. Contigo." I mumbled without looking back at him. He sighed again and pulled his hand away from the door. I opened it and slammed it shut walking down the drive way when Eliseo saw me across the street.
"Guapita! Que onda?" He shouted, but when I just walked on without some much as a glance he ran up to me. My eyes were getting puffy. I was ready to cry. "Que te pasa, Ada?" He asked stopping me with his gentle touch on my arm. "Que te pasa, nena?" Now I was crying. "Shit." He sighed and hugged me close as I cried. I don't even remember why I was crying. I just was. "What happened?" He asked still holding me.
"Cesar is being a jerk!" I said.
"What did that dick do to you?"
"I accidentally walked in on him naked and he got mad. He didn't want me to touch him or anything." I stopped crying now.
"Well, that explains it." I looked up at Eliseo confused. "Cesar is shy about his small dick!" He smiled. I laughed.
"Stop playin'." I hit him. "I'm being serious." I leaned my head against his chest again.
"That doesn't sound like Cesar..."
"I know! I don't know what's wrong with him!" I whined.
"I'll talk to him. I was heading over there anyway." He finally let go of me and I smiled.
"Thanks." I kissed Eliseo's cheek and started walking.
"Adonde vas?" He asked.
"To go see my brother."
"In Lancaster?"
"Yeah, he just moved into a small apartment near my dad's so I'm gonna go visit him. See how he's doing." Eliseo nodded and I walked to my house and drove to Lancaster. I visited my dad and Armando then we went to the mall. That's where I spotted Ada with her boyfriend. "Ugh! I hate her!" I said. My dad shushed me and Armando laughed. "This isn't funny, Armando! She's a stupid bitch!" We stepped onto the escelator.
"Tell me what she's ever done to you that was so wrong!" He smiled.
"In fifth grade, she cut a chunk of my hair off and tapped it on the white board!" We stepped off the escelator and made our way to the food court. My dad and Armando burst out laughing! "Then, in seventh grade she stuck a pad, painted with red paint, on my new skirt that was totally new!" They laughed even more! "Then, in ninth grade she was trying to get at Cesar when we started going out. She was all over him in the lunch line!" That's when they stopped laughing and started 'ooo'ing. They know how I am when it comes to Cesar. Even if I am mad at him right now.
"DAMN! I didn't think it was anything that bad!" My brother said.
"Just don't pay any attention to her, Ada. She's not worth your time with us, is she?" My dad asked.
"Hells no!" I furrowed my brows and then we were ordering food at different places in the food court and met up at a small table to eat. "Mmmm! La comida china esta muy rico!" I smiled and slurped up my chow mein.
"And these tacos are freakin' amazing with the zest of some unknown flavor..." Armando smiled and we all laughed.
"And my Big Mac is especially delicious like always." Dad smiled.
"Apa, you know you're not supposed to have any of that really fattening or greasy foods. The doctor said!" I took away his burger and took a huge bite.
"Cabrona!" My dad scouled and took his burger back. I laughed with my mouth full of bread and meat and cheese.
"Well, isn't it the cow chewing her curd along side her pussy ass bro and her diseased dad." Ava smirked.
"Look here, fresa, you can talk shit about me but when it invloves my family you should know better to shut up right now." I warned pointing my finger accusingly at her.
"Oh que? Que vas aser, Adalita? Sentar en mi?" Ava was pushing it. So I stood up and so did Armnado. That's when Ava's new boyfriend, Fabian, straightened up a little more.
"No! Imma put my foot up your fat ass! I know my boots'll fit up there perfectly!" I stepped up to her and my face was right up there with her's. Even though she was taller than me, but she wasn't stronger than me.
"You know what, Fabian?" Ava said. "These cows aren't worth my time." Ava stared at me. "Let's get outta here." She was about to leave when I said,
"You better watch your back, bitch! I hear anything else about you Imma come after you!"
"Ooo! I'm shaking in my boots." She laughed and left with Fabian.
"Imma kill that stupid bitch one day. If not me, someone else will." I sat down next to my dad again.
"Don't say that, Ada." Dad patted my back and we headed out of there before Ava and me ran into each other again and things got out of hand.

Back at my house Valentin and Gordo were doing some homework in the living room while I just went up to my room. It's been a while since I actually slept in my bed alone. It felt nice. But when I woke up I found a letter on my dresser.

I'm sorry, babe. I really want you to come to the game tonight and watch me score some goals. Then after we can go out for some food or something?
PS: If you come to the game, that means you said yes :)

I smiled and just shook my head. I had an hour to get ready before the game of his life. I wasn't going to miss this for the world. I've never missed a singled game, even when we weren't going out I came to see all the games. Watching soccer is fun for me. And with Cesar playing, it makes it worth while.
I took a quick shower, then blow dried my hair and put on my tight white skinny jeans and a pink tube top with my new silver heels I bought at the mall today. Putting on some light make-up and a small half coat. Just for the cold tonight. "Valentin! Gordo! Let's go! Or else we're gonna be late!" I screamed while I was leaving out the door to the car I turned on before time so it would heat up.
"We're going!" Gordo yelled while he was running down the stairs, followed by Valentin. They both stopped to look at me. "What the hell are you wearing?" Gordo asked smiling.
"Do you guys like it? Is it too much? I don't want Cesar to think I'm a hoochie or anything." I said.
"It's actually not bad. And I don't think Cesar will ever think you're a hoochie in anything like that. He loves you too much to think that no matter what you're wearing." Valentin smiled.
"Thanks you guys." I giggled. "Now, let's go!"

At the game Cesar saw me in the stands half way during the first half. I waved and he smiled scoring a goal and a few more. Eliseo was looking good out there as well. Him and Cesar have always been a good team when you put them together. Then I saw Limon. He saw me and I waved. He came up the steps and sat next to me. "You look nice." He smiled.
"Thanks. Me and Cesar had a fight and we're gonna go out somewhere." I said, watching the game.
"He finally gonna get some from you?" Limon joked.
"He's not like that. We both agreed that we were gonna wait until we got married. Either with each other or someone else." I explained.
"Sure. I know you guys are gonna bang by the end of the night. If you don't want to admit it because you're too embarassed to say it, it's okay. You know this, man!" Limon laughed.
"Well, anyway. Do I look good? Not too hoochie?" I asked.
"Not at all. Hoochie would be thong, and I doubt you have that on, higher than mid-thigh jean skirt, half a tube top and hooker heels. And maybe some fishnets. And hella make-up. This is way off from that! This is cute!" He said.
"Good." And for that rest of the game we just cheered and talked about stuff. It was like the old days. I liked it a lot. Limon was back to normal. As normal as he can be from all he's been through. And when the game was over he came with me to wait for Cesar after the game next to the locker room, because it was dark already. Once Cesar came out I hugged Limon goodbye and he whispered, "You smell nice," into my ear. I smiled and punched him on the arm. He laughed and then left Cesar and me alone.
"So, you decided yes?" Cesar smiled and wrapped his arms around my waist. He was sweaty and smelly.
"Of course I would. I don't think I can ever say no to you." I smiled.
"I'm sorry about how I acted earlier. It's just, that, Coach has been training me more harder than the other guys lately and I'm just really stressed out. I didn't mean anything I did." He leaned in and rested his forehead against mine and closed his eyes. "I love you too much for my own good sometimes." He giggled. I felt his chest heave in and out as he was breathing. I could feel his heartbeat on my chest. He hugged me for the longest time since we started dating.
"Then, why didn't you just say that? I would have understood....for the most part." I asked.
"I wanted to. But the way you caught me, naked," he laughed, "it was a little embarassing." We both laughed.
"Sorry. By the way, nice abs." I smiled.
"Shut up. I know you weren't looking at my abs."
"You're right." He opened his eyes. "I was looking at your ass." I whispered and slapped his butt. He cracked up.
"OH MY GOD! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!" He yelled to the sky. "C'mon, let's get outta here."
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