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I Don't Love You Like I Loved You Yesterday

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I suppose this means I have to get rid of everything.

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He changed the fucking status on Facebook within thirty seconds of ending the conversation. I changed mine too. After crying for a few more hours, I fell asleep on my floor. I woke up with my head feeling like I'd smashed it against a plate glass window. My fingers clutched a small orange bottle of whatever the fuck I managed to find in the medicine cabinet the night before. My stomach growled. That wasn't new. I pulled myself to my feet and let my eyes clear up a bit. I was greeted with the sights of our memories hung around my room. Our pictures, a bowl of dried rose petals, paintings and sketches I had done, a hat he had given me for Christmas. I pulled out a box from my closet and shoved everything inside. And I know, you're dressed up. Hey kid, you'll never live this down... I murmured. Everything reminded me of him. I heard a small ringing noise, and realized I had a text. Of course, I wanted it to be him, saying "Baby, I messed up, put all the things back on your wall, I'm coming to get you. I love you!"
Of course, it wasn't.
From: Unknown:
Hey, it's Ray from school. I saw you broke up with your boyfriend. My girlfriend just left me, too. Wanna talk?

Fucking awesome. I've never talked to him before in my life! I know he doesn't care about me. He probably just wants to fuck me. Just fucking awesome. I thought. I promised myself I wasn't going to trust anyone so quickly anymore. Though, I would hate to be rude. What if he really did just want to talk?
Uh...okay. Yeah, he broke up with me...I'm not doing all that well.
That's where the conversation started. After a while, we were swapping stories about the breakups, talking about how we missed their smiles, saying how every time we got a text from each other we thought it would be our other halves that had broken off from us. We were quite alike. He was very quiet at school, though. I had really never seen him talking to anyone. Now he seemed to like talking quite a bit. I would have to admit, he made nice conversation.
My parents had left earlier, as they had to work every day. We weren't poor, but we weren't exactly rich either. I suppose we were struggling. My parents fought a lot about the money, I'd gotten used to it. I went to the fridge and stared at the things nestled on the shelves inside. Why do I even waste my time doing stuff like this. I never eat, I never will. Especially not now. I slammed the door shut, turned around, and slumped down. Mikey always made me eat (whether I kept it down or now was a different story). He called me gorgeous and perfect, I felt wonderful. Now that was all gone, and I felt like shit again. I wiped a tear away from my eye as I felt anger well up in my body. I ran to the door, and kept running. I ran and ran. I ran past the streetlight we slow danced and kissed under. I ran past the park where we met in the springtime. I ran I ran past the mall, where we had our first date. I wove through the cars that squealed in an attempt not to hit me. I ran and ran. I ran until I felt like I was going to die.
I woke up in another park. It was one of those weird parks, where there were only trees. It hadn't been destroyed by people yet. There were no grills, playgrounds, swings, and there was no garbage. It was beautiful. There were so many memories tied up in this place. I laid on top of the hill in the tall golden grass, watching the sun make its way down to the ground. I remembered our last day here.
September 12:
We sat on the bench holding hands. I was fine with us just admiring the afternoon. The birds were swooping in and out of the center of the park, the water was glistening, the trees were whispering. It seemed magical, in a way. He kissed me on the cheek and I looked over to him. At first, I thought he was going to say something cute and lovey. But instead, he kissed my lips. I tried to pull away, but he chased my mouth until I was laying on my back. He laid over me, nestling his way between my legs. Starting to kiss more passionately, I could feel him pushing against the fabric of our jeans. I could taste him, and he tasted damn good. He bit my lip and began to grind against me, sliding his smooth hands up my shirt. He rubbed my chest gently. I let out a moan and put my hands in his back pockets. He started to suck on my tongue and lift up my shirt, grinding even more forcefully now. I moaned again. He threw my shirt to the side and started to undo my belt...then my phone went off. It was all over.

Everything was over.
I started to think about his family. I would miss them so much. His parents were so kind to me. Especially his mum, she loved me. I went to school with Gerard, we were decent friends. I had actually liked him before I liked Mikey. I never told Mikey that. Every memory, he had just thrown them away like they were nothing. I could feel the corners of my eyes starting to hurt. It was weird. It felt like maybe I had cried myself dry, and my eyes just replaced the tears with an aching pain. I turned on to my back and thought more, watching the sky fade from blue to pink and orange. It reminded me of...Gerard. Gerard was, no. I shouldn't be thinking about this. Not only had I just been broken up with less than twenty four hours ago, I was thinking about his brother. I disgusted myself sometimes. My phone vibrated, bringing me out of the disgusting, sludgy confusion that was my mind. My heart skipped a beat as I read the sender.
From: Ray[:
Hey, how are you doing? I haven't heard from you...are you okay? You didn't do something stupid, did you?

I giggled. Oh, Ray. You know so little about me. I'm always doing something stupid. I thought.
No, I'm fine. Thank you for worrying though. Are you alright?
I dusted myself off and started walking home, looking down at the gravel. I never wanted to see another sunset again.
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