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chapter 2!

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I walked into my Math class, just as the bell went and took a seat right away at the back of the room.

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I walked into my Math class, just as the bell went and took a seat right away at the back of the room.
One by one, students piled into the room chatting with one another and finding their seats as they did so and waited for class to begin. Mrs. Maye, our math teacher came in shortly after, introducing herself to us, welcoming us back to another year, rambling on for a bit about her summer and then finally, taking attendance. Nobody cares about how her summer went and so I honestly don't see why she felt the need to tell us. Maybe because she is a new teacher here? I don't know. Honestly, I don't see why any teacher feels the need to tell us about their summer. They are all just wasting their time.

“Jayde Romero, are you here?”
“oh uh yeah sorry” I said, bringing my attention back to her, “Im here”
“Pay attention please Jayde”
“yeah sorry”
“carrying on...”

Class was extremely boring. We didn't even do any work today. All we did was sit their and listen to Mrs. Mayes ramble on about how this year is going to be, expectations, classroom rules and basically the same stuff that we get told year and year again.
It was boring back when we had to hear it in grade four and its still boring even now when we get to hear it in grade twelve.
The one other thing that she did do was give us our textbooks but that was about it. A whole hour wasted and finally class was over. That was probably the most boring thing ever. Well...besides my trip this summer.
I sighed to myself as class finally ended and everybody stood up. Shoving my textbooks into my bag, I then made my way out of the room as fast as I could and out into the halls. I stopped. Taking my class schedule out of my pocket, I glanced at it for a brief moment before making my way to English class with Mr. Heinz. Great!...of all the teachers in this school, I get Mr. Heinz for English. You see, I don't exactly have a problem with him but it is he who has a problem with me and he is also very strict. Well...more strict then any of the teachers in this this school anyways.
“Well here goes nothing” I said quietly to myself as I slowly, but not wanting to, opened the door and walked in. Heinz was sitting at his desk already, writing something down and so I tried my best to go in quietly hoping that he would not notice me slipping in late..

“Ms. Romero” I stopped dead in my tracks and slowly turned around to look at him. Praying that he would not give me detention on the first day for being five minutes late.
“You're late” he said, tapping his fingers on his desk, “on the first day”
“Sorry Mr. Heinz, it wont happen again. Mrs. Maye kept us a few minutes extra” I lied, trying to sound as truthful as I could.
“Yes. And I would LOVE to believe that. Anyways, look at the board and take a seat”
“yes sir” I said as I took a quick look at the front board

'Twenty minutes of quiet. Write me a paragraph of how your summer was'

“Wonderful!” I thought to myself as I found an empty seat, on the left side of the room by the window, and sat down.

I took out a pencil and paper and began to write. Although my summer was pretty boring and I didn't do anything other than sit around all day with a family I didn't even know, I still wrote. I also titled it “My Boring Summer By Jayde Romero” and started it off with how I told Sid I would call when I got back but then I never did. Oops!
I will admit, its not the best piece of writing that I have done but it was all that I could do at the moment
Finally Mr. Heinz yelled at us to put our pens down and he came around to collect our paragraphs, stopping at me and reading mine. Not out lout but to himself.

“Good work Ms. Romero. Doesn't really impress me that much. Could be better but good work..or..alright work I should say”
“Yeah sure” I said, a little pissed, as I leaned back in my chair and dropped my pencil back into my bag
“Give her a break Mr. Heinz” came a voice from not to far behind me.
“well then I suppose, Mr. Poettcker, that you have something better for me to read?”
“I wrote a paragraph, yeah, but I'm not saying its any better. I'm just saying give Jayde a break. Its only first day back”
“Carrying on” Heinz said, completely ignoring what Alan just said to him, and collecting the rest of the class' paragraphs

I just looked at Alan, who smiled at me. I kindly returned the smile and mouthed “Thank you” before turning back around in my seat and facing the front.
Alan Poettcker. Almost straight A student, pretty funny, is not afraid to speak his mind, an very friendly. Someone who is their if you need someone to talk to and a guy who is not afraid or doesnt care if people think ,or what they think, bad of him. Thats Alan for you. How do I know? Well...Ive known Alan for a few years now. I don't hang out with him or his friends but I know who they are. Alan has asked me a few times to come and hang with them but stopped asking after I kindly turned his offer down about the twentieth time.

“Alright class” said Mr. Heinz, slamming a textbook down on my desk, distracting me from my thoughts, “class is over and you are all free to go”

I grabbed he book off my desk and shoved it into my bag as fast as I could and stood up. I didn't even push in my chair as I left. I walked right by Mr. Heinz, swinging my bag up onto my shoulder, making it hit him purposely an fall over but also making it seem like an accident and I didn't know it happened.
I got about half way to my locker when I heard footsteps coming quickly form behind me and then suddenly a hand on my shoulder and I stopped.

“I saw what you did” said Alan, smiling
“I didn't do anything”
“oh so you didn't just swing your bag onto your shoulder and make Heinz fall, spilling coffee all over himself?”
“Nope, must have been someone else”
“Ah I see”
“wait, he spilled his coffee?”
“all over his white shirt”
“Yeah it was me” I said, smiling and Alan just laughed, “hey um thanks”
“for what?”
“for earlier. Getting Heinz off my back”
“Anytime” He smiled, “but hey I gotta run”
“see ya later Jayde”
“see ya Alan” I said and he took off running down the halls again

I watched as he ran down the halls, dodging people that came in his way, as I walked the rest of the way to my locker.

“So” said Sid as he came up beside me and leaned against the lockers. Scaring me, making me a jump a little, “you and Alan huh?”
“uh okay? No? We were just talking?...”
“First step denial” he said in a sing-song voice
“Im just kidding. No need to get your panties in a knot”
“who said anything about me wearing panties?” I said, jokingly, as I shut my locker and picked up my bag
“Oh hot Damn!! who is finally letting you in their panties Sid? THATS MY BOY!” an obnoxious 'British' voice howled as Sid was pounced on
Both boys went toppling to the school floor laughing, as the new person finally got up and looked me down.

“Damn boy! Is that what you're getting into? Finally something hot!” he winks before swiping his long brown hair from his face “Hi sunshine, Im Josh, and you ar-” Josh is cut off as Sid pins him in a joking matter to the lockers

“Back off Josh, she is my hot piece of ass!”
“uuhh...confused?” I said, probably looking like a retard just standing their.

Sid let go of..Josh? And looked at me, laughing, as he came and stood beside me

“Jayde, this is Josh. Josh this is my bestist friend in the whole world, Jayde”
“Ah, and the pretty lady goes by the name Jayde” said Josh as he put his arm around me and tucked some hair behind my ear
“Josh, did you have coffee today?” asked Sid and Josh sighed
“Three cups I believe. Well I better get going. Nice meeting you Jayde” he said quickly as he turned and ran down the hall

what is with people running down the halls today?

“uh..okay?” I said in a questioning way and turned to Sid who just stood their looking at me, “since when were you friends with him?”
“since Alex and I worked at the the same place this summer. I just kind of became friends with them”
“o-k?” I said as we found a place to sit and sat down “you're my bestist friend. Sid”
“and you are my bestist friend” he said, putting an arm around me and pulling me closer.
“is 'bestist' even a word?”
“Not a clue”
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