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Gerard decides to go back to school, but is this the best descision? Also, who is that mysterious boy?

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Chapter 2. Bravery.


'Are you sure you're ready to go back to school, Gee?' Mikey frowned,
'Yes! of course I am!' I snapped back. I didnt mean to, but I was so angry. People tried to convinced me I was sick. Sick in the head. But I wasn't, I knew I wasn't. I lied my way through therapy for 7 months, I even had to leave school three months ago... The frank "dreams" got worse. Every fucking night, he was there. HE WAS. We could've spent weeks together, then I'd wake up screaming and thrusting, with strangers pinning me down, blood and sweat would smother my body untill I had no choice but to give in. I shuddered at the thought. It felt like sharp icy hands literally ripped into my chest and shredded my heart. 'Oh, there's a new guy in your class. His names... Nate, I believe.' Mikeys voice cut through my train of thought,
'Mhmm.' I mumbled,
'...Good luck, bro,' Mikey gave me a huge bear hug before jolting down the school corridor to find his lesson. I took a deep breath and entered my classroom. It fell silent, all eyes were glued to me. I stared at the ground, not wanting to make eye contact with anyone,'Gerard!' My form tutor choked, 'Your back! So soon? Are you... ready?' Although, what he really meant was, am I safe? Part of the reason I left school was because I kept having violent outbrakes, it was torture. 'I am perfectly fine.' I growled,
'Well... Um, go sit down, Gerard.' Mr. Rosen said quitly. My seat was at the back, nobody would go near it. My name was still carved in blood on the desk. 'Hi, Gerard...' I looked up, startled, to find a pale girl with light brown hair and deep intense green eyes, staring curiously down at me. 'Oh... Hey, Hailey.' I muttered. We hadn't spoken for 4 months. 'Are you okay?' She smiled, but it was fake. I could see the terror in her eyes... She was afraid of me. Just like everyone else in this dump. After I didn't reply, she gulped and started to walk away, 'Wait!' my voice cracked slightly, 'I... How have you been?' I said at last. Hailey had been with me since fifth grade. We used to be so close ... I told her about Frank. She listened, and never judged me. But I threw everything back in her face... 'I've been good, thanks,'
'...good,' The awkward silence between us seemed to last forever, 'Hey, isn't there supposed to be a new guy?' I asked, trying to make convosation.
'Yeah, Nate. He's pretty cool, I guess.' She half-smiled, 'He was here this morning... But, I guess he couldn't be bothered with tutor,'
'Oh... Okay, um, see you soon,' I tried to smile... it didn't work. I was unhappy. I knew it, she knew it. 'Nice seeing you, Gee.' She whispered, walking away.

After class finished, I was first to my next lesson. 'Nate' was supposed to be in that lesson, I didn't quite understand why I was so excited about him, I never felt this way about new kids. I always imagined new and exciting deaths for them... But this was different. Even though i'd obviously never met the guy before... it was almost like, I recognized him. I heard a faint tap on the window and turned my head rather suddenly, as a result, cricking my neck. I looked around, but nobody was there. Weird. I got out of my seat and marched ot the door. I looked down the corridor, nothing importnant... Except that. On person in particular caught my interest, and before I knew it, I was running. I didn't stop, they could slip away at any moment and i am NOT going to lose them again! I slaughted tears that dared fall and pushed, shoved and glided through endless flocks of people. A dark head dived into the boys toilet, aha! I felt a grin creep across my face. He was trapped now. I stormed into the toilets and smashed open every cubicle.... Nobody. I let the tears that were building up behind my heavy lids finally drop, 'frank...'

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