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Just a poem i wrote when i got bored

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Yellow eyes staring at me, form within the dark.
A streak of light, then a bark.
The wolf from within me barks back into the dark.

The temperature goes down, it felt like the sun was going down.
The light was brown, going down, down, until it was completely black.
Then that is when I los the track.

The trees towering above me, I could hear something, it sounded like the sea, but there was no sea for miles around only trees as far as the eye could see.

The wolf from within me was scaping to get out, it was trying to get out without a dought.

I was forced into a crouch, an invisible force pressing down, onto my hands and knees.
There was a gentle breeze, enough to freez.
The breeze was coming from the trees.

The last thing i remeber was the yellow eyes.

I also remeber the lies, they where told by the people with blue eyes, which mathched there ties, they looked like pigs wearing wigs.

The pain was creep, my muscles where freaky.
Bunched tight, my body was redying it slef for a fight, in the dim light.

I could not see for the bright light, I could not hear for all the screming, I realised I wasent dreaming.
Then the light and pain disapered and then it went black.

I woke up... The light was bright again.
I could smell the blood, then i heard a thud.
I was coverd in mud, surrownded by crud.

Then everything went away again, and everthing was black.

And that was that.

[/I got my inspuration from a book i read, its about a boy who turns into a wolf. And when he turns into a wolf he does not rembere his human life, he turns every winter always looking forwrd to spring and when the weather will become warm again.

The people in ties and wigs who look like pigs are suppost to be doctors and there trying to find out whats wrong with him and why he keeps turning into a wolf.
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