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chapter thirteen

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Make a saint of me!

Chapter thirteen

"Mikey please ring me back" I cried down the phone as I sat in the cab to his house, the driver looked at me worried but I ignored his stare and continued to check my phone. Dr. Mills had promised to ring as soon as Bob was out of surgery I felt bad leaving him there but it was either I tried to get to Mikey or I'd lose them both. The questions kept going over in my head why me?, what was it that Richie wanted? And how was killing Mikey and Bob helpful to him? I couldn't take it the thought of losing them both was killing me. "Gerard is Mikey with you?" I practically screamed down the phone as I rang Gerard "what? No, I think he planned on spending the day at home" he replied "are you okay Hayley?" He asked sounding slightly worried. "I'm fine I just need to find Mikey" I lied I was everything but fine and hung up. The phone shook in my hands as we pulled up to the house I hadn't seen Richies car which I felt was a good sign. I rang the doorbell to Mikeys small little home and banged furiously tears still falling down my cheek burning my skin. "Okay I'm coming god if that's you Gee I'm gonna...." Mikeys voice trailed off as he opened the door, the giddy smile completely gone from his face and his glasses hanging midway down his nose. I swung my arms around him still crying I held on tight and squeezed him, Mikey hesitated and then hugged me back as he shut the door. "What's wrong?" He asked his voice was soothing as I continued to cry into his chest "its Bob, he got shot" I mumbled through tears gripping onto Mikeys tshirt like it was the only thing keeping me together. "What? How, when?" Mikey had his hands on my shoulders and was standing at arms length away from me "my moms pimp he found me and was bad Mikey...Bob saved me but then...then the guy shot him and now Bobs in surgery and I...I left him to come find you" I was stuttering and hyperventalating Mikey just held me and I was still scared where had Richie gone? "I'm scared Mikey" I whispered burying my head into his chest "I won't let him hurt you but we need to go see Bob" Mikey said stroking my cheek, I nodded and took his hand "Its not me I'm scared for,its you" I said "well don't be, I love you Hayley and everythings gonna be okay" these words didn't reassure me in anyway.

The drive back to the hospital was an anxious one Mikey had rang all our friends telling them about Bob as I tried to form some composure. When we got to the hospital I was told Bob was still in surgery but was apparently doing well, they let into a room where I could see what was happening. I regretted asking to go in alone, Bob was layed across the metal bed almost motionless and covered in blood there were bloody tissues and swobs down by Dr. Mills feet and he was adding to the pile every few seconds. It was something you saw on ER or Greys Anatomy but not for real, it was killing me every time I heard the beep on the monitors was like a punch to my chest telling me it was my fault. I looked up at a clock I had left Bob for atleast an hour when I left to find Mikey who made me get changed, this was taking too long he'd been in surgery two hours now. "Excuse me but how long do you think its going to take until they get it out of him?" I asked a nurse who had been cleaning needles beside me for twenty minutes "sorry sweetie I don't know" she said turning away. I bit my lip and stepped closer to the window, my poor cousin was going through hell and he should blame me but I know he won't. I decided I couldn't take anymore and walked out into the waiting room where everybody was waiting, I wanted them to blame me too but instead they all hugged me and told me it would be alright which only made it worse.

"For fuck sake Mikes, she's the reason Bobs in there" Gerard was shouting at Mikey in the waiting room I could hear him from the girls bathroom. "Shut up Gee none of us know what she's going through she hasn't even told us what happened yet" Mikey was quieter than Gerard but he sounded angry. "Well she was happy to tell the police" Gerard was shouting back loudly again. I had just got out of an interview with a local police man about what happened and the truth was I hadn't said a word, I told the police it was a random mugging gone wrong. "Gee just fuck off okay" I walked out of the bathroom when I heard Mikey say this to his brother "guys please don't argue, Gerards right it is my fault" I mumbled biting my fingers and sitting down in the chair behind Mikey "but we need to think about Bob not me". Gerard looked at me as I spoke as if I was an alien or there was something wrong with me I watched as he stared and then walked away "Hayley, what happened? Please tell me" Mikey asked sitting down and putting his arm around me. I shook my head and continued to bite my nails, I didn't want to tell him but I guess it was about time. "He raped me" I said it so quietly I didn't think Mikey would of heard "when?" He asked leaning his head on mine and in his voice it sounded like he was gonna cry. "It was ages ago Mikey, I don't want to talk about it." I held his hand and buried my head to his chest "fine but we will" he announced kissing my cheek until my cell rang. "Hello" I knew I weren't supposed to have my cell on in the hospital so I tried to speak quietly "hello is this Jasey Bryar?" the voice on the end of the phone asked, I recognised to New York accent but agreed it was my name "I'm sorry to call with such bad news and according to your records this isn't the first time but... Your mothers body was found about an hour ago" the words finished me as I cried into Mikeys chest "would you be able to come and identify the body? And we can give you full details" I continued to cry and agree with the police officer on the other end. This really was the worst day ever.
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