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Results :)

by Unicorns-are-real 2 reviews

Results from the auditions!! :) xoxo

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Hey guys,

I know I said I'd update this but I'm on a low moment in my life at the minute and I just wanna say thankyouu for all those amazing reviews and all these killjoys you guys invented, they're fucking AWSOME!!!
:D This is why I have had to pick two killjoys instead of the one ;) they were all just too good! Oh, and don't be upset if I didn't choose your character cuz there will be a few references in my story to those which were not picked :) xo

And so; the moment has arrived ;) The two killjoys I have chosen are.....

Destruction Battery (btw, your guniea pig is epical!!)
Violet Rage :)

Congrats guys! Oh and by the way, a TRIPLE dosage of FrankEnstien shall be up this weekend AND an update of Shockwave and Let's play a game are to be updated tonight!

Coffee, muffins and unicorns for all,

Unicorns-are-real xoxoxo
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