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A New Race & Clockwork's Deletion

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nano-second= second
micro-second= minute
milla-second= hour
second= days
cycle= week
minute= year

Chapter 11

A New Race & Clockwork's Deletion

As SoloAlice stepped back, her Icon suddenly spit out yellow energy from the crack caused by Clockwork, and made a complete bubble around her. Andy asked, concerned, "SoloAlice, what's going on?" "ANDY, DON'T WORRY ABOUT ME! JUST KEEP FIRING!" SoloAlice yelled, as the bubble started to close in on her. Bob, Matrix, and AndrAla had shown up, and they also fired some sour powers, which caused the virus to come to a halt. The Guardian that left Backup's family in the Principle Office, fired the sour orange at Clockwork, and at the same time, an explosion that didn't destroy anything, including the ground, sounded, where SoloAlice stood. Turbo yelled, "SOLOALICE?! Huh?"
After the dust cleared, from the light, SoloAlice stood with a now forest green outfit, with a silver stripe going down the sides of her pants, and sleeves, with a now purple and black icon which was without the doughnut, and the scratch was gone as well. Her Keytool and Pike had merged into one weapon, which could transform into any weapon, and could unleash any power. SoloAlice realized all this, and turned the stick into a large sword made of what looked like a combination of bone and stone. Everyone was watching in amazment, including Clockwork, when someone said, "Control, Sour Firewall!" Everyone looked up at the time-portal, and there was a surfboard, with two Sprites on it, and two others were on
zip-boards. One of the Sprites that was on a zip-board, was a little older than Backup, had metalic silver hair, blue-green skin, dark purple eyes, and wore a guardian outfit, and was aiming at clockwork, with what looked like a keytool with blasts of fire coming out of the keytool, that was firing at Clockwork. The other one was about AndrAla's and Matrix's age, and she was blasting sour energy, from a trident, and had long green hair, almost light brown skin, had dark purple eyes, with a starfish over an ear, with spikes on her arms and jungle-green boots, and had on what looked like a white t-shirt and green pants, with long blue fingernails.
One of the ones on the surfboard, was using a sword, which apparently had sour power in it, and was also blasting Clockwork. This sprite had dark brown skin, yellow hair, and he had fangs, similar to Mouse, and had on a search engine outfit, with goggles. The other one had on a guardian outfit, with black hair, blue-green skin, and golden eyes, and had a keytool that looked like Glitch. It had a third bar, and fired a sour power at Clockwork that was similar to the boy on the zip-board's sour fire. The time portal vanished, and SoloAlice saw that Clockwork was staring at the four, and said, "Everyone, full blast, now!" She and everyone else, fired the ultimate blast of sour power, and before Clockwork could react, he got deleted.

Disclaimer: I do not own any Reboot characters, they belong to Rainmaker!
Sorry it took so long, things got out of hand, and I had to get some bugs out.
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