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Anniversary (request)

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Mikey Way romance story. What has he planned for Jassie after their first year of dating?

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A/N: For CyanideSunlight :) A Mikey Way romance oneshot!! :)

'Mikey?' I called. He had just given me a copy of his key, but it felt weird just walking into his house like this even though he knew I was coming. 'Mikey?' I tried again. When there was no response for the second time I wandered towards the living room.

He was sat in the corner, head phones plugged into his amp, plucking at the strings of his bass. His eyes were closed and he looked so peaceful.

I shut the door carefully, trying not to make a sound. I wanted to sit and watch him forever. It was almost therapeutic just looking him play, the way his fingers moved along the instrument, the cute way he bobbed his head in rhythm with what he was strumming. Unfortunately he heard the door. His eyes opened and his head snapped up.

'Oh, hey, baby,' he said, removing his headphones and placing his bass delicately back in its stand. 'Sorry.'

He walked over and hugged me.

'That's fine,' I replied with a smile. 'You looked really into it.'
He smiled back before kissing me softly.

'Happy anniversary,' he said softly.

I smiled. We had been dating for exactly one year to the day.

'As promised I have cooked a meal for you.'

'Aww thanks,' I said. 'You're so perfect.' I kissed him again.

'Nice sit down meal or cosy in front of the tele?' he asked me.

'Tele!' I replied, grinning.

He sat me on the sofa and gave me the remote. 'It's your choice, choose the channel and I'll get the food.'

He was so perfect and romantic. I never dreamed I could have such a perfect man. I began flicking through the music channels. I hit Lava and squealed. 'My Chemical Romance vs. Panic! At The Disco': the perfect program. At the time it was playing 'Lying is the Most Fun A Girl Can Have...' but I knew it was near the end, I sat waiting for the next song eagerly.

A piano note.

'Jassie, what are you watching?' came Mikey's voice from the kitchen.

'Lava, music channel. Why?'

'I hear music.'

'Yes you do,' I smiled as I began to mimic Gerard's movements.

'What are you doing?' he laughed at me as he walked in with a bottle of wine and two glasses.

'Sometimes I get the feeling...' I started singing along. 'She's watching over me.'

'Can you stop pretending you're my brother and hold this glass?' he said, he was pretending to
be annoyed but I knew he didn't mind. Besides, he knew what I was like when he asked me out.
It was then that I really looked at the glass he was holding. My heart stopped.

'Mikey, what's that?' I asked. But I already knew.

He knelt before me as he tipped the ring out of the glass and into his hand. 'I know this seems sudden,' he said. 'And we don't even live together yet, but I don't see that that should make any difference.'

My pulse sped up suddenly as my heart remembered it was supposed to be keeping me alive.

'I love you, Jassie. Marry me?' he finished.

'Yes, of course Mikes,' I was almost crying. 'I love you.'

He slipped the ring on to my finger and pulled me in for a passionate kiss.
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